50+ Heartwarming and Creative Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas

These creative and heartwarming bridesmaid proposal ideas will leave your girlfriends screaming YES from the rooftops!

So you’re officially a bride – congratulations!! It’s such an exciting time filled with lots of things to do. One of the first decision you need to make? Choosing your bridal party. Which best friends do you want standing by your side in your wedding party to celebrate the big day?

The days of simply asking someone to be your bridesmaid are over. Nowadays, it’s all about proposing to your bridesmaids in a way they are going to love. It also shows them you made that extra effort, just like they are going to do for you. It’s super sweet!

But how can you do that? From getting them fun gifts that they will actually use to treating them to a festive dining experience they’ll love, there are so many routes you can go.

Here are some bridesmaid proposal ideas for you to consider, use, or get your wheels turning. Plus, all of them are Insta and TikTok worthy. We know your bridesmaids are going to want to be posting the big ask!

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bridesmaid proposal ideas

50+ Heartwarming and Creative Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas

Have them over for brunch

Decorate it with the theme you’ve chosen for your wedding. At each place setting, have a little personalized note or bridesmaid proposal card. It’s the perfect way to ask them!

Send them a bouquet of flowers

Be sure to add the note option where you can ask them the big question! If you know what their favorite flowers are, send them those. Or if you already know what flowers you want the bridesmaid bouquets to be, send them that kind of flower to get them ready!

bridesmaid bouquet bridesmaid bouquet

Send them a cute personalized postcard

Get them custom-made and write a cute note along with your ask.

Have mini piñatas with their names on it or one piñata that says “Bridesmaids

Invite them all over without telling them why, and see their faces when they see the piñatas! Tell them if the answer is “yes,” they get to hit it!

Get them t-shirts or tanks that say “Bride Tribe

And tell them to keep them for the bachelorette! Get matching shirts for the whole crew.

Give them a scratch off card that reveals “will you be my bridesmaid” when scratched

Who doesn’t love a good scratch off? There’s just something so fun about them!

Get them sunglasses with their name on one side and bridesmaid on the other

You can never have too many pairs of sunglasses, right? If your wedding or bachelorette is in the summer, these will come in handy! Have them made in your wedding colors for an extra special touch.

Send them a bridesmaid proposal box

There are so many different styles and options if you look online! From sending succulent to relaxation kits, there are many you can choose from.

If you’re planning a destination bachelorette or wedding, get a toiletry bag with “Bridesmaid” or their name on it and fill it up with travel necessities

This way, they’re already somewhat packed and ready to go!

Or ask them with a personalized luggage tag or passport holder

Especially if you personalize it with their name instead of bridesmaid, they’ll be able to use this not only for your bachelorette/wedding, but they’ll use it anytime they travel!

Give them fanny packs that say “bridesmaid” or “babe” on it, with yours saying “bride

This will definitely come in handy if you’re doing any sort of weekend long bachelorette party!

If you’re planning a destination bachelorette or wedding, get them a tote bag and fill it with things from that destination

Even if they can’t go, this is a nice way to include them in your upcoming special day.

Write them a sweet note

Include some of your favorite memories together and all the reasons you want them standing by your side!

bridesmaid proposal ideasbridesmaid proposal ideas

Take them out to a vineyard and ask them there

See if the staff can get you a private room you can decorate. If not, asking them over a flight of delicious wine is still lots of fun! If you were planning on giving them a gift, you can give them a personalized wine glass, tumblr, or gift them a bottle of wine from the vineyard!

Or have a wine night at your place with all your bridesmaids over

You can also make it a champagne night, because we all know weddings and champagne are synonymous.

Get them personalized bridal party champagne flutes

You’re going to be drinking champagne while getting ready, right? Get them all matching glasses with their name and “bridesmaid” on it. Include your wedding date if you want!

Have a slumber party and give them socks or pajamas that say “Bridesmaid” on them

Wear them this night and the morning of the wedding! Here are our favorite matching bridesmaid pajamas. This makes for a special and practical gift!

Give them personalized bottles of wine or champagne that say “Bridesmaid

You can get labels made with your pictures on it, or choose a company where you can have your personalized etched directly onto the glass.

If your wedding is taking place on the beach, get them beach towels

You can also get them a personalized beach bag and fill it with towels, flip-flops, sunglasses, suntan lotion, etc. This is one of the best ways to ask them, especially if you’re doing a tropical destination wedding.

Make them personalized coffee mugs or a tumblr

It can be personalized with their name, bridesmaid, or a picture or sketch of the two of you!

Get them bridal party planner notebooks

Your bridesmaids aren’t just agreeing to stand by your side, they’re also agreeing to help you! Get them a planner notebook to make sure they’re all set. Make sure you write the date of the wedding in it so that’s already booked!

A sketch of the two of you

If you’re good at drawing, draw it yourself! Otherwise you can get someone on Etsy to do it. It’s a really special way to commemorate a friendship too.

Create a scrapbook with all pics of you both in it, with the last page reading “Will you be my bridesmaid?”

Fill it with your favorite photos and memories from throughout your friendship. If they have already gotten married and you were a bridesmaid, be sure to include that pic towards the end with a funny “Now it’s your turn.. will you be my bridesmaid?”

Go over their place and ask them, individually

If you can ask them in person, you should ask them in person. It’ll be much more meaningful! Plus, you want to see their reaction, don’t you?

Give them a personalized candle

The candle could either be personalized with their name, bridesmaid, or “smell” like the location the wedding’s going to be at! Or if there’s a special place to you both – like if you met in school – have it personalized to “smell” like that place.

