75 Affirmations For Job Interviews

These affirmations for job interviews will help you enter any interview with a clear, confident mindset to help you succeed.

Job interviews are one of the most nervewracking things in the world. No matter how confident you are or how suited you are for the position, there’s just something about job interviews that brings out everyone’s anxiety.

Is the interviewer going to be nice or too tough? Am I really right for this position? Are my values going to align with this company? Would this be a company I like working for? There are so many questions running through your head that you just won’t know the answer to until you’re there.

The good news is that there are things you can do to help you get into the right mindset and to ease your nerves.

The first thing is, of course, to prepare for the interview. Preparation is key for job seekers to overcome negative thoughts that might pop up in the subconscious mind.

Look the company up. Look the interviewer up on LinkedIn if you can. Do as much research as you can.

The nerves may still be there — which is also normal! That’s where affirmations can come in and help.

Saying affirmations in the present tense will get you in the right state of mind. It can help you reset your focus and remind you of your self-worth.

Career affirmations can also get your mindset fully positive, reminding you that you are the right person for the job and that you can go out and rock this interview.

This will help you walk into the job interview exuding confidence, which will automatically set your job interview off on the right start with a great first impression.

Whether or not this is your dream job, you can get a job offer, good things are a head, and these affirmations for positive thoughts during the interview process a here to support you.

75 Affirmations For a Job Interview

To help you out, here are positive affirmations that will help ease your nerves and get you confident for that job interview!

I’ve got this.

You do! This new role is something you can attain.

I believe in myself and my ability to succeed.

You have important ideas and you will succeed.

I am grateful for a successful job interview.

You can handle any tough questions that come your way.

I will go into my interview in a relaxed state of mind.

Telling yourself that you’re going into it relaxed, will actually remind you to relax.

I look forward to answering all the interviews questions with confidence and precision.

Instead of being nervous about the questions, this will reframe your mindset, and let you actually be OK with answering the questions instead of scared of them.

I am an excellent candidate for the job.

If you tell yourself this, you’ll truly believe it, and interviewers will take note of your confidence.

I am unafraid of what might go wrong. I am excited about what can go right.

Instead of focusing on things that can go wrong, focus on all the things that can go right — it’ll help lead to more things going right!

I am calm and confident, job interviews are easy.

Don’t focus on interviews being hard, tell yourself they’re easy and they will be a lot easier. You are, essentially, just having a conversation with someone new.

This job interview is an opportunity for growth, and I won’t let it pass me by.

No matter the outcome of the interview, every single interview you go on helps you grow. You learn something from them, even if you didn’t get the job.

I am creating my career path. It will be a bumpy, but worthwhile journey.

What’s the fun in having a life that’s a straight line? Your career path should be bumpy.

My first impression will be an extremely positive one.

Belief in yourself is a powerful tool.

Anxiety solves no problems – actions do.

This is a mantra that you can say every day that’s also perfect for job interviews, too!

I am calm and resourceful when faced with stressful situations.

Yes, job interviews are stressful. Work is stressful. But tell yourself you’ll stay calm and you’re more likely to be.

My experiences have prepared me for success.

You are the ideal candidate!

First impressions matter and people are delighted when they first meet me.

Look forward to them meeting you, instead of focusing on how nervous you are of meeting them.

I’ve got everything under control.

You really do, don’t second guess that.

I love job interviews, and my energy is contagious.

Energy is so contagious! Which is why if you go into the job interview confident and with positive vibes, you’re more likely to come out of it the same.

I take the time to be prepared and it shows.

Potential employers will see the preparation you’ve done for this interview.

The thought of a job interview is worse than the reality. All will go well.

OK but seriously, the thought of a job interview does tend to be worse than it actually is. We all make it worse in our heads and it just leads us to being more stressed and anxious.

I am a great worker who deserves to get a great job.

I am ready to make the most of this opportunity and show myself in the best light.

Instead of thinking of this as a make it or break it opportunity, think of it as an opportunity to take advantage of, no matter what the outcome may be.

I am intelligent and capable enough to succeed in any endeavor which is important to me.

I will remain calm under pressure.

Saying this will help you actually stay calm under pressure, even if they ask you a super hard question.

I am worthy of success and happiness at work even when I am not perfect.

No one is perfect. No one has a perfect job interview. You are still worthy!

I am capable of answering questions thoughtfully.

The interviewers want to see me do well.

Most of the time, interviewers do want to see you do well. They want to add someone to their team, likely fast. They don’t want you to tank an interview — that’s a bad misconception.

I have what it takes to be successful.

I have the skills to handle anything that comes my way.

You do have the skills. Think about it — you wouldn’t have even made it as far as this interview if they didn’t think you had the skills for the job.

I will be confident and positive throughout my interview.

My high performance comes from embracing constructive criticism.

Constructive criticism is meant to help you grow. It may feel negative, but it’s really a beneficial thing. Don’t take it negatively or personally — grow from it.

