75 Must-Try Virtual Event Ideas For College Students

These virtual event ideas for college students are engaging, educational, and fun all while helping students learn and meet professional goals.

Virtual events are a great way for college students to stay connected with each other.

Whether you want to host them over the summer months, breaks, for more people to attend, or for health reasons like social distancing, they offer a great way to provide college students and community members with resources they may not be able to get in person. They are a great alternative to in-person college events.

Virtual events also provide an easy, affordable way to keep up with friends and even make new ones.

Additionally, many virtual event ideas are interactive and provide innovative ways to bring people together in the safety and privacy of their own homes.

I’ve split these up into three main categories, use these links to easily navigate this post:

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75 Must-Try Virtual Event Ideas For College Students

Now, let us take a deeper look at 75 virtual event ideas for college students.

25 Professional Virtual Event Ideas For College Students

1. Webinars and Workshops:

Host educational sessions on various topics, bringing in industry experts as speakers. Encourage audience interaction through Q&A sessions and polls.

The topics you can do these on are virtually endless. Have professors from across subjects give different webinars on new research and interesting things in their fields.

2. Virtual Conferences:

Create an online conference with multiple sessions, keynote speakers, and networking opportunities.

Include breakout rooms for smaller group discussions and interactive activities that can take place over zoom. Make it valuable for students by offering a mentorship aspect as well.

3. Virtual Trade Shows and Exhibitions:

Set up a virtual exhibition hall where participants can explore booths, interact with exhibitors through live chat or video calls, and access product demos and downloadable resources.

This can be useful especially for trade schools or students in business to get an idea for how to network and to learn about new technologies.

4. Online Panel Discussions:

Organize panel discussions on relevant topics, inviting industry professionals and thought leaders to share their insights.

Allow attendees to submit questions in advance or participate in live Q&A sessions.

5. Virtual Hackathons:

Host coding or problem-solving challenges, providing a platform for participants to collaborate remotely.

Set clear objectives, offer mentorship, and award prizes for the most innovative solutions. This is especially fun for students in computer science!

6. Virtual Networking Events:

Facilitate networking opportunities through virtual speed networking sessions, breakout rooms, or dedicated networking platforms.

Consider using icebreaker activities to foster connections.

7. Digital Fitness or Wellness Classes:

Arrange virtual fitness or wellness sessions, such as yoga, meditation, or dance classes.

Partner with experienced instructors who can guide participants through interactive live sessions.

These might be especially attractive to students who don’t have time to make it to the gym between classes but can do a yoga session in their dorm room.

8. Online Virtual Tours:

Offer virtual tours of museums, landmarks, or unique locations, providing participants with an immersive and educational experience.

Include live guides or prerecorded videos to enhance engagement.

9. Resume Critique:

Organize a resume critique session for students and recent graduates.

Invite recruiters or career experts to review resumes, provide feedback, and answer questions from participants. Research online tools to make the process easier.

10. Alumni Meet and Greet:

Create an alumni meet-and-greet event to encourage networking and camaraderie among former students.

Invite speakers to share their stories, provide career advice, and offer mentorship opportunities.

11. Meet Your Major:

Organize a virtual meet-your-major event to introduce students to different majors and minors.

Invite professors or industry professionals to discuss career paths, internships, and other opportunities related to the field.

This is a great idea for prospective students or new students too. Have a faculty member host q&a sessions to give college kids a better idea of what each major is like.

12. Alumni Q&A Session:

Host an alumni Q&A session, inviting former graduates to share their experiences and answer questions from participants.

Allow attendees to submit questions in advance or participate in live Q&A sessions. Encourage audience engagement by offering prizes for the most creative questions. ​

13. Career Day:

Organize a virtual career day to help college students with their career exploration.

Invite recruiters, industry experts, and entrepreneurs to discuss career options, job search strategies, and more.

Consider using an online platform like Zoom for panel discussions and one-on-one mentorship sessions.

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14. Carer Styling:

Facilitate career styling sessions for students and recent graduates.

Invite recruiters or fashion professionals to provide advice on interview attire, grooming tips, and other professional stylistic skills.

Consider offering discounts on clothing or makeup products as a token of appreciation.

15. Budgeting Workshop:

Arrange a budgeting workshop to help college students learn about financial management. Invite experienced professionals to discuss budgeting, saving, and investing strategies.

Provide tips on how to manage money better and use online tools for tracking expenses.

16. Tax Workshop:

Organize a tax workshop to help participants understand the basics of filing taxes and claiming deductions.

Invite accountants or tax professionals to answer questions and provide advice on how to save money by filing taxes correctly. Consider offering discounts for filing software as an incentive.

17. Scholarship Workshop:

Hold a scholarship workshop to help college students understand the process of applying and winning scholarships.

Invite guest speakers to discuss test scores, resumes, essays, and other requirements for various scholarship programs.

Provide resources and guidance on where to find scholarships and how to apply successfully.

18. Mock Interviews:

Organize mock interviews for college students who are seeking jobs or internships.

