20 Best Organic Under Eye Concealer Picks [2022]

Looking for the best organic under eye concealer? Here are 20 picks with clean, organic, and skin-loving ingredients.

Why does organic makeup matter?

Most makeup on the market today is created with many toxic ingredients. When you apply these ingredients on your face and body, many of them absorb through your skin into your blood stream.

There are many scientific studies that prove that many of the ingredients used in makeup are questionably unsafe to be using.

The beauty industry is poorly regulated, especially when it comes to the ingredients and quality of ingredients going into our makeup.

These ingredients can cause things like headaches and migraines, dermatitis, and can affect gut health, among other things. Things like talc used in makeup have even been connected to cancer.

Non-organic ingredients can contain pesticides and other toxins because they are not regulated or third-party tested.

This is especially important for products you are putting on your skin and near the eye area.

Ingredients To Avoid In Your Makeup

Although traditional makeup has a whole bunch of toxic ingredients, here we mention only a few of them:

  1. Formaldehyde – A well-known carcinogen. Formaldehyde releasers like DMDM hydantoin, Diazolidinyl urea, quarternium-15 are also present widely in makeup. 
  2. Polyethylene glycol (PEG) – Widely used as thickeners and solvents, this chemical can cause irritation and systemic toxicity.
  3. Toluene – This solvent is linked to brain toxicity especially when pregnant.
  4. Talc – Talc is dangerous because it can be contaminated with asbestos which is a known carcinogen and can cause lung disease.
  5. Teflon – Added to cosmetics to improve its texture, Teflon causes hormone disruptions.
  6. Carbon Black – When inhaled can be linked to cancer.
  7. Parabens – The most well-known ingredient to have appeared in breast cancer tissue samples. 
  8. Fragrance – Fragrance is not only unnecessary in makeup, but when listed in an ingredients list, it can actually be one of over 3,000 ingredients that companies to do not have to disclose
  9. Phthalates – Added to increase the flexibility of cream products, they are endocrine-disruptors (interfere with hormones, growth, and development). 
  10. Petroleum, paraffin oil, and mineral oil – Derived from crude oil, they are harsh on skin and the environment.
  11. Dimethicone (and Cyclomethicone) – Also endocrine disruptors.  

Additionally, cosmetics manufacturers have reported “using 88 chemicals, in more than 73,000 products, that have been linked to cancer, birth defects or reproductive harm.” Many products are not regulated and are untested in the beauty and personal care product industry.

Picking Organic Concealer

It’s helpful to pick organic ingredients in makeup when possible because, along with limiting other harmful ingredients like listed above, picking organic means you are limiting your exposure to pesticides.

The truth is that fully organic concealers are very limited. Most products also contain ingredients that are not or can not be organic. However, making an effort to find the best natural concealers with natural ingredients is worth it.

These concealers contain ingredients like cocoa butter, aloe vera, avocado oil, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, organic coconut oil, olive oil, rosemary extract, organic algae, candelilla wax, and more. These are nourishing for the skin and not harmful for your health.

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20 Best Organic Under Eye Concealer Picks

Kosas Revealer Super Creamy + Brightening Concealer

This creamy concealer from Kosas, a clean brand at Sephora, is hydrating and brightening on your under eyes.

It has medium coverage and offers a radiant finish.

This concealer is fragrance-free. Please click the Credo link for the full ingredients list.

Vapour Luminous Foundation

Vapour used to make a concealer that primarily had organic ingredients. However, it seems that product has been discontinued at this time.

They do, however, have a foundation with similar ingredients. Use a small amount of foundation as concealer for a similar effect.

It’s highly rated so worth trying!

Crunchi My Alibi Concealer

Crunchi’s high coverage concealer is made with organic ingredients that nourish the skin while working to cover dark spots, acne, and more.

It also doubles as an eye primer for a smooth application.

Alima Pure Cream Concealer

Available in 10 shades, this concealer helps to reduce the appearance of dark circles, redness, blemishes, and hyperpigmentation.

It blends easily for buildable, full coverage to neutralize and brighten. It’s also refillable!

Rituel de Fille The Ethereal Veil

This concealer provides a natural, buildable coverage that smooths the skin.

It’s available in 12 shades and is good for spot concealing, under-eye brightening and full-face complexion enhancement.

Stand out ingredients include jojoba oil, frankincense, castor oil, and lanolin.

Saint Cosmetics On the Go Perfecting Concealer

This concealer offers medium to full coverage with plant-based actives that work to improve your skin.

It is formulated with rosehip oil and kakadu plum which work to moisturize and brighten.