Life gives me in each moment exactly what I need.

You are in the right place for great things to happen.

I am perfectly prepared.

You did your research. You have your resume. You have your talking points. You’re as prepared as you can be and don’t second guess that.

I am equipped with all the tools I need to succeed.

This can and will be a great job interview!

I can relax knowing there is always more jobs available.

This is not the only job out there!! If you don’t get the job, there are so many other jobs out there that you can get.

I am smart, confident, and prepared. I have everything I need to succeed.

You are the best candidate for the role.

My career will continue to evolve and change, as will my goals. This interview is just a step on my path.

Repeat that — it’s just a step on your path. It is! Your career will continue to evolve. This is a way of helping you getting there, whether it’s by getting the job or getting good practice in for another job.

I impress interviewers, I stand out above the rest.

My answers will be thoughtful, meaningful, and interesting because I am intelligent and well-spoken.

I make a good impression by being my authentic self.

Seriously, be yourself on an interview. Don’t try and be someone else — the interviewers will see right through it.

It’s easy for me to feel confident and successful.

My goals may be scary, but they are attainable.

You really can achieve anything you set your mind too. Don’t think that your goals are out of reach, they don’t have to be.

Fear of rejection only fuels my motivation to succeed.

I am passionate about these job interviews; they are sports.

Instead of thinking about it as an interview, think of it as a sport, as a game you’re playing and want to win. You practice for a game, right? Practice for the interview.

I have a lot to contribute.

The impression of an office interview is not that horrible in reality. All will be good.

Being prepared make me feel at ease.

You’re ready, don’t doubt that. Take reassurance in the fact that you’re ready rather than freaking out that you’re not prepared.

I’m ready to prove how hard-working, determined, and quick-thinking I am.

I go into this interview like I have nothing to lose.

In reality… do you even really have anything to lose? You don’t.

My hard work always pays off, and this interview will go well.

My mindset is always geared toward positivity and success.

I am excited to turn this job interview into an unforgettable experience.

Another way of thinking about a job interview is thinking about it as an experience rather than an interview. It’s something new you’re trying out, and is one that’s sure to be a memory!

My path forward is clear, and I have everything I need to be successful.

My talents and abilities open new doors that lead to success and abundance.

I am capable of handling any possible difficulties which might occur.

You may be asked questions that throw you off. That tends to be part of the interview process. Don’t let it rock you, you are capable of handling the question.

This interview is an incredible chance, but not the sole chance I will ever encounter.

I am a valuable addition to any team.

Change is scary and uncomfortable, but it will bring out my limitless potential.

The best things in life come from stepping out of our comfort zone, don’t they? It’s cliché, but most of the time it’s true.

It’s only a job interview, I’ll be fine.

There will always be a next interview.

I know how to make a good impression.

Interviews don’t unnerve me because I know I’m the perfect person for the job.

Truly believe that you’re the perfect person for the job and that confidence will be seen by whoever’s interviewing you.

I have the power to overcome my doubts, worries, and fears.

I’m grateful that employers recognize how valuable I am.

This is important gratitude to show. They know you’re valuable, which is why they’re taking time out of their busy day to get to know you.

I am worthy, no matter what I do or don’t accomplish today.

This interview is a wonderful opportunity, but not the only opportunity I’ll have ever.

There will be other job opportunities out there — down the line and if this one doesn’t work out. This isn’t a one stop shop.

I am a reliable and friendly coworker. As a result, others enjoy working with me.

I have excellent communication skills.

No matter what happens, I’m already successful.

If you’re happy, have loved ones around you, and love yourself, you most definitely are already successful — no job will define that.

I have the inner power and strength to deal with whatever life brings me.

I am unafraid of rejection or failure.

There really isn’t a reason to be afraid of rejection or failure. It happens to everyone and it’s a great learning opportunity.

What I think of myself has more power than other people’s opinions.

If you feel good post-interview, that really is all that matters. If you didn’t get the job, you should still be proud of yourself for how well you did and how confident you felt. It’ll set you on an even better path for the next job interview you go on.

I have done everything in my power and am at peace with myself.

Whether it was a great interview or a rocky one, you did your best and that’s all you can do.

Regardless of the outcome, this interview is a milestone I’m proud of.

You should be proud of this interview and the fact that you have gotten this far. It’s an accomplishment in itself.

My ideas and results deserve to be recognized and respected.

The universe is looking out for me, and it will protect me no matter what happens.

Whether or not you believe in the laws of the universe, no matter what happens, there’s a reason for it.

Today is my day.

Is there even a better pump up for a job interview? It’s YOUR day, go and get it! There is a new job waiting for you!

In Summary: Affirmations For Job Interviews

Job interviews can be stressful and overwhelming situations whether you are a nervous person or not.

Use these affirmations to empower you as you take on your interview and your career pivot. Good luck!

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