5 Backyard Patio Ideas With Fire Pit

Are you looking to step up your patio this summer? It’s easier than you think to create the perfect dreamy outdoor space for you to hang out with friends and family. These backyard patio ideas with a fire pit are sure to set the tone for your summer!

There are a couple of must-have elements to include in your patio.

What to put on your patio:

First, you have to have comfortable seating! Enough places to sit and lounge and enjoy each other’s company can make all the difference with wanting to spend time outside.

Second, you definitely need a fire pit! Fire pit tables and outdoor fireplaces really set the mood, especially at night. You can also use them to roast s’mores or hot dogs which is fun for all ages!

If you plan to enjoy your patio at night, invest in some lighting as well. This helps keep is casual but so that you can actually see each other!

You’ll also want a plan to keep bugs away. Citronella works well naturally but this candle called “Summer Nights” is also a game-changer for keeping the bugs at bay.

And finally, consider the additional accessories you might want. This would include decor like an outdoor rug, lanterns, etc.

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5 Backyard Patio Ideas With Fire Pit

1. Seating

When it comes to seating, you have to be comfortable! Look for a sustainable brand that will last for years and years when picking outdoor furniture for your seating area. Not only is this better for the environment, but it’s a better resale value too if you’re not longer able to use the furniture in the future.

Outer makes really incredible sets that fit the bill! I’m in love this four piece set. It complements any outdoor living space. In fact, they say it fits 90% of outdoor spaces! I love the Palisades Cream color but there is also a second color option too.

If you’re looking for something a little different, the Outdoor Teak Sofa has a beautiful design with soft angles.

If you have a smaller space, a great way to still have inviting, comfortable seating options are with Adirondack chairs.

2. Fire Pit

Okay, now let’s talk about a central feature – the fire pit! There are two types you can pick from. A stand-alone fire pit and a fire table. The fire pit area could end up being the focal point of your outdoor space. Within those two kinds, though, there are so many different styles and uses for a fire pit!

There are two kinds of fuel for fire pits. You might have a gas fire pit that uses a gas line or a propane tank and are more readily turned on, or a wood-burning fire pit that build a fire in with wood and then can add wood to keep the fire going throughout the night.

There is the ground fire pit which is in-ground, or metal fire pits that are above-ground in a table. One thing you can do with a ground fire pit is to have a seat wall built into the side. of your yard , if you have a freestanding wall or plans to make a wall, that is.

There are so many outdoor fire pit ideas, from a stone fire pit to a portable fire pit to a wood fire pit. It all depends on what you want and need. There are also different shapes of pits like the circular fire pit which is nice to gather around or something more square if you want a modern feel.

An outdoor fire pit is not the same as an outdoor kitchen, so be aware of that if you’re dreaming of grilling hot dogs…If you want a fire pit table that you can also cook at (a win-win) go with something like this from Outer:

More fire pit table ideas:

There are so many different types of fire pits available! To plan your patio, you’ll want to measure your space first. A good rule of thumb is to leave 18-24 inches of room to walk between each item you’re placing on your patio. Remember, the best fire pits are the ones that work for you and your space.

If you’re looking for a stand-alone fire pit, here are some options:

If you have kids, keep safety at the forefront when picking your fire pit! You don’t want to pick anything they could accidentally turn on such as propane fire pits or natural gas fire pits.

3. Lighting

If you’re using your outdoor patio at night, lighting is essential! Lighting sets the mood and helps you see each other too.

There are many, many options for lighting! You could do string lights or you could do lamps and lanterns posted throughout the space.

I lean towards string lights as I think they have a romantic, ethereal vibe to them that makes a space really cozy.

Solar lights are handy too to offset the pathway on your way to and from the patio space and they’re definitely a good idea if you don’t have many outdoor outlets.

4. Outdoor Rug

I resisted an outdoor rug for a long time but you know what? It really pulls a space together! This is a great guide for picking the right size rug for your space.

Overall, I definitely recommend going with an actual outdoor rug that is made to stand up to the elements. The better you care for your rug, the better it will

Go with something more neutral to hide the outdoor stains that might occur. Also if it’s easy to clean, that is a huge bonus!

For this purpose, I really like Ruggable rugs. They are machine washable and extremely easy to care for. I own several for inside too!

The good thing about outdoor furniture is that you can use almost any color palette. Go for more natural tones with blues for a pop of color that’s subtle, or if you want color that’s not subtle, you can go with a tropical print or chevron pattern.

5. Decorating

The best way to tie the vision of your outdoor area together is with decor. Patio decor is a simple way to spruce up your own backyard without breaking your budget.

And if you’re thinking “it’s outside, why would I decorate?” We’re not talking hanging paintings! There are little things you can do to offer comfort and visual satisfaction.

For example, throw pillows and an outdoor blanket or two make the space cozy (and those blankets are great for chilly fall evenings)! They are also a great idea if you like to change decor with the seasons.

You can put citronella candles on your outdoor patio table or add candles in lantern boxes for extra glow. A decorative wooden ball set adds another visual element layer without having to hang or set much up. Even a wooden bowl on the table in the center of your patio furniture with stones in will add a little something extra!

In Summary: 5 Backyard Patio Ideas With Fire Pit

You don’t need a degree in patio design or to spend money on pristine concrete pavers to have a beautiful backyard patio with a fire pit. That’s the great thing about it—there are many options to fit your space, style, and budget. If you love a DIY project there are definitely tutorials for a DIY fire pit or furniture to make your outdoor patio uniquely you.

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