5 Health Issues You May Encounter At College

Starting college is an exciting next step in any young person’s life. Finally, it’s the opportunity to gain independence and learn how to live without mommy and daddy’s support. It’s the chance to meet an array of fascinating people and conjures ideas that will shape who you are and who you become. But, there are also several health issues you may face at university, and knowing what they are can help you avoid or overcome them.

Freshers Flu

Freshers Flu is common at universities and occurs when people from all over the country converge and mingle. They may bring bacteria or illnesses from their hometown, and others may not be immune. It isn’t deadly, but it can make the first few days at college less enjoyable as students are struck down by fevers, headaches, and general discomfort.

Mental Health Struggles

A change of location is one of the biggest contributors to university stress and when you compound this with studying and the overall pressure of university, it can become even worse. Furthermore, loneliness and a struggle to blend in with new people also cause mental health struggles. All of these combined can be a recipe for a mental health disaster, and students can feel overwhelmed by their situation.

Weight Gain

college can also throw your routine upside down. If you used to exercise regularly (even if you didn’t recognize the benefits), you may not have the opportunity or resources available to you at college. Add this to the stereotypical college diet of pizza and takeout, and students can put on a substantial amount of weight in a short time. Since they do not get sufficient vitamins and nutrients, they may also lack the energy or motivation to make changes when they realize their lifestyle is not suitable.

Drinking Side Effects

Everyone knows about the college drinking culture and many people will happily embrace it because they feel it’s a crucial part of the experience. However, while drinking can help you loosen up and improve your social life, it can also be damaging if you embrace it too much. Excessive drinking can affect your weight, studies, and motivation. It can also normalize the binge culture that can be challenging to shake off even after graduation and could follow you throughout the rest of your life.

Unexpected Changes

Many people go to college to have the experience. They want to see who they are and challenge everything they think about themselves. This can lead to making hasty decisions that could change and affect their lives. It’s possible to have too much of an experience that could lead to addiction or unwanted pregnancy. If you don’t want to derail your studies because of one mistake, you can find services at to help you consider your options.

Your Health

Although some health issues may seem minor, a few could transform your life and severely impact your education and success in school. If you are aware of what could happen, you can take steps to recognize anything that could damage your health and take steps to overcome it.