100 Unique Affirmations For Friends

Saying affirmations for friends can strengthen your friendships, reinforce your values, and help you make new friends!

By now, you have likely heard of affirmations. When people think of affirmations, they automatically think about affirmations to strengthen their self-worth.

But affirmations can be for anything — including friendship.

Friendships are an important part of life and a happy part of your life. You may have old friends from childhood or new friends you’ve met at work.

No matter where you met or how long you’ve been friends for, they have one thing in common — friends are people we choose to have in our life.

That old cliché “friends are the family we choose” is quite true.

Like all relationships, friendships take effort. Unfortunately, it’s super easy to forget this and take friendships for granted.

This, in turn, weakens the strength of the relationship and can even cause some friendships to drift away. That’s not what we want! This is where affirmations can come in.

Affirmations can help you keep your friendships strong in a unique way. They allow you to vocalize what you need and what you want in your friendship.

By doing this, you are putting the vibes out there, and telling yourself how important this friendship is to you.

This will set you on a good track to take proper action throughout the day (or week) to do things, like reaching out to them, and to be proactive over your friendship.

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100 Unique Affirmations For Friends

So, what affirmations should you be saying to help you stay close to the friends in your life? Here are 100 of them.

I’m thankful for all my friends.

Showing gratitude is a great affirmation.

I shower my friends with love and positive thoughts.

[Friend’s name] is such a good friend.

You can even add more than one person’s name here, too!

I have a positive vibe that attracts a positive tribe!

I’m worthy of gaining loyal friends.

This is a great one to tell yourself if you’ve moved to a new city, are starting a new job, or feel a bit insecure in current friendships you have. A loyal friend is worth their weight in gold.

My friends and I enjoy spending time in each other’s company.

I send love and happiness to my friend.

Sending good things and positive energy to your close friends is true friendship.

Being loveable around others requires loving myself first.

You attract what you give out — so you need to love yourself so others could love you, too!

I will do my best never to let my circle of friends down.

You can use these words of affirmation in difficult times to remind yourself that you are worthy and valuable.

Thank you for your friendship [friends name].

This is a great way to thank the beautiful souls in your life.

I approach my friendships with an open heart.

An open heart is one step to having positive relationships.

I find opportunities to make friends everywhere I go.

Human beings are social creatures and you can attract like-minded people into your life.

Friends don’t have to be perfect.

You’re not perfect, so you can’t expect your friends to be, either. They will make mistakes.

My inner circle avoids conflict and supports each other in all things.

I am not alone; many others want to make new friends.

I am committed to being a good friend.

I introduce myself to others with warmth and confidence.

Remember, you attract what you put out, so putting out warmth and confidence will help you gain it in return.

I am a best friend.

I support my friends in all they do.

I’m like a magnet when it comes to making friends.

Another great one if you’ve moved to a new city, are starting a new job, or are trying something with new people.

I am a considerate, loyal, and steadfast friend.

I’m grateful for each new friend I make.

I always give my friends the benefit of the doubt.

A good reminder if you just heard something bad about your friend.. don’t judge them before speaking to them.

My closest friends have seen and loved me at my worst.

I choose my friends wisely.

Each of my friends is a beautiful soul and will stay in my life forever.

My friendships are mutually beneficial. I love all my friends and they love me back.

I’m worthy of a long-time and smooth companionship.

If you’ve just gone through a friend break-up or feel like everyone has had friends forever except for you, this one’s for you.

Even my best friends were once new people in my life.

Having a best friend is a priority for me.

If you’re feeling like everyone has a bestie, but you, this one’s for you.

I love my friends even though they aren’t perfect.

This day is an opportunity to make new friends.

I love others around me just as they are.

This will help you exude all of the positive vibes and good energy.

The more valued the friendship, the longer it will take to heal, and the more worthwhile it will be.

Strong relationships cannot be broken.

It’s never too late for me to make new friends.

You’re never too old to make new friends, either!

I make myself available when my friends need me, and they do the same for me.

If you’re worried that you’re “imposing” or “bothering” a friend, say this before reaching out to them.

Today, I will talk to someone new.

Friends will appear in my life at the divine timing.

Remind yourself that God or the universe, whatever you believe in, will offer you what you need, and who you need, when you need it.

With the positive feelings and the right mindset, my friendships can survive hard times.

I am always energized and inspired after I meet my friends.

Who says affirmations are only for mornings? Say this one after you get home from being them — or as a reminder if you don’t feel up for going out.

I’m creating lasting friendships by always being there for my friends.

My friends know how important they are to me.

I trust my friends with my heart.

This is a good one if there’s something you need to vent about or confide in a friend in. Especially if it’s big, it can be scary getting it out, even to a friends.

I am the kind of friend and good person that has no problem saying sorry when I’ve messed up.

Valuable friends believe only the best of me.

I develop an intimate relationship with good friends.

I choose to have only healthy relationships.

No one’s got time for toxic relationships! You want to surround yourself with good people.

I am grateful when my friends have my back.

