8 Best Organic Bamboo Sheets (2023)

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While everyone has their own sleep-inducing preferences, I think we can collectively agree that not all organic sheets are created equal. Snoozy reviewers, eco-friendly enthusiasts, and hot sleepers alike have been raving about the benefits of the best organic bamboo sheets for quite some time. And honestly, who can blame them?

For most of us, the ideal sleep atmosphere is snug and warm during the colder months but still comfy and sweat-free come summer — aka the miracle of bamboo bed sheets.

Whether you’ve reached peak bedding fatigue or simply want to try the most raved-about sets of sheets for your sensitive skin, natural fibers are by far the best option. Is there something better than sleeping happily and soundly? Aside from its boho charm, bamboo fabric has the most coveted silky feel and manages to maintain our body temperature no matter the hot or cold it is outside. That’s the beauty of thermo-regulating materials.

However, opting for a comfy-cozy set of bamboo sheets is not only an arguably self-serving act. Bamboo plants are the single most sustainable organic corp in the world!

Are bamboo sheets eco-friendly?

Organic bamboo sheets are extremely eco-friendly! In fact, this fast-growing plant is touted for its sustainability, softness, and durability like no other. In fact, it can grow back to full size in just 3-4 months. 

Renewable, and organic, bamboo plants self-regenerate from their own roots which means that the corp requires way less water than the average organic fiber. On top of that, it does not need any pesticides (aka the most harmful substances), or intense physical labor. 

Organic bamboo is also synonymous with longevity and durability — which is exactly what sustainability is all about. Did you know that bamboo can take up to 52,000 pounds of pressure per square inch? Yes, when it comes to tensile strength, bamboo is stronger than steel and 2-3 times stronger than wood.

Is all bamboo organic?

While bamboo is an all-natural fiber, not all bamboo sheets are organic. If the fabric has been made with mechanically-produced bamboo fibers, then yes, it is truly organic.

However, most textiles are not pure bamboo, which means that the fibers are melted and regenerated in a viscose/rayon process. “Bamboo linen” and “bamboo rayon”, for example, are produced through a chemical process.   

How is bamboo turned into fabric for sheets and bedding?

The manufacturing process of bamboo bedding is pretty fascinating.

Once the plants are nice and grown, they are chopped up into strips, at a 45-degree angle to avoid any unnecessary splitting. The strips are then smashed and, with the help of heat, a liquid known as bamboo pulp is created.

The fibers are spun into yarn and processed to create threads. These threads are then woven into the oh-so-smooth bamboo bed sheets we love.   

Is bamboo cooling?

The best organic bamboo sheets are lauded for their temperature regulating properties — hot sleepers, rejoice! They are cooling and comfy as they absorb 40% more water than cotton. Also, bamboo stays about 3 degrees cooler than cotton on average. This means that your luxury sheets will keep you cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

What are the benefits of bamboo sheets?

Aside from their eco-friendliness, organic bamboo sheets also come with a slew of additional benefits. This fabric wicks away moisture and pulls away heat without forgoing softness. 

They are the quintessential option for everyone who craves a silky soft feel and long-lasting durability. 

Most traditional sheets are created using soft fibers. On the contrary, bamboo bedding is made with naturally longer fibers that are stretched to cover the length of the sheet. 

Additionally, it is naturally hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial. This makes it an excellent option for people with sensitive skin even asthma. Due to its moisture-wicking properties, bamboo helps repel dust mites and reduces indoor allergies which makes it an ideal choice for babies as well.

What to look for in bamboo sheets? 

Before you choose the softest sheets of your life, you should first think about some key factors.


There are two main weaves available: Twill and sateen.

Twill is sturdy, super soft, and does, most importantly, extremely hard to pill. If you look closely and spot a bunch of single all following the same direction, then, it’s twill. 

Sateen is significantly smoother and silkier than twill, the only downside is that it’s not as sturdy and has a high risk of pilling. You can easily spot it by its very flat-looking appearance that mimics the look of actual silk fabric. 


