Holiday Bucket List For Singles

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! At least that’s what we’re told. It’s hard to feel that way when everywhere you turn there are cute commercials about families together for Christmas and Instagram is filled with proposal announcements.

Then there is the impending arrival of your family members who are always ready to ask why you are still single and “what happened to that one boy/girl?”

The point is, when you are single sometimes this isn’t such a cheerful time, but it can be. In this post I’m sharing a bucket list of sorts just for single people like us. 

Holiday Bucket List For Singles

The holidays are meant to be enjoyed by everyone. I hope that some of these activities help you focus more on the joy this time of year can bring, and less on your relationship status.

I’ve got it separated from activities you can do with others, solo Christmas fun, and ways to bring joy to others this holiday season.

Things To Do With Friends

Just because you are single doesn’t mean that you have to spend your holiday alone. Spending time with friends can be a great way to make fun holiday memories this year. Here are a few ideas to get you started. 

Go To A Holiday Market

These types of markets typically have a little of everything. Hot chocolate, vendors and crafters, music, and more can be enjoyed at holiday markets by you and your crew.

Go Look At Lights With Friends

Christmas lights are one of my favorite parts of the holidays! Hopping in a car with your best friends, or even family, listening to Christmas music while admiring the lights around your town/city sounds like the perfect December night.

Do A Holiday Themed Scavenger Hunt With Friends

If you’ve got a big group of friends down to have some holiday fun, why not plan a Holiday Themed Scavenger Hunt? 

You could make up your own or find one online. Simply split up into teams, set some rules, and have some fun.

Have A Movie Marathon

So many Christmas movies, so little time! Between all of the different streaming services, new movies, and the classic must-watches, there are a lot of movies to choose from.

I recommend having a few movie marathon days before the holidays are over.

Go To A Holiday Speed Dating Event

In full disclosure, I’ve never been to one of these, but I’ve heard they could be really fun or really cringy.

There is only one way to find out for yourself though. It would definitely be a memory you and your friend(s) can laugh about in the future. Or who knows, maybe you’ll meet the person you’ll spend Christmas 2023 with?

Host A Baking Night

The limit of Christmas cookie variations does not exist (insert Mean Girls meme here).

That’s why I love having baking nights during this time of year. You could do this solo, but you’ll have more phone baking with others while listening to your favorite Christmas playlist.

Things To Do For Yourself/By Yourself

Most of these activities include pausing and taking in the Holiday spirit, without all the hustle and bustle. By slowing down and focusing on YOU, you’ll be less likely to focus on those around you.

As much as all the movies and songs like to remind you that the holidays are meant to be spent with a special someone, that is simply not the case.

You can have just as good of a time celebrating the season by yourself as you can celebrating with a partner. 

Do Something That You Enjoy

Think of your favorite holiday activities.

Do you enjoy making gingerbread houses, decorating your house, dressing festive, etc.? Make it a priority to do as many of the things you enjoy doing this month.

Disconnect From Social Media

I recently did this and found that it made me feel so much lighter coming into the holiday season.

Disconnecting for a bit can be a good idea if you are having a hard time seeing all the happy Christmas couple updates.

Blocking some of that out will allow you to enjoy your holiday more.

Have A Holiday Themed Self-Care Day

If you know me personally, you know how much I love a theme.

Self-care days are fun, but holiday themed self-care days are even better.

There are many ways that you can add some festive cheer to your regular self-care time. Here are a few examples.

  • Take a nap using a cozy, festive throw and/or pillow
  • Use peppermint, sugar cookie, or other festive scented face masks, hair masks, essential oils, body wash, etc.
  • Watch a Christmas movie or show
  • Paint your nails red and green
  • Read a Christmas Book

Cook Your Favorite Meal

If food is the way you express your joy, this one is perfect for you.

Treat yourself to your favorite meal. If you like experimenting in the kitchen, maybe try a new recipe instead.

Take A Walk Around Your Neighborhood/Town

If you live in a good neighborhood full of decorative houses, take a stroll and take in all the festive sights.

Just maybe, remember to grab a warm jacket and some hot chocolate.

Read A Holiday Themed Book

This is the first year that I’ve put an effort into reading Christmas books, and I am loving what I’m reading so far. If you are more of a reader than a movie fan, this part of the list is right up your alley.

Pair it with a holiday-scented candle and you have yourself the perfect setup.

Reflect On The Year And Prep For The Beginning Of The Year

December is a time of reflection and expectation as well. Spend time thinking of all you accomplished, experienced, and learned this year.

Then don’t forget to dream up what you want 2023 to be as well.

Create A Holiday Playlist With Your Favorite Christmas Songs

I’m definitely the person that listens to Christmas music before December 1st, but I know not everyone is on the same page with me on that topic.

However,  if you haven’t created a holiday playlist yet, this is the perfect time to do that. Whether you love the classics, enjoy the new hits, or a combination of both, creating your own playlist is a fun way to get in a festive mood.

Do A Holiday Photo Shoot

Solo photoshoots can be fun, creative, and empowering. I love scrolling through Pinterest to get pose ideas and then getting all dressed up and ready to flash a smile.

You just need a friend or family member to take your photos, I usually have my sister take my photos, but if you want to hire a professional photographer you totally could as well.

Things To Do For Other People

There may not be many options on this list, but this doesn’t negate how important this part of the bucket list is.

Giving back and sharing the good is great to do any time of the year. I believe that it is especially important this time of year. Here are some ways that you can do that this holiday season.

Spread some holiday cheer to people in need by volunteering in places like a food bank, soup kitchen, the Salvation Army, etc.. There are many organizations that I’m sure would appreciate the help.

See How Many Random Acts Of Kindness You Can Do

Random acts of kindness are simple ways to brighten someone’s day, but they go a long way.

Challenge yourself to see how many you can do in one weekend, then see if you reach your goal. It’s a great way to bring joy to people in your community. You may find it brings a smile to your face as well.

Deliver/Mail Holiday Cards

I love sending Holiday cards to people. It’s a great way to show loved ones that you are thinking of them, and it can even help you reconnect with an old friend as well.

I’ve made it a priority to send out Christmas cards each year to the people in my life.

Donate To The Salvation Army 

You see those red kettles and hear those bells ringing around this time every year.

Make it a point to stop and throw in your change each time you walk past one this month.

They do such incredible work for their communities and the support helps them continue their mission.

In Summary: Holiday Bucket List For Singles

How many do you think you can get done this holiday season? Post this graphic to your Instagram and tag us at the end of December.

We’d love to see all the memories you make this holiday season. Use the hashtag #HolidaysWithGenTwenty so that we can see.

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