16 Ideas For Christmas Door Decorating Contest

Ready for the holiday season? Then check out these ideas for a Christmas door decorating contest to get you in the spirit.

Do you remember your doors when you’re decorating for Christmas? Chances are you aren’t decorating them to the extent that they can be decorated.

They can really add to the beautiful and cheerful decorations you are already planning to put up. You won’t want to miss holiday door decoration, especially after you see our creative ideas!

Whether you live in a house, or a condo, or an apartment, or a dorm, you definitely have at least one door (with two sides!) that you are able to decorate. Even at work, if you are part of a social committee that is in charge of holiday decorations, you probably have at least one office door if not many that is there just waiting to be decorated.

This can also be so fun for middle school or high school students…really any kid of any age. Who doesn’t love holiday door decoration, especially holiday classroom doors?

Basically…don’t forget to decorate your doors this Christmas. Encourage your family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors too as well. Make it a fun competition! We have some fun ideas for front door decorations for this time of year to get you in the holiday spirit.

Have a fun and jolly Christmas door decorating contest. Not sure how to? Here are some great ideas for Christmas door decorating that will have everyone saying “ho ho ho” this Christmas!

Some instruction tid-bits:

  • If you live in a building, have a building-wide competition and get all the apartments in your building to decorate the side of the door that faces your hallway.
  • If you live in a house, try and get a street-wide competition going. Have everyone on the street decorate their front door or even entire front porch!
  • If you live in a house with others, have a competition with your family members or roommates! Each of you can decorate your bedroom door and see who has the best.
  • If you live in a dorm building, get into the competition with those on your floor. Or, if the building isn’t super big, make it a building wide competition!
  • If you’re at work, there’s probably plenty of doors to be decorated. Assign each team or group a door for them to decorate together.

Now that we have covered that you can have a Christmas door decorating contest no matter what your living or work situation is, now you may be wondering what the contest should actually be about. Here are some great ideas for you to try this Christmas season that will definitely help you win (just don’t let your competition read this article).

ideas for christmas door decorating contest

16 Ideas For Christmas Door Decorating Contest

Looking for the best ideas for creating a festive front door? You’re in the right place. All of these ideas are great decor options or can be made into contest themes if you have bigger groups of people!

Go classic with an oversized wreath

Sometimes, less really is more. Get a beautiful, oversized Christmas wreath and have that be the focal point of your door.

If you want to get really impressive and take it to the next level, get a traditional evergreen wreath made of real pine branches with pine cones or holly. The fresh greenery scent alone can help you score a win! This is the easiest way to decorate in a time crunch or on a budget.

Line the door frame with tons of garland

What’s more classic than seeing a door lined with Christmas lights and garland? Especially if you are in the office and the door you are trying to decorate gets open, a lot, you will want to make sure that you decorate around the door too.

You can even add two oversized candy canes to each side to really accentuate an entryway. You can win the competition even if you got assigned a door that’s always propped open!

Get personal and sentimental

If it’s multiple people decorating one door, have everyone bring in an ornament or piece of decoration that means a lot to them (just make sure it can safely be taped to a door). If there’s room, have everyone write on the door next to their item why it’s special to them.

wreath on white wall

Make a big door snowman

You can make frosty or you can make a regular snowman – your call! Get a blue background from wrapping paper or construction paper (or use a blue door!) and draw your snowman on. You can also use cotton balls to make your snowman and have more textured.

But if you really want to win that contest, use large, medium, and small white foam cups to make the body of your snowman. This will give it a 3D effect! Here are some instructions on how to make it 3D.

Make a yummy gingerbread house

If you are able to decorate the area above and to the sides of your door, you should turn it into a gingerbread house! Make your door look like it’s the door to a gingerbread house rather than the door to your house, room, apartment, office, or dorm. You will need a ton of brown butcher paper for the door itself and also the wall around it.

You will then need white paper to make white boarders for the top of your door (think shingles) and the top of the house. Make sure you don’t forget your gingerbread man, which you can either make yourself or buy from the store. And don’t forget your candy—this can be made or bought.

Hang your stockings on a door fireplace

If you have extra stockings you can hang, turn your door into a fireplace! Even if you don’t you can still turn your door into a fireplace. You’ll need black, white, orange, yellow and red poster board or construction paper to create the fireplace.

Use the red and white to create the “bricks” background on the bottom half of the door. Then paste the black paper vertically in the center of your fireplace and use the red and orange paper to make flames. You can also use black butcher paper for a lot of this and drawn on it with chalk or markers.

Above the fireplace tape a thick line of brick paper or brown construction paper to make your mantle. From this “mantle” tape 2-3 stockings so it appears like they are hanging by the fire! You can either make the stockings out of paper or if you have them already, use real ones.

On the top half of your fireplace, you can line it with whatever color paper you want (pro tip: keep it festive, like maybe a white wrapping paper with snowflakes or small gifts on it). You can either hang a wreath from it or cut out letters to write a headline. “The stockings were hung by the chimney with care” is a great choice!

christmas decor

Make it Grinch themed

Particularly apropos for the workplace where, let’s be honest, we have all been a bit Grinch-like at least once, have a Grinch scene on the door! Make construction paper cutouts of the Grinch, Cindy Lou Who, and of course, dog Max.

