60 day check in


Back in December, I wrote about how much I am loving my Tempo—the award-winning, all-in-one home fitness studio that helped me kick a months-long pandemic fitness hiatus. I’ll admit, even as I wrote, I worried: Will this end up like a New Year’s resolution that I start with rocketship energy and speed, only to crash back down to earth when it isn’t shiny and new? I’m very relieved—and happy!—to tell you that the answer is no. Tempo isn’t so much a bright, shiny object looking sleek in my family room (although it is that, too), but now an ingrained part of my weekly routine. Whether you use the Tempo currently or are looking to revamp your fitness routine for 2021, I wanted to update you on my progress, 60 days in. 

I think the reason I’ve been able to stick with Tempo more so than fitness routines of new years past is probably first and foremost ease of access—it’s a 15 second walk away from me at any given point when I’m home (which is always!). You could argue that my yoga mat is, too, and so is the sidewalk for a long walk or run. But, for the same reason I frequented fitness classes pre-pandemic, sometimes putting thought into what you’re doing and why can be the most challenging part of a workout, the biggest hurdle to overcome before you start sweating. 

Whether I have the energy for a 60 minute HIIT workout or a 15 minute mobility class (which, yes, I am absolutely counting as a “workout”!), I simply choose a class from the 500+ in Tempo’s ever growing library, and do what the coach tells me. Now I know, here on Advice From a 20 Something we always encourage you to make decisions for yourself and boldly create your own path, but! When I’m doing that all day long with my work and relationships, honestly? Fitness is an area where I am happy to let someone else lead. Today, for example, I put on a 20-minute recovery class with Coach Colby, where we went through basic stretches that I probably could have run through on my own. But the ability to just let go and listen to her voice, allowing her to guide me through a flow that made sense, allowed me to enter an almost meditative state—exactly what you’d want when opting for recovery mode! 

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Tempo coaches

The next reason I truly believe that Tempo will be a part of my routine for far longer than a couple of lonely pandemic months is the confidence I feel that with Tempo, I’m moving correctly. I was biking earlier on in quarantine and developed stagnant low back pain, which I attributed to doing something incorrectly; maybe the handlebars were too high or my seat too low, but I feel confident user error was involved. With Tempo’s 3D sensor counting reps and providing form corrections, it 1. removes even more mental energy from my workouts (see my earlier point!) and 2. gives me the confidence to try even tricky looking lifts or positions because I know I’ll get a heads up if I’m doing something that might hurt my body. 

Lastly, the coaches are really great. Industry leaders who motivate, encourage, and teach along the way, I know I’m in good hands with Tempo’s coaches and programs. If you’ve ever gone to a $30 spin class only to feel like it was the instructor’s first time teaching….well, you won’t ever experience that in a Tempo class. And the best part is, they teach in very different styles. My husband and I love totally different coaches because his goal is usually to leave the mat drenched in sweat, while mine is to feel a bit stronger, more flexible, and clear-headed. You can easily do either (or both!) with Tempo.  

A massive thank you to Tempo for sponsoring this post (and making working out fun). Readers can use Tempo discount code ADVICE125 to get $125 off your Tempo home gym.


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