Clean Up Your Beauty Routine By Avoiding These 5 Ingredients

Summer is a great time for a little cleanup and it starts with your beauty routine. We lather ourselves from head to toe with countless products that promise to cleanse, condition, soften, soothe, polish and perfect, but do you really know what you’re putting on your skin? Today, we’re sharing how you can play it safe and be wary when purchasing cosmetic products that contain these five harmful ingredients.

1. Parabens

Cosmetic companies love to fill their products with parabens because they’re shelf-life extenders. They’re synthetic preservatives that keep bacteria out so your products stay fresh longer.

Why You Should Avoid It: Scientific studies show that there’s a link between paraben ingestion (yes, topical application works just the same!) and certain types of cancer.

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2. Sulfates

This is the stuff that makes your shampoo all sudsy. Sulfates act as foaming agents and they’re estimated to be in 90 percent of shampoos and body washes. While the lather they create is familiar and satisfying, it comes at a cost.

Why You Should Avoid It: Sulfates cause irritation and dryness. They’re known to strip the skin and hair from oils they need to stay balanced, leaving them flaky and dull.

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3. Phthalates

These are responsible for giving your products a bit of flexibility. They give hairspray moveable hold and prevent nail polish from cracking.

Why You Should Avoid It: While they’re found in tons of household products (not limited to just those in your beauty supply), they’re linked to birth defects and developmental issues, especially in young children.

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4. Formaldehyde

A colorless, flammable gas that acts as a bonding agent (yes, you read that first part correctly). It’s found in many nail polishes and false eyelash glues, among other things.

Why You Should Avoid It: If “flammable gas” wasn’t enough to keep you away, formaldehyde is a known carcinogen and triggers respiratory problems like asthma and pneumonia.

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5. Synthetic Fragrance

This one is tough, we know! Fragrances make your products smell heavenly, but when possible, choose cosmetics that are scented with natural ingredients like flower, herb and citrus oils.

Why You Should Avoid It: Simply put, they’re just not necessary. They can be extremely irritating to sensitive skin and are often used to mask the unpleasant smell of chemicals or other additives in your products.

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This post was adapted + updated from this article originally written by Caylee Ashwell + published on Glitter Guide in 2017. 


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