25 Best Paying Part-Time Jobs for College Students For Extra Money

College is a great experience that is unique. We all make friends, select our programs, and hope for the best before we graduate. But due to financial barriers, many of us may have to fund our college education on our own with part-time work.

On top of scholarships, many college students choose to work a part-time job. However, most of these part-time jobs often pay minimum wage and are often not in the best environments. And it can be unsustainable to balance full-time school with a full-time job, though people do it.

The best way to offset the financial need or student loans is to look for jobs that pay good money.

So, what are some of the best-paying part-time jobs for college students? Look no further for a job you can do over summer break or year round for better pay.

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25 Best Part-Time Jobs for College Students

On-Campus Jobs 

When applying to jobs, an on-campus job is a great option. Employers within the college are well-aware of the nuances of a student’s schedule, which means that you may have more flexible hours when choosing shifts. 

Moreover, on-campus jobs are a good way to meet new people within your college. You can develop friendships quickly and bond over similar interests. 

The well-paid on-campus jobs usually require tons of interaction with students and technical skills. It may sound scary at first, but college employers will cover these technical skills during training and orientation sessions. And they’re not just for graduate students, so don’t be afraid to apply. 

Here are some examples of on-campus jobs: 

1. Academic Advising Assistant 

Lots of colleges have an academic advising department, which is similar to the guidance department from high school. 

Many students are hired in this department in order to assist with clerical work, reception, or directing others to the appropriate resources. 

Although this job will require you to know your college’s academic policies, you’ll be making a bigger impact on the student community by helping them with their concerns. You’ll also help students advocate for themselves as well. 

For many colleges, this job usually pays above minimum wage. 

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2. Tutoring 

If you have a good GPA and want to help other students, consider applying as an English or Math tutor at your college’s tutoring department. 

You’ll be able to help others with their assignments, and refresh your own memory for future courses. Plus, you’ll also be aware of the curriculum and the overtime changes. 

This job usually pays a student above minimum wage. In Ontario, where the minimum wage currently in July 2023 is $15.50, the tutoring department at George Brown College pays a student more than $17 an hour. 

3. Teaching Assistant

Let’s say you and your professor got along very well throughout the entire semester. Then, one day, your prof recommends you to become a Teaching Assistant (TA) for one of their courses. If you have this opportunity, do not hesitate to take it. 

As a teaching assistant, you’ll be the professor’s assistant in terms of grading papers, tests, and exams. When a student has a question, you’ll be the first person they’ll go to. For some professors, you may assist in terms of making tests or exams. 

Teaching assistants make well above minimum wage depending on the university. At the University of Toronto, teaching assistants make around $40 – $50 an hour. 

4. Management positions in your college’s student association 

If you want to make a difference within your college’s community, feel free to campaign to earn a leadership position within your college’s student association. 

You’ll need to earn signatures. After, you’ll need to write a spiel and self-promote your vision and mission across the college. It’s tiring work indeed, but if the students vote for you, you have the opportunity to make their voice heard. 

Depending on your position, you may be hosting and coordinating events throughout your student association. Or perhaps, you may be assessing and questioning the college on their diversity initiatives. You’re an advocate for the student, and their lives within the college are basically in your hands. 

Fortunately, these positions tend to pay well. Within Canada, the salary is around $35k – $40k, which is pretty good for a student. 

5. Social Media

Colleges are frequently promoting their services via social media. And if you’re social media savvy, apply to a social media-related job. 

These jobs are usually work-from-home, and are ideal for the student who wants a balance of flexibility of their own schedule and creativity within their work.

You’ll not only be able to create interesting content, but work as part of a team to promote the college as a whole. 

Due to the flexible nature of this job, you can perhaps work the maximum number of hours which your college allows you to work. There are almost no restrictions on where and when you can work, unless you have scheduled meetings. 

Social media jobs also exist outside of college campuses, from brand ambassadors to social media management. You can pursue social media several ways if you are looking for online jobs!

6. Research Assistant 

Are you passionate about the program which you are studying to the point where you’re considering graduate school? Being a research assistant is a great way to get your foot in the door. 

As a research assistant, you’ll work with a professor about a specific topic and conduct research related to the area. You can learn a lot about your subject from this job, which will allow you to narrow down your research interests. 

In Canada, an undergraduate research assistant makes around $29,500 a year for less than a 40-hour work week. 

7. Student Ambassador 

Want to represent your college in a different way? Consider becoming a student ambassador or tour guide.

