10 Pinterest Worthy Summer Photoshoot Ideas .

The best part about living in Beverly Hills this summer was getting to create alongside other content creators day in and day out. Don’t get me wrong, these girls would be my best friends regardless, but there’s nothing better than a best friend who loves taking cute photos together just as much as you.

Saveable, Pinterest-worthy photos have been all the craze this summer and it’s safe to say we shot those duos photos all summer long. Today, I thought it would be fun to round up ten of my favorite photoshoots from this photo complete with pose ideas and photo ops so you and your bestie can grab some fun photos together before summer slips away.

Don’t forget, you don’t need a third friend or a photographer to get the perfect shot; all of these photos were taken with my iPhone 12 Pro and my trusty Amazon tripod (linking here for you to shop).

The Twirl 

This is me and my bestie/roomie, Jules. If you follow me, you’ve seen her in a gazillion photos before. She’s like an older sister to me and naturally, we coordinate every chance we can get. These pink bow outfits were just too cute to resist. One of our favorite “poses” is to twirl one another. The key to getting shots this good is to keep going. You’re bound to get a good action shot of the dress moving or your hair flipping this way! We do this pose, hand in hand almost everywhere.

The Beach Picnic 

Beach picnics are not only one of our favorite photo ops but one of our favorite things to do on a summer evening. Nothing beats cracking a bottle of wine, and watching the waves roll in. You can add all kinds of crackers and cheeses too to give this a charcuterie feel if that’s more your vibe.

The In The Sky 

Set your phone up on something low and angle it up into the sky so that you get an all-blue background. These photos are all over Pinterest and are one of the easiest to capture. Plus, these usually perform super well on Instagram. If you’re shooting in the middle of the afternoon, when the sun is super harsh, I recommend grabbing a hat. These make for a great prop and they help keep some of those shadows off of your face!

The Knees Please 

Taking a photo on your knees is a super easy way to change up the poses on your Instagram feed. It’s especially cute when your bestie is right next to you. Throw your hands in the hair to keep things easy and carefree. We’ve taken these in bathing suits but have also tossed on fun sweatshirts too!

The Inflatable Float 

Inflatable floats have to be the coolest prop you can use for a summer photoshoot. Funboy has all kinds of cute ones—swans, inner tubes, Barbie Jeeps, and even inflatable heart pools. Ashley and I dragged this float out for several days. It’s so fun to lay in because it keeps the sand out, but of course, you can also fill this with water and use it as a mini pool too. We loved snapping photos with this; it really was the cutest!

The Matching Stroll

~Making my way downtown~ Grab your bestie’s hand and strut your stuff for some super cute photos. These action shots that have a bit of movement to them are super eye-catching—performing well amongst your followers and breaking up your feed nicely. Bonus points if you two are wearing matching heels like we are!

The Fruity Fun 

Another knees picture, however, this photo idea features your favorite fruit. I know that may seem silly but Pinterest and Instagram’s explore page are both pushing pictures with fruit in them right now! We grabbed my favorite, strawberries, and just snapped a few photos while snacking. Super cute!

The Linked Up

Holding hands and standing side by side can get a little boring, I know. We love linking up like this from time to time too! It feels awkward at first but it makes for a fun, lovey sorority girl-type photo. We loved wearing coordinating outfits too—here we’re mixing and matching the pink and orange for something fun!

The Sweet Treat 

A little back-to-back photo while snacking on your favorite type of candy has to be the sweetest type of photo! Ashley helped me shoot this campaign for Skittles and they have to be some of the cutest pictures we got this summer. If that’s not your vibe, sitting on a big towel like this side by side is still a cute idea!

The Running Away 

For our last photoshoot of the summer, Jules and I put on our goofiest dresses and frolicked through our palm-tree-lined street one last time. If you have an empty street like this near you, I highly recommend it as it’s the coolest location. The running away with the heels thrown over the shoulder adds a dramatic, Taylor Swift Esq effect to that goodbye summer post 😜— expect to see mine on Instagram (@styledbymckenz) at the end of this week, lol.

Well, what are you waiting for?! Grab a cute outfit, your bestie, and a tripod, and get shooting. Nothing says a fun summer quite like a photo to prove it if you know what I mean. Be sure to save these on Pinterest so you can recreate them later! I’ll def do another one of these in the fall if you enjoyed! Until then…

With love, McKenz

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