10 Perfect Gifts For MBA Students

Need the perfect gifts for MBA students in your life who are graduating soon? Here are 10 ideas from an MBA student!

Graduation season is almost upon us, which means it’s time to start thinking about the perfect grad gift!

If you or someone you know has gotten a master’s degree, then you definitely understand how much of an achievement it is.

After years of studying and finally finishing their degree, your MBA graduate deserves nothing but the best. Coming up short on gift ideas? Here are the ten top gifts we’ve found to give an MBA grad this spring!

And as a bonus, they’re different from the typical gifts you’ll see like business card holder, business cards, personalized stationary, noise-cancelling headphones, coffee mugs, laptop sleeve, smart speaker etc. As a student and young professional, they probably already have these things.

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10 Perfect Gifts For MBA Students

Our top picks for gifts for MBA students:

  1. A yoga mat for meditation
  2. Vinturi Classic Wine Aerator
  3. Nespresso-VertuoPlus
  4. Charcuterie supplies
  5. A New Work Tote
  6. Rocketbook Notebook
  7. College Glasses
  8. Swarovski Tennis Bracelet
  9. Free Food
  10. Hatch Restore

A Yoga Mat for Meditation

Now that your MBA graduate has some extra time to themselves, they can finally take a second to relax. Our top yoga mat pick is Lululemon’s The Mat 5mm.

With a little extra cushion and a fun range of colors, this mat is guaranteed to bring a smile to your grad’s face.

Pair the mat with a thoughtful card and calming candle, and you’ve got the perfect meditation bundle!

Shop on Lululemon here

Vinturi Classic Wine Aerator

Celebration calls for wine, and this aerator is perfect to heighten the experience. Wine lovers know that allowing a wine to breathe before drinking enhances the aroma and overall taste.

This aerator calls for no wait time between uncorking and pouring. 

Gift alongside their favorite bottle of vino! It makes a great gift as a college graduation gift.

Get it on Amazon here

Nespresso VertuoPlus

With a little more time to enjoy the finer things in life, gift your MBA grad a brand new coffee/espresso machine!

The Nespresso VertuoPlus is incredibly user-friendly, and the perfect addition to a slow morning without schoolwork. 

Select a few flavored pods on the Nespresso website and give the gift of intense caffeination!

Charcuterie Necessities

Arguably the best part of any party, the perfectly crafted charcuterie board can hardly be beat.

Grab the Olive Wood Rustic Edge Cheese & Charcuterie Board from Pottery Barn and partner it with Graze, a globally inspired tapas book.

Your graduate will thank you greatly and (hopefully) invite you back for a taste of their beautiful board!

A New Work Tote

For a versatile work bag with interior compartments and sleek coated canvas sides, Dagne Dover’s Signature Tote will surely catch eyes.

Now that they can finally throw out that old school backpack, they’ll be in need of something a little more long term.

We recommend the Bleeker Blush color for easy integration into their everyday wear—muted shades like this are much more likely to fit in with a multitude of clothing pieces.

Shop similar totes on Amazon

Rocketbook Smart Notebook

The Rocketbook notebook helps save the planet by being a reusable notebook! Write in it once, scan your notes to the app, and then reuse the page!

The Pro version has benefits of being able to be swapped out with other pages to make your Rocketbook your own!

College City Scape Glasses

Remind them of their achievements every time they take a sip with these adorable college landscape glasses! There are a few schools available and more to choose from in towel form.

It’s a really sentimental gift (yet still practical) and is a great way to celebrate their achievements in the business world. Plus, it has a personal touch!

Swarovski Tennis Bracelet

Treat your grad to the beautiful Emily Tennis Bracelet from Swarovski. This stunning bracelet is a bold and elegant statement that’s more luxurious than other gifts on this list (but without a high price tag!).

This gorgeous bracelet will be a daily reminder of what they have achieved and will be loved for years to come. Plus, this is one of those thoughtful gifts that will be passed down through generations.

Free Food

If there’s anything new grads want, it’s reduced bills and free stuff. And free food fits the bill!

Home Chef is a great subscription to gift to help them readjust to the real world and take something off their plate (while putting something they really need, on it!).

You could also give them Doordash gift cards or gift cards to their favorite restaurants or even a home-cooked meal. That always makes a great gift!

Alternatively as a part of your mba graduate gifts, you could give an mba mug and a gift card to local coffee shops.

Here’s $35 off your purcahse at Home Chef.

Hatch Restore

Help your grad reset their circadian rhythm with the Hatch Restore wake up light.

This sound machine and wake-up light lets them set a personalized routine to help them wind down, stay asleep, and wake up refreshed.

Post-graduation, it’s not a want, it’s a need! It’s the perfect gift if they’re starting a new job after their mba programs. Staying up late, studying in dorm rooms can take a toll on you mentally and physically. This will help them wind down after a long day.

The Restore is one of those practical gifts for a new graduate that they’ll use for a long time.

In Summary: Gifts For MBA Students

No matter what you give your graduate, make sure they know how proud of them you are.

Write out a sentimental card to go with whichever gift you choose, and share in their excitement.

Whether you’re a family member or a friend, these are the best gifts for college students and college graduates and college students!

As an mba applicant, they probably had no idea what they were in for over the course of their program. The good news is, they’re finished!

Graduating is a big deal already, but graduating with a master’s degree is something that takes discipline, time, and lots of hard work. 

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