Throughout this job, you’ll answer questions regarding college life to prospective students, and share your experience with others.  

At the University of Waterloo, student ambassadors are paid $16 an hour. However, the hours are often flexible and can be worked around with the class schedule. 

Part-time Hospitality Jobs With Tips

Other than on-campus jobs, there are plenty of part-time jobs available which may be more flexible depending on your schedule.

If you want to work evenings or weekends, jobs in the hospitality industry are more accommodating to this schedule. 

Furthermore, as a student, you can also choose a job with tips. Therefore, you’ll make extra money for a coffee or two throughout your shift. 

Here are some part-time jobs where tips are involved: 

8. Waitress

If you can handle crowds, noise, and loud Saturday or Friday nights, consider being a waitress at a local restaurant. 

You’ll take orders, think quickly on your feet, and deliver the food and beverages to the guests. If you work at a well-rated restaurant or provide exceptional service, you will receive tips. 

Many people would tip around 15 to 20 percent of the meal. So, if this is the case, you can be walking home with an extra $10 for every meal, ideally. 


9. Bartender 

If you like to mix and combine different flavors of drinks in your spare time, consider upgrading your skills to become a bartender. 

Many places, including restaurants, theatres, and event venues, hire bartenders to serve drinks for their guests. Although it does get quite busy during rush hour, the bright side – you’ll make good tips. 

Bartenders make an average of $150 a night on tips, which can cover some of your textbook costs. 

10. Valet Parking

Got your full driver’s license? You are now qualified to work in valet parking. 

However, you have to be careful as you’ll be driving and parking expensive vehicles in tight spaces. Moreover, someone’s lending you full responsibility for their car. 

But if you do your job well, you may receive more than ten dollars in tips per driver. 

11. Doorman 

Want to build your career within the hospitality industry? As a student, you can start off as a doorman. The name is self-explanatory: you’ll basically be wearing a fancy uniform and standing in front of a door of a hotel. 

Whenever guests and visitors have questions, they’ll come to you for an answer. Moreover, you may be required to assist visitors in terms of their luggage, baggage, and guiding them to the reception area. 

Doormen are said to have an average salary of $50,000, thanks to the tips. 

12. Concierge 

Do you prefer interacting with customers while completing some desk work? As a concierge, you’ll mainly be keeping an eye out on the front lobby of a residential building or a hotel. 

Other than greeting customers, you may have to answer phone calls, arrange events, respond to complaints, and make reservations. 

The standard tipping percentage for concierge is 15 to 20% for good service. So, you may walk home with some extra cash. 

13. Usher 

Fans of live entertainment and sports games – rejoice! Consider becoming an usher because you’ll still have a chance to make tips. 

Since most events occur on the evenings and during weekends, the hours are flexible and versatile for a student. So during midterm season, you won’t have to pick up as many shifts. However, the earning potential is still there, especially if you get good tips for the event. 

14. Barista 

Perhaps you’re more of a coffee connoisseur than anything else. Apply to be a barista at a coffee shop! 

Plenty of cafes do tend to pay their baristas a fair wage. And most of these cafes also have the tipping option for baristas as well. Even in Starbucks, tips are counted every week – from the tip jar – and are distributed to all employees. 

15. Porter

If you don’t mind helping customers with luggage, consider becoming a porter at a local airport. 

Porters can be paid up to $20 an hour, which is a pretty decent wage for a student.

Porters also make tips; the general rule of thumb is to tip $1 – $5 per bag. Usually, customers will have multiple bags so you’ll be able to receive multiple extra cash throughout your shift. 


Recreation jobs are perfect for college students who are passionate about sports, teaching, community involvement, and creative thinking. These jobs tend to pay well compared to other student jobs.

Here are some ideas below: 

16. Lifeguard/Swim Instructor

Many places are experiencing a lifeguard shortage. So, if you already completed your lifeguard qualifications, don’t be afraid to apply. 

Throughout the job, you’ll have to ensure the pool is safe by following protocol, such as scanning the pool and checking for hazards. 

As a lifeguard, you can make up to more than $30k USD a year. This wage isn’t bad for a student and will leave you some spare money for miscellaneous activities. 

17. Camp Coordinator 

If you have already been a camp counselor, or are an experienced camp counsellor, consider applying to a camp coordinator position. 

