22 Things to do Before you Turn 22

Our 18th and 21st birthdays may seem like milestones for many of us. But what about our 22nd birthday? Well, at first, you may think that your 22nd birthday is not as significant, but you could be wrong.

After all, it’s the time when many of us are graduating college, prioritizing our needs, and enjoying the joys of finding our own paths. Growing up is never easy, but fortunately, there are many ways for us to look forward to the next couple of years. 

And here’s what you can do before you turn 22: 

22 Things to do Before you Turn 22

1) Travel on a plane by yourself. 

You know what they say – travel as much as you can when you’re young. But, I’m sure we all know that traveling by yourself is so much different than traveling with friends.

Boarding a plane by yourself may seem like a daunting process, especially when trying to navigate baggage check-in and security. But once you do it, you’ll feel accomplished, happy, and more independent. 

2) Live on your own 

Similar to traveling on a plane by yourself, it is also important to try to gain some experience living on your own, away from your parents. This can also include living in a college residence.

This way, you’ll be able to gain more life skills which include cooking, cleaning, and crafting your own laundry schedule. You’ll be able to feel more confident in your abilities as an adult. 

3) Pick up a new artistic hobby 

Were you the kid who avoided art throughout your entire elementary and high school life? Fear not, there are many different types of ways you can express yourself through art – not only drawing or painting.

If you’re a beginner, you can try cartooning: There are plenty of tutorials online which you can follow. Or perhaps, you can try woodcarving or photography if you’re more so into the technical aspects. You’ll never know what you end up enjoying. 

4) Try a new sport. 

Similar to trying a new artistic medium, there are plenty of sports out there which you can try as well. Even if you’re not a fan of basketball or volleyball, there may be other sports offered at your local community center for a few drop-in sessions.

For example, if you’re a fan of badminton or table tennis, you may enjoy pickleball, which is a combination of both sports. You may have to snoop around to see which sports you’ll enjoy, but it’s worth it in the end. 

5) Listen to two new different music genres. 

If you were always a pop and a hip hop fan, now is the time to branch out to different genres. There are plenty of indie artists to explore ranging from rock, all the way to classical.

After all, you never know who you may end up discovering. You can also be a bit creative about this by listening to music in another language, other than Kpop. 

6) Watch a basketball or football game live. 

This tip is mainly for those who are not a fan of socializing or going to venues. But, if you’re feeling bored on a weekend, feel free to meet up with a friend, grab some tickets, and cheer on your favorite basketball or football team. 

7) Attend a convention. 

If you live in or near a huge, metropolitan city, you’ll know that there are plenty of conventions happening almost every week. Some of these events include Comicon, Kpop conventions, and FanExpo. 

But what if I’m not a fan of Anime and I want to visit FanExpo? You may ask. Well, keep in mind that these events also have free merch and souvenirs that you may be able to purchase, on top of meeting other people. 

8) Attend a concert. 

Do you have a favorite artist who may be going on tour soon? If one of those places happens to be the city you live in, why not purchase a ticket to attend?

You’ll get to watch them perform plenty of fan favorites live, and sing along with other attendees. 

9) Explore another nearby, metropolitan city. 

Even if you live in a huge city, you may have heard of other smaller cities nearby which you may want to explore.

And if you do, you can easily commute or drive, and spare some time on the weekend to do so. You never know what you’ll end up discovering. 

10) Go on a camping trip with friends. 

If you have never visited the woods before, you may want to consider this option. Being surrounded by nature is relaxing, and a whole new different environment.

You may want to research some local parks, book a camping spot, and buy some equipment. Remember to bring some trail mix and other snacks to indulge in while hiking. 

11) Learn to cut your own hair. 

I’ve met some people who never go to the salon but would rather cut their own hair. This process is more cost-efficient than visiting a salon.

Although it may sound time-consuming at first, as soon as you learn how to cut your own hair, you’ll be able to customize your own hair to the style of your liking. 

12) Learn to cook complicated dishes. 

We all have those days when we arrive home and make ourselves some instant ramen. However, this may not always be the case, so it’s important to learn to cook different dishes.

There are plenty of YouTube tutorials and cookbooks with many recipes to try. 

13) Begin learning a new language 

Since the world is becoming more globalized, many of us may feel the need to immerse ourselves in a new culture.

One of these ways can be through learning a new language; there are plenty of tools and classes which you can take to help you with the process.

New languages not only impress others, but open doors and allow you to understand another part of the world more. 

14) Immerse yourself into more social issues. 

The past two to three years have been challenging with a global pandemic as well as other civil rights.

While growing up, it is important to be cognizant of such events and stand in allyship with marginalized communities.

There are plenty of social issues which you can learn more about and advocate for; you’ll not only advocate for others but create generational change.

15) Learn to advocate for yourself. 

When a situation makes you feel uncomfortable, there are plenty of ways you can speak up about it.

In the end, no one should be treated unfairly and picked on, and if you find yourself in that situation, you can learn to stand up for yourself. 

16) Be more aware of current events. 

With so many struggles in our personal lives, it can be difficult to keep up with current events on the news. However, current events can affect our lives daily as policies are always changing.

So, perhaps learn to incorporate a time period each day dedicated to watching the news and reading articles about what’s happening in our world. 

17) Learn to keep track of deadlines. 

As adults, there are almost deadlines everywhere, whether that would be monthly payments, phone bills, or rent. Keeping track of them is important so you won’t have to pay more than needed.

You can begin by creating a spreadsheet or setting a few reminders on your calendar. This way, you won’t forget. 

18) Develop your own self-care routine. 

It’s easy to get overwhelmed amidst all the tasks when transitioning from youth to adulthood. But what’s one of the solutions to those feelings of stress? The answer is – your own self-care routine.

Self-care does not always have to be about beauty products or skincare, it can essentially be a list of activities that you choose as de-stressors.

Since the difficulties in adulthood are quite unpredictable, a self-care routine will help you feel more prepared to tackle challenges.  

19) Reinforce your boundaries. 

We all know it’s difficult to say ‘no’ when we want to say ‘no.’ In order to please others, we always feel the urge to say ‘yes’ even if we are feeling not prepared or ready to handle the tasks.

However, it is important to acknowledge how much you can handle and be transparent about it. This way, you won’t feel that you are spreading yourself too thin. 

20) Make mistakes. 

We all despise making mistakes because we’re taught to be perfectionists. But, mistakes are a way for us to learn and be more prepared for the task at hand.

So, it’s important for us to forgive ourselves since we’re all trying to navigate through the process. 

21) Learn to eliminate toxic friends. 

I’m sure we have all experienced it: the friend who constantly makes snide remarks, passive aggressive comments, and cuts you off when you’re trying to express your thoughts.

Sometimes, it’s best to just let these individuals go; this will allow you some room and space for you to grow and decompress. 

22) Have fun 

Although the first 22 years of life can be quite a whirlwind with so many challenges and changes, you’ll later realize that life is not constant.

New events happen which may cause us to diverge from our previous plans. And if that’s the case, it’s best to enjoy the process and have fun. 

In Summary: Things To Do Before You Turn 22

Growing up and becoming an adult is a difficult and challenging process as there are plenty of lifestyle changes.

When you turn 22, you are perhaps reminded of surviving another year of adulthood and trying to navigate the further responsibilities that come with it.

However, being older is not always dreadful; in fact, it can be more fun with more added lessons to be learned. 

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