Use freshly baked cookies to ask, by writing “will you be my bridesmaid” on the cookie

Extra points if you know your bridesmaid’s favorite cookies and can get that flavor! Who doesn’t love sweet treats?

Invite your bridesmaids over your place and write out “will you be my bridesmaid?” in balloons

Put it somewhere that makes it a good photo opportunity too. You know your bridesmaids are going to be posting this all over Insta!

bridesmaid proposal ideasbridesmaid proposal ideas

Frame a picture of the two of you to give to them

Choose a pretty frame that you know will go with the décor at their place. It can be an old or a newer picture – whichever one is your favorite of the two of you. This is perfect for the flower girl too. You can use them as decor at your bridal shower and share them on social media with a special message once they say yes.

Break open fortune cookies. Personalize them so the fortune reads “will you be my bridesmaid?”

If you’re asking them in a group, make sure they open them all at the same time! You can also invite everyone over for Chinese food and not say anything until everyone opens up their fortune cookie. It’ll be such a surprise.

Get dressed up in floral dresses and go to afternoon tea

What’s more posh than asking them over some tea? Plus, if you want to give them a little gift, you can give them a teacup with a teabag! This is one of the most creative ideas!

Give them robes that say bridesmaid that they can use morning of while getting ready

Choose whatever color and style you want – just remember they’ll be part of your getting ready photos, so make sure they match your aesthetic!

Write vows to each of them when asking the question

You can get cute cards that say “now act like you’re surprised when I ask you to be my bridesmaid” or that have a simple “will you be my bridesmaid?” on the front.

Get them personalized jewelry boxes

And if you want them to wear specific jewelry at the wedding, put it in there so it’s already filled!

Go to your favorite local bar or hangout spot

Extra points if you know the staff and can get them in on the reveal, too! Or if there’s a private room you can use and decorate, that would be super cute.

Fill tote bags with all of their favorite things

If they have a sweet tooth, fill it with sweets. If they love all things makeup, fill it with that. If they love a good spa day, fill it with face masks and bath bombs. Pair it with a heartfelt note for a special touch.

Get a personalized makeup bag

This is one of those small gifts that they’ll use for years to come! Include some makeup minis too like lip balm. It’s the perfect gift that keeps on giving.

Get them a purse-sized personalized mirror

You know they’re going to be checking their hair and makeup constantly the day of the wedding. This is a great gift that should easily fit into whatever purse they’re bringing with them! If you love practical gifts, I’d definitely go with this one!

Give them bridesmaid satin scrunches

There’s tons on Amazon and Etsy that come cutely labeled with phrases like “I can’t tie the knot without you.” There’s also tons of hair ties that say “bridesmaid” or “bride tribe” on them.

If your bridesmaids are girls you’ve known since you were young, get them something from your childhood

Who doesn’t love nostalgia? If you’ve known them for years, chances are you think of them and a childhood memory comes to mind, whether it’s a band you’d also listen to, a show you’d always watch, or matching outfits you used to wear. Incorporate that into the gift!

Give them proposal M&Ms

Did you know that M&Ms lets you design your own right on their website? Design proposal ones! There’s clip-art that has “Team Bride” and “Will you be my bridesmaid” options on their website.

Treat them to mani-pedis

Gift them each a wedding-themed color and tell them they’ll need to do that color for the wedding since (you hope!) they’ll be a bridesmaid.

Or make it an all-day spa day

Go to your local spa, get massages, and feel pampered. This is a great place to give them a personalized “bridesmaid” robe, too! This is definitely one of the best gifts you can give!

Get matching beaded bracelets

Bead bracelets are back in! Yours will obviously say “bride” but theirs can say “bridesmaid” or “I do crew.”

Get them custom wine tumblers

Have all of theirs be the same color and have yours be white. If you’re going on a weekend long bachelorette, have them bring them!

Have a wedding-themed movie night

Have them over and watch movies like “27 Dresses,” “My Best Friend’s Wedding,” and “Bridesmaids.” See how many movies in it takes them to get the hint!

Get baseball hats or bucket hats that say “bridesmaid” on them

Perfect for them to wear before getting their hair done morning of the wedding and on the bachelorette party!

Give them a ring

You got a ring when proposed to! Play off this and get them a cute ring, too. This is one of the more unique ways to pop the bridesmaid question.

Ask them to wear it on your wedding day. There’s a lot of options online where you can get a “knot” ring and they have a cute saying with or on them, like “I can’t tie the knot without you.”

Gift them preserved roses

They’ll last for years! You can get them in a beautiful box with their name on it and the ask on the cover, like this. If roses aren’t there thing, you can gift them a succulent instead.

Give them personalized hangers

They need something to hang that dress on, right? Plus, having all the bridesmaid dresses on the same, personalized hanger makes for such a good photo opportunity.

Get them a garment bag with their names on it

A great idea especially if you’re having a destination wedding. It’s still a good idea if you’re not having one – they’re going to have to bring their dresses to you to get ready all together aren’t they?

A “Friends” themed ask

In “Friends” TV show fashion, ask them via coffee mug, shirt, etc and phrase it “The one where you’re my bridesmaid” and include the date of your wedding on it.

bridesmaid proposal ideasbridesmaid proposal ideas

My Final Thoughts on Creative Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas

Getting married and selecting your bridal party is such a special moment in your life. It’s an important time not just for you and your partner but also for many relationships in your life. Getting a special gift for your future bridesmaids (aka your closest friends) is a fun way to propose to them!

You’ll most likely only get to go through the wedding planning process once so go all out on what matters to you! Congratulations ????

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