We also have many different materials to choose from. There are many types of bamboo sheets, with the most popular options being 100% organic bamboo viscose and 100% bamboo rayon.

Then, you can opt for a bamboo cotton blend. While this combination is very eco-friendly, sturdy, and much more affordable than other options, it’s not as smooth and soft as organic bamboo viscose.

Bamboo linen is created with both bamboo and linen fibers, which means that durability and longevity are pretty much guaranteed. However, linen is a bit scratchy at first and may require some additional time to loosen up and get soft — but it definitely will.

Lastly, we have Bamboo Lyocell. Lyocell is a cellulose-based fabric manufactured out of bamboo, soy, seaweed, or coconut. It’s water absorbent and quick drying as well as resistant to wrinkling and pilling.

Thread count 

Last but not least, you should have a look at the sheets’ thread count —aka the number of threads in a square inch of fabric.  

High thread counts are usually bad news. So it would be best to stick with anything under 800. Typically most 100% bamboo sheets have a thread count of around 300-400 but they can go as low as 150.

Bamboo vs cotton… what is the difference?

At the end of the day, there aren’t many key differences between organic bamboo sheets and cotton sheets. They are both temperature regulating, natural fabrics and use many of the same weaves. Usually, organic cotton is more breathable while bamboo lasts longer. Bamboo is very easy to cultivate, but can sometimes be treated with chemicals during the manufacturing process.

Organic cotton needs much more water and natural resources but requires little to no chemicals. As for the price, the best bamboo sheets cost almost as much as their cotton counterparts. Egyptian cotton sheets, however, can cost over $500 so bamboo may be the most affordable option.

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8 Best Organic Bamboo Sheets 

 Now that you are a pro at identifying the numerous different types of bamboo, it’s time to find the best sheets to meet your shut-eye preferences. Our favorite sustainable brands below offer the most splurge-worthy options!

BAMPURE Bamboo Sheets – TOP PICK

Our first bundle is a steal! Bampure’s wrinkle-free and thermoregulating organic bed sheets are made ethically from 100% organic bamboo viscose grown in a chemical-free environment.

Every sateen weave set is OEKO-TEX approved and comes in a slew of different color options. The fitted bed sheet is fully elasticized to offer the ultimate snug fit and with a reasonable price point, it’s no wonder why it comes with over 4,000 glowing reviews. Plus, these soft sheets are available on Amazon!

Bedsure Bamboo Sheets – BUDGET PICK

Bedsure is by far one of the most popular organic bedding brands on Amazon with over 42,000 shoppers raving about their quality. In fact, they have already served over 15 million people worldwide. Sumptuously soft and ideal for sensitive skin, the set is made from 100% Viscose from Bamboo which is OEKO TEX certified. 

Also, it is a woven twill with 250-thread count cellulose fiber, designed with hot sleepers in mind. They promise to keep you cool all summer and oh-so-comfy on hot nights. As for the fitted sheet, it comes with deep pockets to avoid any slipping. Currently, you can snag it in 10 different colors. 

“I’ve finally attuned my bedding so that everything stops cooking along with my body.” one reviewer mentioned.


TAFTS has been crafting premium sheets, duvet covers, and pillowcases made from all-natural bamboo for quite some time now. Their wide range of options includes ultra sleek and smooth, cooling, and hypoallergenic sets in pretty much every color to match your bedroom’s aesthetic.

On top of that, every OEKO-TEX Certified bundle has a 400 thread count so durability is a given. But unlike most brands, TAFTS’ best organic bamboo sheets are surprisingly affordable – the queen set is only $99.99.

After all, their motto is “Sheets so soft, you’ll never want to leave your bed again,” and with over 188,674 reviews, we can definitely understand the hype. 


Lovingly-made from the finest 100% viscose from organic bamboo, Quince’s silky smooth sateen weave aims to keep us cool and comfy thanks to its temperature regulating properties.

This particular set was named “Best Bamboo Sheets” by SleepFoundation.org mostly because it’s created without the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides and is truly hypoallergenic.

