32 Adult Birthday Party Food Recipes For Your Next Shindig

If you need adult birthday party food for your next party, look no further! This list covers appetizers, entrees, dessert, and even cocktails!

Birthday parties are not just for kids. Gen Z and millennials have embraced this and truly taken it to heart.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a themed birthday party, a pool party, or just getting a bunch of your closest friends and family together. All that matters is the celebration of your special occasion, and the younger generations know this.

We want to celebrate these big milestones, and we want to do it surrounded by the people we love. It also helps that Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok give us a ton of ideas for party inspiration, doesn’t it?

The biggest thing that sets adult birthday parties apart from a kid’s party is the food.

You are definitely serving different food at both (even though let’s be honest, pizza and dino nuggets are great). You also are probably serving some delicious cocktails, too.

We all know that food and drinks can make or break a party, so to make sure your next party is one that your party guests will be talking about for months to come, here are some adult birthday party food ideas.

32 Perfect Adult Birthday Party Food Recipes You Have To Try


These are perfect whether you’re serving a main meal or just want something to keep the good food coming throughout the party by serving endless snacks.

Pepperoni Pizza Roll Ups

If you loved pizza bagels or pizza bite growing up, why not have an adult version at your party?

These pepperoni pizza rollups are a good idea because they’re super easy and customizable. Grab some crescent rolls and wrap your favorite pizza toppings in it!

Deviled Eggs

There’s just something about deviled eggs that screams “I’m an adult” isn’t there? They really do take your party to that next level—plus it’s a great way to use your deviled egg plate that you have in storage.

adult birthday party food

Cilantro Tomato Bruschetta

There’s also just something about bruschetta that screams adult too, isn’t there? If you’re anything like me, you used to brush it off of things as a child… but now enjoy it as an adult. Serve them as an app or as a side with your entrees, as they go well with lots of main dishes, too.

Vegetable Cream Cheese Tortilla Roll Ups

If you want a delicious vegetarian option, this is for you. They’re little pinwheel sandwich bites that are great finger foods.

You can choose which veggies you want to put into it and you can even choose a flavored tortilla to use, like Jalapeno and Cheese.

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Forget the chicken wings, make this dip instead. It can be ready to go in just minutes, making it a great choice for an easy appetizer. It’s also a crowd pleaser – I know I’m asked to bring this to every event I’m invited to! My secret? I always add extra cheese!

Air Fryer Bacon Wrapped Jalapenos

Also easy to make…and just the right kick to get your party started! If your friends and family like spice, this should be part of your appetizers.

There’s only three ingredients – bacon, jalapeno peppers, and cheese cut into strips. Choose whichever cheese is your favorite or mix it up with mozzarella, cheddar, or jack.

adult birthday party food

Charcuterie Board With Meat Roses

Sure, you know how to make a charcuterie board, of course!

As charcuterie boards have become adult party staples, you probably want yours to stand out, right? Which is why turning your meats into the shapes of roses is a fun and great idea.

It’s also easier than you think and turn your party foods into a special event!


A DIY Pasta Bar

Who doesn’t love pasta? Set up a do-it-yourself pasta bar for everyone!

Cook different types of pasta, have different kinds of sauces out (jar or homemade – whichever you prefer) and then have extras that people can add to their pasta, like different cheeses, chicken, meatballs, tomatoes, spinach, good olive oil, etc!

Chicken Parmesan Sliders

This could be an appetizer if you want, but can also be hearty enough to serve as a main course. If you opt for the DIY pasta bar, this could be a nice addition to that, too. They also make great finger food, and everyone loves parmesan cheese!

Baked Potato Bar

Similar to the pasta bar, but with potatoes! It’s entirely customizable as everyone can choose their own toppings. You will need to first bake the potatoes until they’re soft.

Once they cook, you’ll cut off the tops and scoop out some, not all, of the inside, You can also turn them into potato skins if you prefer.

This way your guests can easily load up their potatoes without worrying about any spillage ! Great topping ideas can be anything like bacon bits, sour cream, cheese, guacamole, salsa, chili, or even tortilla chips!

Taco Bar

If we’re talking about pasta and potato bars, we have to bring up a taco bar, right?

Who doesn’t love a good taco bar! It’s entirely customizable and you can even have different proteins for your guests to choose from like beef, chicken, shrimp, or turkey.

Make sure you have both soft shell and hard-shell tortillas, too! Also have some rice out so guests have an option to just make a bowl if they want, too.

Tex Mex Salad

This is a great side dish or even a main dish. You can also use ground beef, turkey, or chicken as your protein for this depending on your personal preference or if you know your guests’. To take things to the next level, you can stuff avocados with this salad and serve it like that.

Hot Dog Board

If you’re celebrating your birthday in the summer.. what screams summer more than hot dogs?! A hot dog board is an easy and fun way for you to grill up a ton of franks and then let your guests build their own hot dogs.

You can have a variety of different bun types like brioche, potato and classic. You can also include different varieties of meat or other hot dog alternatives.

Make sure you have some toppings… and some fries or chips to go along with it!

Handheld Chicken And Waffle Cones

This will definitely stand out at your birthday celebration! It’s a fun spin on the traditional chicken and waffles. By putting it in a cone, you are making it super easy for everyone to eat… while still giving them your favorite chicken nuggets. You can either drizzle them with maple syrup or having dipping sauce on the side for guests to choose from.