Invite recruiters or career experts to simulate interview scenarios and provide feedback on how to improve their communication skills.

Consider offering prizes for the best performance or most creative responses.

19. Career Fair:

Put together a virtual career fair for students and alumni seeking job opportunities.

Invite employers from various industries to participate in panel discussions and individual networking sessions.

Consider using an online platform like Zoom to facilitate the process and provide a virtual space for recruiters and job seekers to connect.

20. Networking Night:

Host a networking social night for college students to meet professionals in their field or industry of interest.

Invite speakers from various industries to discuss career paths, job search strategies, and other topics related to success and career development.

21. Idea Pitch Competition:

Arrange a virtual idea pitch competition to help college students sharpen their presentation skills.

Invite guest speakers or entrepreneurs to judge the pitches and provide feedback on how to improve their crafting and delivery.

Consider offering prizes for the best ideas or most creative concepts.

22. Resume Workshop:

Organize a resume workshop for college students who are preparing to enter the job market.

Invite experienced recruiters or HR professionals to provide advice on how to craft an effective resume and answer any questions participants may have.

23. Study Abroad Q&A:

Host a study abroad Q&A session for students interested in international learning.

Invite guest speakers from universities or organizations that specialize in global education to answer questions and provide advice on how to apply for scholarships, find internships, and select the best program for them.

Consider offering discounts on travel or educational resources as an incentive.

24. Mental Health Workshop:

Put together a mental health workshop to help college students manage their stress and anxiety.

Invite professionals from the healthcare or educational fields to discuss topics such as coping strategies, self-care techniques, and how to access resources for support.

Consider providing free online sessions with mental health experts as a token of appreciation.

25. Investing Workshop:

Organize an investing workshop to help college students learn the basics of money management and long-term planning.

Invite guest speakers from the financial industry to provide guidance on how to utilize online investment tools, identify proper asset allocation strategies, and develop a comprehensive retirement plan.

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35 Fun Virtual Event Ideas For College Students

These events are designed to be fun way for current students to attend social events online!

1. Virtual DIY Craft Workshop:

Conduct a do-it-yourself (DIY) craft workshop, teaching participants how to create unique crafts or art projects.

Provide a list of required materials in advance, and guide participants step by step through the creative process.

2. Virtual 5k Run/Walk:

Organize a virtual 5k race with friends.

Track participants’ progress using an app and celebrate their achievement together. Consider offering prizes or donations to charity for extra motivation. ​

3. Meet My Pet:

Invite participants to showcase their pets in a virtual pet show. They can share stories, show off their pets’ tricks, or participate in fun pet-related challenges.

Consider awarding prizes in different categories, such as cutest pet or most talented pet.

4. Virtual game night:

Play classic board games or video games with students over Zoom, Skype, or other online platform. You can place members in teams to keep groups small.

5. Online movie party:

Watch a movie together via Netflix Party and chat about it as it plays.

6. Virtual cooking class:

Take turns hosting a cooking class to teach each other how to make something new, or recreate a favorite dish.

7. Virtual book club:

Read the same book and discuss it online as you progress.

Pick a new book each week and discuss it with friends while sharing tips and opinions on different topics.

Different student clubs can host these to increase social engagement in various clubs and majors.

8. Online karaoke night:

Sing along with friends from your own homes! Sing along to your favorite songs and challenge each other to see who can hit all the notes.

9. DIY craft night:

Host a beginner-friendly craft class with supplies you can find around the house.

10. Virtual paint and sip party:

Follow along with an online tutorial to create your own work of art while sipping on your favorite beverage.

This is a creative way for the student body to relieve some stress and have fun!

11. Virtual escape room challenge:

Work together to solve puzzles and riddles in an online escape room.

This is one of those fun virtual activities that will engage your student body a way that college kids love! Limit each session to a handful of participants.

12. Virtual trivia night:

Test your knowledge with questions from various categories and compete against each other for the highest score.

13. Online museum tour:

Take a virtual tour of famous museums, art galleries, and landmarks from all around the world. Consider it to be a virtual field trip!

14. Virtual cooking competition:

See who can make the best dish with the same ingredients.

15. Online scavenger hunt:

Create a list of items or tasks to find online and work together to complete it in the fastest time. See who can find the most items on a virtual scavenger hunt and get points for each item found.

16. Virtual board games tournament:

Play against one another to find out who’s the best player of your favorite game.

17. Social media challenge night:

Pick a challenge from TikTok or Instagram and try it out with friends.

18. Virtual music festival:

Listen to music from different genres and artists, dance along, and share favorite tunes with each other.

19. Online movie marathon:

Over the course of a few weeks, host virtual movie watching events and allow participants to contribute to a virtual chat box to discuss in real time.

20. Virtual spa night:

Set up a relaxing home spa experience with face masks, bubble baths, and candles.

21. Virtual talent show night:

Have participants showcase their talents or creative pursuits and see who can put on the best performance. Have various student organizations host these so you can do them in different majors and with different themes.