Then cut out letters to come up with a witty headline, maybe something about not being a Grinch this holiday season. If Grinch isn’t your thing, you can do this with a Charlie Brown Christmas theme too!

Pay homage to Ralphie’s infamous bunny suit

The pink bunny suit Ralphie wears in “A Christmas Story” is iconic…and likely something Christmas themed that most people would not think of doing. All you need is pink paper to create the suit and black paper to make Ralphie’s thick-rimmed glasses. Then draw a word bubble saying “Oh, fudge” to really recreate the infamous scene.

Spread Christmas cheer like Buddy the Elf

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is to sing loudly for all to hear, right? All you need is to see a drawing or an outline of Buddy the Elf and the Christmas cheer will be running through you! You can use construction paper or markers to make the yellow pants and green and white coat that Buddy wears.

Then use white paper or cotton balls to put on the collar and cuffs. Print out a picture of Will Ferrell smiling. If there’s room, use a quote from the movie on top as the headline.

pretty christmas door

Have a warm and sunny Christmas vacation theme

Everyone associates Christmas with the cold and snow. This is why opting for a vacation theme – like a beach Santa – is an out of the box idea! Wrap your door in wrapping paper that’s beach-themed, like filled with seashells or the ocean.

Then print out or draw a picture of Santa in a bathing suit rather than in his regular red suit. Just make sure that the bathing suit is also red and white! Print or draw some pictures of palm trees too, and hang ornaments off of them like you would a Christmas tree.

Get delicious with a big recipe and/or food theme

One of the best parts of Christmas is all the delicious foods, desserts, and drinks, right? Have this on your door! Put pictures of Christmas food, desserts and wine on your door.

Show off a Christmas feast! Or you can opt to really impress folks and have the entire door be one big Christmas recipe. Just be sure to include a picture of what the end results of the recipe looks like on the door!

Turn your door into a snow globe

Turn your door into a snow globe! Get blue wrapping paper or blue construction paper to cover the door in. If the door is already blue, you’re already halfway there! You can then use cotton balls as the snowflakes.

Or you can cut-out snowflakes out of white paper and hang them from the door. Be sure to add Christmas elements to your snow globe like candy canes, Santa, and holiday lights. To get that real snow globe effect, wrap your door in cellophane and secure the sides with a translucent tape.

Make the door the start of a winter wonderland

If you are not afraid of getting a bit messy, get your shoes off and get some white paint! This could be especially fun if you are decorating the door with a work team or roommates.

Dip your feet in white paint and make footprints all over a large sheet of blue paper. Once that dries, turn all the footprints into snowmen. Then at the top, write “Walking in a winter wonderland” in big letters as a headline.

door decorating contest

Make a Christmas tree on your door with your handprints

If you still want to get dirty but prefer not to get your feet dirty, try getting your hands dirty! Instead of using your feet to make snowman, use your hand prints and turn them into a Christmas tree! Get green paint instead of white paint.

Again, if you are decorating your door with your work team or roommate’s this idea would be especially fun – you’re literally all putting your own “touch” on it! If you don’t want to get that dirty, instead of having your handprint with paint, you can draw your handprints on green construction paper and then cut them out.

Take all those cutouts and tape them together in the shape of a tree. Don’t forget to put “ornaments” on your tree, which could be as simple as different colored circle cutouts. And don’t forget to cut out a yellow star for the top of your tree! Extra points if you add gifts to under the tree.

Get real punny with a Fa La La Llama

We aren’t sure when it happened, but llamas have become associated with Christmas, haven’t they? I mean, “fa la la llama” is just fun to stay. Since llamas may not immediately come to mind for most when you think Christmas, this is an idea that will be unique.

Line the door with black paper or wrapping paper – or if your door is already black, you’re set. Then use white paper to create your llama. Don’t forget to put a Santa hat on their head!

On top of the llama be sure to write “fa la la llama” as a great way to make sure everyone gets the pun. Extra points if you have “lights” hanging from the top of your door, whether they be real ones or ones cut out of paper!

ideas for christmas door decorating contest

Set up the Nativity Scene

Jesus is the reason for the season, right? Replicate the nativity on your door! You can either buy cutouts from a store (we know they are pretty much everywhere), draw them, or make the outlines of Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus from paper.

If you have room, do not forget to include the animals, too. And definitely do not forget to have a big star in the sky, whether it be drawn, made out of paper, or if you can somehow attach a battery operated one safely to your door. Another option is that instead of adding Mary and Joseph, you can have a manager with Baby Jesus in it and then have the three wise men.

Rounding Up Our Thoughts a Ideas For a Christmas Door Decorating Contest

Some more themes are polar express, 12 days of Christmas, ugly Christmas sweaters, or Christmas songs.

This is also a fun way to cheer up the dark winter months. After the holiday season, or even in place if you don’t observe the December holidays, you can decorate for winter. Cozy lights and and decoration are always cheerful!

Have fun decorating for Christmas!

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