Death To My Twenties: Photoshoot Ideas

Are you dreading turning 30? Have a little fun with your birthday by taking a “death to my twenties” photoshoot to really celebrate!

Turning 30 is definitely a milestone worth celebrating. Even when you don’t feel like celebrating, there are few things you can do to honor the end of a decade, and the beginning of a new one. You don’t have to post on social media either to be the birthday girl!

A ‘death to my youth” or “funeral for my twenties” birthday shoot is a fun way to do this. Keep reading for all the tips you need to plan your own photoshoot for your big day.

Why a photoshoot?

Turning thirty can feel a little bit daunting at first. You may have recognized this feeling during your 19th birthday as you prepared to enter your twenties also. If you are feeling this way, or any emotions of dread, fear, etc., about turning 30, I want you to know that you are not alone.

If you are having a hard time with how old you are, or will be if you aren’t quite thirty yet, a “death to your twenties” photoshoot could really help you process those emotions. Here are a few reasons to plan this type of epic photoshoot.

Last Hurrah 

Don’t be afraid to make your photoshoot a big deal. You only turn 30 years old once, so why not go all out? Think of this as your last great memory of your twenties. Get creative and have fun!

Great Way To Reflect

The Taylor Swift lyric “It was the end of a decade, but the start of an age” rings true here. You are saying goodbye to a decade where you learned a lot about yourself, and a lot about life. It’s not only a good idea to do some reflecting, it’s necessary.

Think about all you’ve accomplished in these past few years, all you hope to accomplish in the next few years, all the memories you’ve made and all of the good times to come. Celebrate all of this in your photos. 

It’s A Fun Excuse To Dress Up

Photoshoots are a fun excuse to dress up. If you haven’t gotten out of your comfort zone and had a few photos taken of you, this is the perfect time to do that.

Keep in mind your theme when choosing what to wear, and you may want to talk with your portrait photographers also. Working with a color scheme is an easy way to find the perfect outfit.

Something Positive To Look Forward To

Planning a “death to your youth” photoshoot is a great way to take your mind off worrying about turning 30, and flip it into something to look forward to. During your photo session you’ll have so much fun you’ll forget why you were stressing before. If your mind is consumed with worry, fear, and any other negative emotion associated with growing up, this would be a great activity for you.

Planning A Photoshoot

Now that you are all in on this “funeral for your twenties” photoshoot, it’s time to start planning. There are five main things that you want to have planned out before the day comes.


This goes without saying, but of course you want to find an outfit or two, depending on your location, that you feel comfortable and confident in. The easiest thing to do is to only have one outfit for the photoshoot.

You can then play around with different accessories to add some variety to your photos with your outfit. Your theme of the photoshoot may dictate what you decide to wear as well.


Once you have a date in mind it’s time to find a photographer that can work with that. You have three options here. If you want this process to be strictly professional, hiring a professional is the best way to go.

However, if you have friends and family that could take pictures for you, that may be a better way to do that. You could even just put your phone on a tripod and take pictures whenever and wherever you want. This is something to think about when planning a photoshoot.


Location is another important step to your photoshoot. This part of the planning process largely depends on the vibe you are wanting for your photoshoot.

If you are wanting something fun and energetic, a studio may be the best for you because you’ll be able to experiment with bright colors, different backgrounds, decor, props, etc. If you like more of a dramatic and moody feel to your photos, an outdoor venue would be your best bet. Which brings me to the next point, the theme of these future parties.


I’ll go into more detail about specific themes later down in this post, but it’s worth mentioning here that themes can be very important when it comes to not only 30th birthday parties, but also photoshoots. It affects almost everything about a photoshoot, from the location, outfit, and even more. That is something to keep in mind. 

Gather props:

I believe that half of the fun of photoshoots is experimenting with different props and seeing how they can change the mood of the photos. Something to note here is that you don’t want to get carried away with all of the props. Two or three would be fine, along with a few different shoes, but any more and it becomes hard to keep track of them all – thus frustrating both you and the person doing your photos.

3 Death To My 20s Photoshoot Ideas

Grab your balloons and 30th birthday sash, it’s time to pick a theme for your photoshoot. You could even use it for 30th birthday ideas if you’re having a party.

Literal Funeral for your Twenties

Mourn your 20s as you host a funeral for your youth for this theme. You’ve got a few options for this photoshoot. You can visit a cemetery to take the pictures, or just grab some “death to my twenties” party decorations to spice up the house. Black Balloons and a somber cake, that kind of thing!

You could even take it a step further to make this photoshoot a 30th birthday party theme as well. Not wanting 30th birthday party ideas but looking for some reflection? We’ve got that too, with these important things to accomplish before you turn 30.

A Lookback On The Memories

This photoshoot theme is up for interpretation. I believe it would be fun to walk around and stop at the places in your town that shaped you as a person.  It would be a great way to show yourself, and your community, how much you have grown. It would be a great time of reflection for you.

13 Going On 30 Theme

This theme is a classic and could work in an inside area if there is good lighting there. For this theme your outfit has to translate, for the photoshoot, or even a party, so that people understand it’s a movie theme.

You’ll also want your decor to set the scene of the photos. This is such a fun theme to do for both your photoshoot and/or a themed party.

There are so many themes to choose from for a birthday photoshoot. I’ve shared three of them that would be the perfect theme, not to mention a memorable party if you are planning that as well. Remember, the best part of a new chapter is that last year is in the past and the best thing is yet to come.

I’ll end this post by saying I hope you have a happy birthday, or had if it has already passed. May your 30s be your best decade yet!

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