Brazilian Cheese Bread

Brazilian cheese bread can be like the adult version of a grilled cheese – it’s crunchy on the outside but super gooey, cheesy, and chewy on the inside. This is also a great choice if you want your party to have an international theme or if you want to take your guests’ tastebuds on a trip outside the states!

Salad Kabobs

It’s pretty much a “must” to have salad at any party, right? Make things more fun – and make it even easier for people to eat while standing – by turning the salad into kabobs instead! Plus, this requires zero cooking on your end, so if you’re not the biggest fan of cooking, this is still an easy way for you to impress your guests!

Tea Sandwiches Spread

When you were a kid, hoagies or subs were probably a go-to for your parties. The adult version of this is having tea sandwiches! If you’re having a tea party theme or want to feel like you’re at high tea, you need to have these.

Even if that’s not your theme, they make a great option. You can also make different options, so there’s something for everyone.

Watermelon Pizza

Essentially, this is a deconstructed watermelon and feta salad. But the goal of it is to slice it into pizza-like triangles, so when your guests take a piece of fresh fruit, they eat it the same way they’d eat a slice of pizza!

All you need to do is top the watermelon with crumbled feta, basil, red onion, and balsamic.

Chili Bags

Don’t want to do too much cleaning after your big day? Want to give your guests something to remember?

Make chili in a slow cooker. Then, instead of bowls, put out a basket full of individual bags of corn chips!

Your guests can then add the chili, and the toppings of their choice, directly into the bags.

Cuban Sliders

Filling, delicious, and easy to make! These are filled with ham, cheese, dijon mustard, onion and butter. Put it all together and just bake them until the cheese melts.

Another great option if you want an international theme or a wide array of foods.


Some alternatives to birthday cake for extra sweet treats. Don’t be afraid to try multiple recipes, you are the guest of honor and what better way to celebrate your special day with your favorite people and a sugar rush?

Chocolate Peanut Butter Moose Munch

This can be a great snack or part of dessert, especially if your guests have a salty tooth and a sweet tooth!

You probably already have some or all of the ingredients at home, since it’s only just popped popcorn, chocolate chips, and peanut butter. You can add peanut butter cups if you want, too!

Blueberry Pie

Is a blueberry pie just the most “adult” out of all the pies? It may be. Pies can be intimidating to make, but they’re a go-to dessert choice for a reason. This recipe just takes five minutes to put together, so worth a try!

blueberry pie

Cream Cheese Cookie Cups

To make these quick desserts look even prettier, pipe the filling into the cups by using an icing bag. You can then leave it, or add your favorite topping like mini M&Ms.

Cookie Dough Dip

Let’s admit it – we all love eating the raw cookie dough when we’re baking even though we know we shouldn’t. The good news is that there’s a cookie dough dip that is okay for you to eat as it’s not raw.

Serve it with graham crackers if you want, but it’s so good, you can eat it with just a spoon, too.

Carrot Cake Shooter

If you want to incorporate a drink into your desserts, this is a great option. It’s made from three different liqueurs that make it taste like a carrot cake. Line the rim with crushed walnuts before you serve them for even more flavor.

carrot cake

Candied Apple Bar

If you’re doing a “do it yourself” bar as your entrée and you want to continue that trend into dessert – or if you didn’t do it for your entrée and want to do it as your dessert – try a candied apple bar.

It’s an especially great idea if you’re planning a birthday party for the crisper autumn months.

Make sure you slice your apples and put them on sticks already, so they can be ready to be dipped.

Of course you need caramel there but shake things up a bit and include other spreads like dark chocolate, white chocolate, and hazelnut.

Rocky Road Rice Krispies

If you want all your guests to feel like kids again, the taste of the chocolate chunks, crushed graham crackers, and gooey marshmallows will take them right back to childhood.. and help you forget what age you’re really turning (if that’s what you want!).


Champagne Jello Shots

Jello shots may take you back to college, but a champagne is much more adult! All you need for these are sparkling wine, gin, lemon juice, and a gold topping, like an edible gold leaf if you want a fancier vibe.


A Mini Mimosa Bar

If your birthday party is brunch themed, you need to have the mimosas, right? Grab a few different juices, cut up some fruit, get your favorite bubbly, and you’re all set! Everyone can make their favorite kind of mimosa.

Dirty Shirley

Did you grow up drinking Shirley Temples at parties? That doesn’t have to stop as an adult, thanks to the Dirty Shirley! It’s a Shirley Temple but with alcohol in it. Vodka is typically the go to but you can switch the alcohol out for something else you prefer.

Espresso Martini

Espresso martini’s are all the rage right now and for good reason – they’re delicious! You can really impress your guests by having them part of your party. The traditional way is with vodka, but the above video shows you three different ways you can make it.. the last recipe which swaps the vodka for tequila instead!

espresso martini

Sangria Ice Pops

If you’re having a birthday party in the summer, you probably want some form of ice cream there, right? Make it a boozy ice cream with this sangria ice pop recipe. A major perk is that you can use budget-friendly white wine with it and none of your guests will know as it’ll still taste delicious when put all together!

If you’re looking for adult birthday party food to serve at your next party, look no further! This list covers appetizers, entrees, dessert, and even cocktails that will leave your guests full and satisfied.

All you have to do is make the guest list and pick out some party games!

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