22. Online comedy club night:

Find clips of stand-up comedians online and rate them for an added challenge.

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23. Virtual the price is right:

Test your knowledge with a fun game of the price is right and get points for correct answers. This helps them get to know the true pricing of items in the real world, too.

24. Online fashion show:

Dress up in your favorite clothing and accessories from home, then have a virtual fashion show with friends.

25. Virtual escape room night:

Compete against one another to see who can complete the most puzzles or scavenger hunts online.

26. Online game night:

Pick a game from various gaming apps and platforms, then get points for winning.

27. College game viewing party:

Watch your favorite college teams go head-to-head on the big screen. Host a zoom where students can chat live in a chat box about the game.

28. Online gaming tournament:

Challenge each other to see who can get the highest score in a chosen game.

29. Virtual dress up night:

Choose a theme and dress up accordingly, then show off your creations to the group. This would be fun for fashion majors, especially.

30. Online celebrity gossip night:

Discuss current events, scandals, and gossip surrounding famous people.

31. Virtual dance class:

Learn new moves from an online tutorial or challenge each other to a dance battle.

32. Virtual cocktail making class:

Learn how to make different cocktails from an online tutorial and test them out together.

33. Online shopping challenge:

Shop for the same item online and see who can get the best deal.

34. Virtual concert night:

Listen to live music performances from various artists each week.

35. DIY video project night:

Work together in teams to make short videos and compete against one another for the best results.

15 Educational Virtual Events For College Students

These educational online event ideas event ideas should bring an educational component while still being fun!

1. Virtual art workshop:

Learn a new painting technique, drawing style, or other type of art and share your creations with each other.

2. Guest lecturer:

Invite a professor or guest speaker to chat about their expertise and experiences. Make this extremely valuable by bringing in someone working on exciting research or technology.

3. Online language class:

Offer an online language class that teaches the basics of a language.

4. Virtual baking class:

Teach participants a baking recipe that they can impress other wish for years to come.

5. Online cooking class:

Similar to the baking class, have a professional chef teach participants how to make a unique dish and help them learn new techniques.

6. Virtual music listening party:

Create a Spotify playlist and listen to music together with a group to discuss the history of the genre.

7. Online stand-up comedy night:

Watch clips of different stand-up comedians and discuss the funniest jokes and their meanings and implications.

8. Travel planning seminar:

Teach participants how to plan the perfect trip somewhere. Many college aged students have never done this themselves and are unaware of resources available to them to make trips more affordable.

9. Code-a-thon:

Have students work together to create a program or app and compete against each other for the best design.

Have art students participate in an online art gallery allowing them to display their art while receiving helpful and thoughtful feedback anonymously.

11. Poetry slam:

Have students perform their poetry in a virtual poetry slam. Offer constructive criticism to help each other get better.

12. Writing sprint:

Spend a set amount of time writing and see who can write the most during that time. Exchange your work with each other and get feedback from the group.

13. Show and tell:

Each person has to share something interesting they love and talk about why it’s special to them. This could be anything from books and music to sports memorabilia and craft projects.

14. Science Fair:

Have students in the science present their science experiments virtually to an audience of their peers. This will help them be comfortable presenting.

15. Virtual Happy Hours

Invite students to a happy hour – bringing the age appropriate drink of their choice – and discuss new things happening in certain programs or majors.

This gives students in similar majors time to connect while learning about more opportunities available to them.

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5 Tips For Hosting a Virtual Event:

To make your virtual event go smoothly, try following these tips.

1. Choose the right platform:

Select an easy-to-use platform that allows attendees to access your event quickly and with no technical difficulties.

A virtual setting can come with technical difficulties, so it’s a good idea make sure you’ve tested the software ahead of time!

2. Create a schedule:

Provide a detailed agenda of the event and make sure everyone knows what to expect before it begins.

3. Promote your event:

Spread the word about your virtual event through social media and email campaigns to engage more participants.

4. Give incentives:

Offer prizes or discounts to motivate attendees and increase virtual engagement.

This could be gift cards to local businesses, a tuition credit or free food. These types of events are a great opportunity to engage your student body off of the college campus.

You can also cap the number of seats allowed to create a feeling of scarcity.

5. Follow up:

Send a follow-up email to thank everyone for attending and share any feedback you’ve received from the event.

This will help provide valuable insights for future events and show appreciation to your guests. A successful virtual event is one in which students and

By following these tips, you can ensure that your virtual event runs smoothly and is enjoyable for all involved.

With a little bit of planning, you can create an unforgettable experience for your college students in a new way! So go ahead and get creative with your next virtual event! It’s sure to be a hit.

Final Thoughts on Virtual Event Ideas For College Students

By hosting one or more of these virtual event ideas, college students can not only stay connected but also have some fun!

These activities allow for creative expression, learning new skills, and most importantly, spending quality time with friends or making new friends.

Whether it’s a virtual music festival or a game show night, there’s something for everyone! So get ready to have a blast at your next virtual event.

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