You shouldn’t just remind yourself that your friends have your back, show gratitude for it, too.

The positive energy of our friendship group heals all disagreements. 

There is always time to invest in friendships that bring me joy and happiness, no matter how busy I may be.

Being busy is not an excuse! Don’t use it as one, especially if the real reason you’re not making new friends is because you’re scared.

I can tell my friend everything I want.

I trust myself for being a good friend to others.

You want a good friend, right? So reassure yourself that you’re a good friend to them, too.

My friendships are strong enough to withstand respectful disagreements.

Conflicts happen, in any relationship, and they can feel so huge when it affects a friendship group. Tell yourself this as a reminder when it’s stressing you out.

My friends are a hugely important part of my life and I love them dearly.

My friends are worth all the efforts and sincerity.

If you feel like you’ve been doing a lot for your friend, remind yourself that they’re worth it. That’s what friendship’s all about!

I am only human and I’m allowed to make mistakes if I take actions to correct them love and authenticity.

Hurt a friend’s feelings? Did something to upset them? Say this to yourself before apologizing to put yourself in the right mindset.

My friends are a great source of happiness in my life.

This is one of the affirmations for friends that will uplift your spirit.

I look forward to meeting new friends and welcoming them to join existing friendships.

This is also a good thing to say if you’re worried about merging two friend groups.

I’m wonderful as a friend.

Feeling insecure about a friendship? Try saying this affirmation.

I am empowered by the love of my friends.

All of my friends are determined and goal-oriented, just like me.

Surrounding yourself with good people will push you further, and reminding yourself of this will help you reach your goals.

I protect myself from bad friendships.

Just like you’d protect yourself from a bad relationship, you should protect yourself from a bad friendship, too.

I, love, cherish, and respect all my friends.

It’s a really important reminder!

My friends allow me the space to be my authentic self.

I love the positive vibe in my friend group.

Giving off positive vibes attracts positive vibes, right?

I am creating great memories with my friends all the time.

My friends add to my happiness.

Reminding yourself of things that bring you joy can help set the tone for your day/week.

I invite mutually supportive and positive friendships into my life.

My friendship is an important part of my life.

Reminding yourself that they’re important will help you prioritize your friendships and not let them slip through the cracks.

I always wish good cheer and the best for my friends.

I’m respected and loved by my friends.

And that’s not something to take for granted!

My best friends never judge me.

I attract kind friends who see the best in me.

I am my friends’ greatest cheerleader.

And they are yours, too — remind yourself of that!

I always remember to give time to my friends.

If you haven’t been giving your friends time, this affirmation will be a good one for you.

All of my friendships are real, loyal, and genuine.

I have so many fun moments with my friends.

For when you’re feeling down, or you’ve realized you haven’t been giving your friends time. 

True friends respect me.

I feel confident with new people.

I manifest the best friends.

I’m allowed to have expectations and standards within friendships.

All relationships should have boundaries and respect, friendships are no different.

I am a positive match for attracting amazing friends.

All of my friends are worthy of love and loyalty.

This will help you remember to give love and loyalty to them.. and you’ll get it from them in return.

All of my friendships are real, loyal, and genuine.

I’m worthy of being loved.

This may sounds like it’s only meant for a romantic relationship, but it’s a good reminder for all relationships.

My friends make me feel safe and cherished.

I am grateful for each of my wonderful friends.

You can even name them here, too, to make this affirmation extra personal.

I find joy in being a good friend to people I love.

This is one of the best affirmations for friends because it involves reciprocal friendship and means you are being a good friend, too.

I am easy to talk to.

Works both if you are going to meet new people or if you’re worried a friend isn’t comfortable coming to you with something.

My friendship circle is tight.

People who are witty and genuine keep coming into the life.

Put those vibes out there, say it out loud, and you’ll attract it!

Whenever I cause a friend pain, I vow to be a better friend in the future.

Learn from the mistakes you make with your friends and be sure not to repeat them – with the same friend or with others.

It’s easy for people to be friends with me.

This is one of the best affirmations for friends and making new friends!

My friends make time for me.

It’s a great experience always to get to know new people.

Say this to yourself if you’re venturing to a wedding, party, event, networking session, or whatever on your own.

I will get out of my comfort zone and be stronger than my social anxiety because the new friends I make will be worth it.

If social situations make you feel anxious, saying this can help calm the nerves.

Meeting like minded people with common interests is so much fun!

Starting a new hobby? Volunteer group? Sure, it’s filled with new people, but you all have a common interest — you already have a talking starting point!

I welcome into my life fulfilling new friendships with interesting people.

Good people come into my life all the time.

They really do, you just need to pay attention and be open to it!

In Summary: 100 Affirmations For Friends

To wrap up these 100 useful affirmations for friends, there is one one-size-fits-all model for friendship.

Over the course of your life all of your friendships will look slightly different. Like snowflakes, they’ll never be exactly the same.

And this is a wonderful and beautiful thing.

These positive statements will help you banish negative thoughts and invite positive people and supportive friends into your life.

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