3 Safety Tips for Using a Rideshare Service 

Do you use rideshare services like Uber or Lyft? If so, it’s vital to know how to stay safe during your experience.

Some people don’t own vehicles and use rideshare services regularly. Maybe that’s because they just don’t feel like they can afford to own a car – with all its accompanying expenses, including maintenance and car insurance.

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Whether you are using rideshare all the time, occasionally, or looking to buy a car that’s affordable to insure, here are 3 tips for rideshare safety.

1. Check the Driver’s Profile

When it comes to ordering a rideshare, the first step is checking the profile of your driver and their reviews. With just a few clicks, you can get the information you need to feel comfortable.

Quickly check the driver’s ratings to make sure nothing makes you uncomfortable the next time you match with a ride. If something does, don’t worry! You can always cancel that ride, wait a few minutes, and order another.

2. Ask the Driver Your Name and Destination

One of the best ways to feel secure is by letting the driver confirm the trip details before you do. A simple, “Can you please tell me my name and confirmed destination?” is an effective way to make sure the experience is both pleasant and safe for all involved.

This helps you know you have the right person picking you up. These days, it’s not uncommon for someone else to have ordered a ride from the same location that you did.

3. Share Your Trip Information with a Friend or Family Member

Another key way to stay safe is to share your trip details and location with a friend or family member.

It’s common for those using rideshare services to be unfamiliar with their surroundings, especially if they’re on vacation or traveling for work. One of safest things to do is to have a friend or family member looking out for you (especially if you’re traveling alone).

Stay Safe When You Travel

Don’t forget to choose the safe option whether you are traveling by rideshare, public transportation or driving in your own vehicle. Stay safe out there!