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Are you looking for gifts for long-distance friends? We’ve rounded up over 50 super cute and thoughtful options!

Friendships change as you venture further into your twenties. You change. The circumstances around you change.

Your bestie may move for work or love or any other reason. Or maybe you’re the one who moved. Or maybe you met your bestie in college and you’re both from different places, now going back home.

Whatever the reason may be, you’ll see during your twenties that some of your best friends may not live near you anymore. A long distance relationship isn’t always romantic, they’re for friendships, too.

There are so many ways to keep a long-distance best friendship strong. Scheduling phone calls, whether it be a phone date on the drive home from work or a FaceTime happy hour. Sending each other fun memes or pics through social media. Texting each other life updates.

And do you know what’s super sweet? Sending each other gifts to let your bestie know that you’re thinking of them. The best gifts don’t have to be for special occasions, either.

Whether it be for a birthday, a holiday, or just a simple “saw this and thought you’d like it,” the gesture will go a long way. It’ll remind your bestie that even though you are not physically with them as much as you’d like to me, they’re still you’re best friend, you’re always there for them, and they’re always on your mind.

Now, what type of gifts would work for a long-distance situation like this? Yes, it’s true, any gift will be appreciated. But especially if you want that gift to have special meaning, here are gifts for long-distance best friends.

A meaningful gift is a great way to stay connected and to send love. Think of it like a care package for your friendship with a heartfelt message.

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50+ Gifts For Long-Distance Friends


If you and your bestie are both wine lovers, then wine is a great gift choice for your bestie. It’s also super easy to send wine now too, as compared to how it used to be. Send your bestie a bottle or two and add a note that you want to have a wine catch-up FaceTime date soon.

This way you’ll both be sipping on your wine together, just separated by a screen. If you want to take this to the next level you can sign up for a wine subscription and sign your bestie up for the same one. This way you’ll both get the same wines delivered to your homes around the same time!

When your bestie drinks the wine, they’ll think of you. Or again, you can schedule a FaceTime to unbox your goodies together and then drink them together! Some companies even let you personalize bottles of wine if you want to make it even more special.

The only catch is that your friend may not want to drink it then! But remind them, they can always drink the wine, use the empty bottle, add some fairy lights to it, and have a new piece of decor. A beautiful gift that keeps on giving!