Healthcare Industry: 5 Highest Paying Medical Specialties 2022 

Among all professions, it is well known that doctors and physicians garner some of the highest salaries. While not all those working in the medical field are millionaires, there are many specialties that provide a handsome wage. Here is a list of the top 5 highest paying medical specialties as of 2022.

#5 – Orthopedic Surgeons

Orthopedic surgeons make about $150 per hour, with exception of those working in the pedantic field. If you are looking to generate a handsome physician salary but are not sure where to specialize, orthopedics is a viable option. When you factor in pediatric orthopedics, the pay scales jump quite dramatically, though the specialty would then be filed under pediatrics. Both hospital-based and independent orthopedics professionals are able to earn a minimum of $300,00 annually.

#4 – Emergency Medicine Specialist

Physicians who work in emergency medicine need to be able to think on their feet and see the whole picture rather quickly. On average, an emergency medicine specialization will allow you to earn $149 an hour, or roughly $310,000 per year. It is worth noting this specialty is not for the faint of heart as it typically involves high-pressure situations. Most ER medicine physicians will also pair their knowledge with a subspecialty which can further improve their overall value and pay scale.

#3 – Maxillofacial and Oral Surgeons

Dentists, in general, make a nice amount of money, however oral surgeons and maxillofacial surgeons are a cut above the rest. The hourly rate for these medical specialties is just under $150 which is no small change for a low-stress specialization. With the onset of the pandemic and more patients delaying dental care, this specialty has seen a dramatic increase in pay rates. There has been an increase of rates by 23% across the board over the last year, and these numbers are expected to keep rising.

#2 – Anesthesiologist

Most medical professionals are not only recession-proof, but they are also essential in every part of the world. Anesthesiologists are even more critical to the healthcare world and earn handsome salaries as a result. The average hourly rate for an anesthesiologist is $160 and can go even higher in metropolitan areas. Outpatient centers have been able to secure anesthesiologist services quicker than major hospitals because they typically pay as much as 30% more than the base rate.

#1 – Cardiologist

Home is where the heart is and the heart is what keeps the body going. It should come as no surprise that those specializing in cardiology are able to earn the most money in 2022. On average, a cardiologist will earn around $350,000 at a minimum for their specialty. Outpatient care centers pay their cardiologist much more than the base average which can go as high as $400k annually before bonuses are calculated.

Choosing a Specialty for 2022 and Beyond

There is more to pursuing a career in healthcare than simply a big paycheck. However, getting paid well for your work is a part of choosing a specialty. Certain fields such as cardiology, neurology, oral care, and pediatrics will always be in high demand.