While the brand is mostly known for their sustainable fashion collections, their bedding is also crafted ethically in factories with a true commitment to responsible production and safe working conditions. And if you are wondering how they keep their prices so low, it’s because they ship directly from factories with no middlemen.

Their pricing starts at $89 for the Twin sheets and goes up to $119 for the California King making these sheets both luxurious and affordable.


The cozy earth bamboo sheet set has a cult following despite its higher price. So much so that Oprah described their bedding as the “softest EVER. Their set features a very breathable weave that keeps you at the perfect temperature and a silky soft sateen finish for extra comfort.

 Also, Cozy Earth’s enhanced weave was specifically created to reduce pilling and improve the sheets’ longevity which is always important. From twin to California king, the 100% bamboo viscose sheets fit both regular and deep pocket mattresses. Oh, and once you are there, don’t forget to check out their sustainable bamboo clothing and loungewear lines as well —they will sweep you off your feet!


Ettitude has taken sustainability to whole new heights by using a signature material known as CleanBamboo made of bamboo lyocell. Lauded as the most eco-friendly bamboo fabric in the world, it is manufactured in a non-toxic closed-loop system to save water and energy! Also, they opted for a sateen weave finish with a 300 thread count for extra softness. 

Each product comes with its own Environmental Assessment and “Traceability Facts”, a report that showcases the product journey along the supply chain as well.

What’s equally amazing? Their huge collection of colors —16, to be exact. OEKO-TEX, hypoallergenic, utterly soft, moisture-wicking, and temperature regulating —what more can we ask from the best organic bamboo sheets?


Nolah Bamboo Sheet Set Twin

Here’s a beloved mattress brand that ventured into bedding as well! Granted, they are not an inherently sustainable company, but they have put out a slew of non-toxic and eco-friendly products over the years. Nolah’s Oeko-Tex 100 certified bamboo sheets are free from harmful chemicals, incredibly soft, naturally hypoallergenic, and moisture-wicking. 

Noah’s founders also went out of their way to obtain the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification. Now, if you are worried about the price, rest assured that the brand frequently puts their bamboo sheets on sale (sometimes up to 50%off).


Cariloha’s best organic bamboo sheets are one of the most amazing options on the eco market. Currently, there are many options available including the Cariloha Classic (Twill), Cariloha Resort(Sateen) Resort Percale, and aloha soft (Twill)collections.

Some of their lines aim to transfer the luxury of a beach resort into your own home, while others are all about offering unique sheet qualities. Pro tip: Did you know that the Charcoal Performance Sheets are designed to clean your sleep space by purifying and deodorizing the air and fabric around you? Yes, you heard that right!

Their soft and sustainable bamboo-viscose bed sheets start at $169, but you can take advantage of the free shipping deal! Do you need yet another excuse to opt for their sheets? The brand owns a 24,600,000 sq/m sustainable bamboo farm That stretches across the green hills of the Sichuan Province in China.  

How to care for your bamboo sheets:

You’ve only opted for the best organic bamboo sheets, so how can you keep them in tip-top shape for longer? 


Remember, organic sheets are durable, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve royal treatment. Opt for a mild detergent (preferably non-toxic) and set your washing machine to the delicate/gentle cycle. 

Cold water is your bamboo sheet’s best friend, and if you want to get rid of any stains, just add a chlorine-free stain remover (NO-bleach!). Of course, you can DIY your way to stain-free sheets by using a completely natural, tried-and-true option: baking soda.


The most eco-friendly and healthy way to dry your bedding and clothes is by hanging them outside — or inside if the weather doesn’t permit it.


When it comes to ironing, try to avoid steam as much as possible. Instead, use your iron on the lowest setting possible and go over the wrinkles multiple times.

In Summary: The Best Organic Bamboo Sheets 2023 Has To Offer

No matter if you are a hot sleeper, a die-hard sustainability advocate, or just a luxury bedding connoisseur, organic bamboo sheets will definitely meet your quality demands. Resource-efficient, anti-bacterial, resistant to wrinkles, and thermoregulating, bamboo is one of the best natural fibers to keep your skin happy and healthy all-year-round.

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