As a camp coordinator, you’ll be in charge of the paperwork, the budget of the camp, and purchasing supplies and materials of the camp. Moreover, you’ll also work as a team with the counsellors to decide on the themes of the camp. 

Within the City of Toronto, camp coordinators are paid more than $20 CAD an hour, which is a good amount for a student. Camp coordinators at other camps are usually paid around $19 CAD an hour, with UofT camp being an example. 

18. Sports Coach 

Are you a current athlete on your college’s basketball or other sports teams? You can consider becoming a sports coach. 

If you already have the credentials, you can apply anywhere from nonprofit organizations to municipal community centres. You can share your passion for the sport with children for this job, as well as give back to your own community. 

In Ontario, sports coaches are paid around $19 CAD an hour, which is good for a student. 

Another great job that can be found on or off-campus is working as a fitness instructor.

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Fun Jobs in the Entertainment Industry 

If you already have a few credentials and would like an exciting, part-time job, there are plenty of jobs which students are qualified for.

Many of these jobs require an intensive interview, or an audition, but with good references, you’ll be hired. 

Here are some of them: 

19. Arena Host 

Are you a fan of sports? If you grew up playing sports but have stopped due to an injury, you can apply to be an arena host as a student.

The hours are flexible, and you get to watch your favoreite sports teams play. Plus, you may be able to interview a few players too. 

For this job, you’ll perhaps need to do a video or in-person audition. So be prepared for those extra steps. 

For the Rogers Arena, the job pays around $32k – $40k CAD. 

20. Birthday Party Host 

Are you a fan of dressing up and working with kids? A birthday party host may be the right job for you then. 

You’ll basically be there to make crafts with the children, pick up party supplies, and assist the clients with set up. Plus, you may get to enjoy delicious food and treats, if the family offers, as well. 

A birthday party host gig can average pay up to $40 CAD an hour.  

21. Dog Walker or Pet Sitter

While not directly entertainment related, dog walking or pet sitting can be a great job for someone who loves animals and wants a flexible schedule.

You can use apps like Rover or network in your neighborhood to get started.

Part-Time Office Work

Office work is ideal for the student who is looking to move up the corporate ladder.

Plenty of companies do hire students for part-time clerical-related roles. 

Some roles which are flexible to a student’s schedule can include: 

22. Administrative Assistant 

Admin assistants are the backbone of a company. They do the grunt work, such as filing paperwork, preparing documents, data entry, and organizing files. 

However, as a student, it is essential to gain these skills as they will prepare you for the future. As an admin assistant, you’ll also learn how to familiarize yourself with the office environment by understanding the code of conduct. 

Many admin assistants pay well above minimum wage, so it’s worth giving it a try. 

If you want an online version of this job, think about working as a virtual assistant. It is a similar role and you can set your own hours!

23. Bank Teller 

Being a bank teller is the first step to becoming acquainted with the financial world if you hope to have a future career in it. You’ll develop connections and understand the company’s jargon. 

Moreover, banks are often flexible with hours and pay overtime. Some even pay students more to make up for the lack of benefits and hours. 

So, if you’re a people-person, a bank teller gig is worth the try. 

24. Bookkeeper 

If you’re an accounting student, consider being a bookkeeper. This will allow you to gain some experience using your skills and the other accounting-related software you learned at school. 

Many companies tend to allow part-time bookkeepers to work their own hours as well. Plus, the salary for a bookkeeper is around $48k USD. 

25. Marketing Assistant 

Thanks to the growth of social media, many companies are now hiring students to work as marketing assistants. 

Throughout this job, you’ll be able to gain skills in SEO, social media, content creation, and content writing. Plus, you can work from home and complete your tasks. 

In Canada, a marketing assistant makes more than $20 CAD an hour on average. This is a pretty good hourly wage for students. 

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Final Thoughts on The Best Paying Part Time Jobs For College Students

Although many students work customer service related jobs, it’s always important to use your creativity and research the job market.

Service-related jobs often don’t pay well, unless the jobs involve tips and other forms of commission. 

When choosing a job, it is important to consider what you like. Your needs and goals matter more than how well the job pays.

Having a good-paying job is definitely a benefit, but you should never sacrifice your mental or physical health for a job. In the end, you have the right to refuse unsafe work. 

But with that being said, feel free to look around and prepare your application materials. Brush up that resume and cover letter, and get ready for that interview.

Ultimately, the best jobs are what work for you: your schedule, your energy, your interests. You never know which opportunities will come next. So start looking and planning ahead. 

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