Reviews reports the shades are hard to discern online so check the reviews for someone similar to your skin tone for advice before purchasing.

Han Skincare Cosmetics HAN Liquid Concealer

This concealer provides creamy, medium-buildable coverage and smooth, flawless application.

It wears beautifully through the day and nourishes the skin argan oil, shea butter, green tea and Vitamin E.

Working as skincare as well, it improves uneven skin tone, conceal dark circles, and reduce the appearance of redness.

Scented with essential oils, this concealer is clean, budget-friendly choice. It’s one of the most creamy concealrs that gives a natural finish.

Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Perfecting Concealer

Containing certified-organic ingredients, this concealer helps cover dark circles and cover acne without creasing.

It is good for all skin types including dry skin, oily skin, blemish prone and sensitive skin.

The primary downside is that it only comes in 5 shades. I’d like to see Juice Beauty offer a more inclusive shade range.

Ilia True Skin Serum Concealer

Containing some organic ingredients, this Ilia concealer is a best-seller.

It comes in a large shade range, is scented with essential oils, and provides a medium coverage.

It’s known for its light-weight formula that evens and brightens skin while diminishing the look of dark circles and blemishes.

Clean Faced Cosmetics Light Natural Concealer

This concealer/foundation hybrid is multi-use product with very simple ingredients: organic shea butter, organic fractionated coconut oil, organic rosehip oil, kaolin clay, non nano zinc oxide, organic cocoa powder.

It’s unlike any product you’ve ever used before but don’t fear! Just be sure to read the full instructions before use.

W3ll People Bio Concealer

With this full coverage concealer, a little goes a long way! Great for dark spot, under eyes, and blemishes, this concealer covers it all.

It would be nice to see a larger shade range from W3ll people as this product only comes in 5 shades.

River Organics Zero Waste Concealer

This soothing concealer provides light coverage for your under eyes and works to even out skin tone.

This concealer is made of Certified Organic ingredients that a moisturizing and protective. They include plant oils like Moringa, Apricot Kernel, and Camellia seed oils for hydration.

DabHerbMakeup Organic Herb Foundation

This product is made with 99.6% Certified organic and food grade ingredients (more pure than cosmetic grade!).

It offers a large, beautifully inclusive shade range.

It comes in a glass jar for zero-waste packaging. It’s a concentrated formula that can be built up for full coverage or sheered out for a lighter coverage application.

Use a tiny amount for concealer coverage.

DabHerbMakeup Organic Petal Concealer

From the same shop as above, the Organic Petal Concealer comes in five shades that are made with Certified organic ingredients.

The coverage is creamy and buildable. It feels like second skin coverage and has ingredients that fight free radicals, are anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory.

While it would be nice to see more shades in this product also, it is a concealer that is made with organic ingredients.

Rose Inc

This concealer from Rose Inc provides medium buildable coverage that does an excellent job covering under eye circles.

Squalene provides hydration while Vitamin E nourishes the skin and Fig Buttercup Extract reduces redness.

With the shade range of this concealer, you’ll most likely be able to find something in the different shades that matches your natural skin tone.

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Concealer

This full coverage concealer comes in five shades and is pigmented with fruits like peach and apricot as well as non-synthetic dyes.

It is a vegan formula made with shea butter and rosehip oil designed to seamlessly blend into your skin.

It also has green coffee to correct dark circles and soothes breakouts with lavender and camomile.

It also claims to be sweat proof!

Erzulie® Natural Mineral Concealer Stick

With an innovatice mineral blend, this concealer adjusts to your skin tone.

It’s pigmented for medium to full coverage. It covers redness, acne, and dark circles.

It’s an organic, gentle formula that provides natural and beautiful coverage.Reviews report that is is a good concealer with great coverage!

Erzulie® Natural Mineral Concealer Stick in LIGHT Acne Safe

Magic Mango Concealer For Flawless Coverage

This unique cosmetic grade concealer is made of organic mango butter that gives builable coverage for dark circles, acne, and redness.

It leaves a soft matte finish, is water resistant, and won’t settle into fine lines.

The packaging is also zero waste!

The main downside is that it only comes in three shades. The brand says it self-adjusts based on your skin tone and the reviews overall seem to agree!

It’s worth a shot for the organic ingredients and zero waste packaging.

In Summary: Best Organic Under Eye Concealer

Because companies and small businesses are starting to take ingredients more seriously, we have a quite a few options when it comes to finding the best organic under eye concealer.

I hope this post was helpful in finding the best organic concealer for your skin tone!

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