8 Organic Cotton Padded Bra Options [2022]

Bras: a lot of us wear them, a lot of the time. They can be beautiful, they can be functional, but sometimes they are just plain uncomfortable! And, the fashion and clothing industry is very harmful to Earth.

Fabric made with natural materials and sustainable and ethical production is so important.  We want both: something great for everyday wear that is also planet and people-friendly. Good news…let me introduce the next best thing: Organic cotton bras!

Why does organic matter?

So why does organic cotton matter? After all, can an organic cotton padded bra really make a difference?

The answer is yes, yes it can. Organic cotton is more ethical and sustainable than non-organic cotton for several reasons. To start, organic cotton uses no pesticides or genetically modified seeds.  Because no harmful chemicals are used in the process of growing cotton, there is no pollution runoff and the health of the fieldworkers is also less impacted.

What’s so bad about conventional cotton?

Conventional cotton is grown using pesticides that pollute the environment: we’re talking directly impacting the soil, water, and those who work around it. Cotton is also often grown in regions where water is lacking and therefore it is less sustainable and adds more stress to the already existent water management challenges of the area.

Certifications that are helpful to look for: 

When it comes to purchasing organic cotton clothing  and organic cotton padded bras, you’ll want to look for certified organic cotton. Two certifications that will help you determine the right purchases are GOTS and Fairtrade International.

GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard which defines the requirements to ensure the textiles are organic throughout their production cycle: from harvesting raw materials, through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing, to labeling accurately to provide correct information to the consumer.

Fairtrade International certification ensures that the farmers and workers producing the textiles are not marginalized. Fairtrade allows farmers and workers fair wages that cover the cost of producing their crops sustainably, as well as decent working conditions and a ban on forced or child labor or discrimination.

What to consider in sustainable bra brands:

When purchasing organic bras, you want both a good bra and friendly bras…meaning bras made and sold with ethical sourcing, ethical supply chains, organic farming practices etc. That’s why the GOTS and Fairtrade certifications are so important. Because what does ethical sourcing and supply chain mean?

To source and run supply chains ethically means to consider the impact of each step of the product, from planting seeds, to harvesting, to working conditions, to the production and sale of the product. 

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8 Organic Cotton Padded Bra Options

Boody Active Longline Bra

Boody is an organic bamboo clothing brand that has introduced organic cotton for their Active Longline bra.

These are the most comfortable sports bras with medium support for low impact workouts and though these active longline bras aren’t padded they have an extra-wide band under the bust and high neckline  for the ultimate support. 

Their size ranges from XS – XL and these bras come in Black, Dark Grey, and Dark Olive colors.

If you do want padding, Boody also makes a padded shaper bra that works well as a sports bra, nursing bra, and lounging-around-the-house-bra. It’s made with organic bamboo for extra moisture wicking and a generous amount of stretch. Hello summer!

Pact Apparel Smooth Cup Bralette

Pact Apparel is an organic cotton clothing company that aims to do good. Their cotton uses 81% less water than conventional cotton without the compromise in style. The smooth cup bralette is wire-free and made for everyday wear with a pullover-style fit and removable soft cups for extra support. The lace band and adjustable straps make this bra pretty and practical!

Their sizing includes XS – XXL and these bras come in a variety of colors and prints such as Black, Champagne, Tangerine, Mauve, Sea Salt Stripe, Wildflowers, and more! 

Wama Underwear Racerback Bralette

Wama is an underwear company whose mission is to pioneer the hemp underwear industry— hemp fabric is naturally anti-bacterial, super soft and breathable, as well as sustainable!

The Wama underwear racerback bralette gives you full support no matter your size, and with no uncomfortable wires! The fabric is a blend of hemp and organic cotton and the pullover design is available in sizes XS – 3XL with the colors black, green and four shades of nude.

Another bonus is that you can buy these bralettes in packs of 3 or 6 for more savings! Hemp bras are the bras of the future.

ThirdLove T-Shirt Bra

ThirdLove is a lingerie brand founded for inclusivity—they understand that bodies are shaped differently and they’re here to help you find a bra that actually fits because not all regular bras are the right size bra for our bodies. They offer size-inclusive bras as well as half-cup sizes, with a total of 78 different bra sizes!

The ThirdLove T-Shirt Bra is made with Pima Cotton, and while not organic, this cotton blend is known for being the highest quality cotton when it comes to comfort. It has a silky texture which makes it both breathable and perfect for wearing under t-shirts for a smooth look. This underwire padded bra comes in many different sizes, including half-sizes, so that you always have the perfect fit.

Natural Clothing Company Organic Cotton Padded Bra

The Natural Clothing Company is a small business run by a husband and wife team who decided to offer alternative, sustainable products after reazlinzing how many toxins they are exposed to in everyday life.

The organic cotton padded bra by the Natural Clothing company is great for daily wear. This bestseller has removable pads which means you can also use your own pads you might have for nursing or after a mastectomy.

The organic cotton shell is breathable, durable, and comfortable. The sizing runs small but is offered from Small – Extra-large and there are two colors, a natural cream color and a light pink color. 

Organic Basics Organic Cotton Triangle Bra

Organic Basics is founded on sustainability. With that, they make decisions based on the impact they might have in every step of the way as they design their products and make planet friendly bras. Their feminine design takes basic bras to organic lingerie!

This organic cotton triangle bra is their best-selling bra with zero wires but with a surprising amount of support! The straps are adjustable and the bra is made with double-layered cotton for a padded feel without the wires. The sizing runs from extra-small to extra-large and there are nine different colors ranging from neutrals to blues and pinks.

The Very Good Bra Black

Fun fact, The Very Good Bra was founded with a kickstarter campaign and the mission to be the world’s first zero waste bra from start to finish, including no plastics, no toxins and no synthetic fabrics.

The Very Good Bra Black is completely plastic-free, from the tree rubber and organic cotton elastic to the tencel sewing thread is designed to break down in nature at end-of-life and leave no trace after its done. 

There is no spandex in this super soft bra so it does run a little small with less stretch, but is offered in a variety of sizes to accommodate the best fit! The wide band with eye closure hooks offers extra support while the plunging neckline allows for wear under all styles of clothing!

Majamas The Organic Padded Daily Bra

Majamas Earth is committed to making eco-friendly clothing that is beautiful and protects our planet. They do their best to use all organic cotton as well as recycled and reclaimed materials.

The organic padded daily bra is made from GOTS-certified organic cotton with a small amount of spandex and is made in the USA with ethically sourced design and production. The best bra with sustainable fibers! This bra with removable cups is available in the size range of Small – XXL and there are four different color options.

In Summary: Organic Cotton Padded Bra

The benefits of purchasing more sustainably are endless, but it can become daunting. That’s why it’s important to make small swaps like buying organic cotton bras!

It IS possible to have sustainable bras made with organic materials like soft organic cotton and fair trade that are also comfortable and cute. There are so many options available depending on your style, from organic basics bras to organic cotton bralettes to more sexy lingerie, and whether you need light support or total support, we’ve got you!

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