How To Have Confidence In Your Intuition With 3 Simple Steps


Doubt is an interesting journey everyone experiences, especially when it comes to intuition. I personally experienced great doubt myself when my intuition opened up in 2006. Before becoming a psychic medium, I was a 31-year-old who was very skeptical. So, you could say I had quite a bit of practice in doubt.

When I opened up intuitively it happened not by choice, but as a result of my grandmother’s passing. It was moments after her death she showed herself to me in spirit form, with a sneaky grin on her face and a wink. To say I was startled would be an understatement. It rocked my world!

Over the course of a year, as she continued to connect with me from the other side, my intuition opened more and more. I relaxed into my new experiences and started to have the occasional amazing intuitive moment. That moment where you get a really detailed piece of information and are stunned that it was correct. But even with those wow moments, one thing stuck around a little longer and that was doubt. I still asked those doubtful questions. Is this real? Am I making it up? Is it just my imagination? 

There were three things that really helped me shift away from my doubt and into trusting my intuition. They worked so well for me back then that I still teach them today to my students. They tackle the three areas that just might be blocking your confidence. Your brain chemistry, your environment, and your intuitive training. By taking a good look at each of these you will be on your way to shedding your doubt.

Brain Chemistry

When it comes to your brain chemistry, there is truth to what they say about habits taking a month to establish. This is due to the habitual nature in which your neurons, the nerve cells in your brain, fire in patterns.

Take my story for example – a skeptic for most of my life, my neurons fired in patterns that confirmed my skepticism. Think of it as if my neurons were saying, “This isn’t real.” And then they would repeat that statement over and over again, firing in the same direction, for 31 years.

In comes grandma and other strong intuitive experiences that contradict that statement, and for a brief moment my neurons say, “This is real.” They fire in a different direction; a new direction. Then, after just a few hours, my neurons, like habit-loving rubber bands, go back to firing in the direction they are used to. “This isn’t real.”

My favorite example of this was back when I first started as an intuitive reader. I was new to doing readings and had a young woman come in to see me. During the reading, her grandmother came through in spirit form and I could see her standing in my office. The grandmother was holding a small poodle and feeding it green beans. When I relayed this information to the young woman, she confirmed that indeed her grandmother had a poodle and the poodle’s favorite treat was green beans.

I was floored.

Such a detailed message and it was so accurate. My neurons were jumping for joy! “This is real!” Three or so days later I was getting ready to go into my office and I felt that doubt roll over me. My neurons had gone back to their old ways. I was doubting if this was something I could even do.

I went into the office and had another great reading. I decided from that day forward to record my intuitive “hits” and keep them all in one place. That way I could review them when I was feeling less than confident about my abilities. 

That was the birth of the No Doubt Notebook. I instruct all my students to keep a notebook like this. When you consistently review your intuitive wins and remind yourself that you are very intuitive indeed, then your neurons will (slowly but surely) get on board, just as mine did. It’s a fast habit shift when you have that little journal of experiences that repeatedly shake your doubt away.

Your Environment

When people talk about your environment, they are usually referencing your friends, family, home life, etc. But when it comes to building your intuitive confidence, let’s talk about your energetic environment – your energy body. Some people refer to it as your aura or your spiritual body. Each person has an energy body that encompasses them and expands outside of their physical body. Think of it as a space suit of sorts. An energy spacesuit that you are wearing while you are here on earth.

Most people are not taught to care for their energy body or worse, not even made aware of it. But it is an integral part of your intuitive world and caring for it does wonders for your intuitive connection and your overall life.

There is a practice called GCP™ also known as Ground, Clear, Protect. This practice takes just a small bit of effort but creates a huge powerful flow when it comes to balancing your energy body.

The practice, in a nutshell, is three steps. The first step is to ground yourself to Mother Earth. The second step is to clear out all the negativity your energy body has collected. The final step is to imagine being inside a bubble that is like a filter, filtering out that which should not be on your spiritual path and allowing in that which should be on your path. Do each of these steps with visuals that are meaningful to you like water, fire, or tree roots for example and it will amplify the practice.

What you are left with is only what should be in your energy body. Love, connectedness, your desires, and such. By doing this daily practice, you are blocking out unnecessary negativity from others which can lower your vibration and cause your intuition to struggle. Worse yet, in that lower vibrational space, your confidence will wane. 

Try this for just a few days and you will see what I mean. For your energy body, it’s like seeing the sun after a bunch of dreary days. You will be lighter and more connected to your intuition.

Intuitive training

With your No Doubt Notebook helping you release the old habit of doubt, and your daily practice of GCP™ raising your vibration, the only thing left to do is have fun! Start with the affirmation “I am intuitive.” Then dive into an intuitive class with the intention of strengthening that intuition. Practice with different spiritual tools like reader’s cards, pendulums, or scrying mirrors. Have fun with it.

When you remain in a space of curiosity and experience different and varied teachings and tools around intuition, you will find your own intuitive style faster. One thing many don’t consider when it comes to honing their intuition is how unique their intuition is to them. Your intuition is different from anyone else’s intuition. If you are hoping to see visions but it’s not working, it might be because your intuition is wired to hear the intuitive messages, not see them. When we try to utilize our intuition the same way someone else does, we are putting a square peg into a round hole. 

Thus, exploring multiple teachings or classes from different individuals will actually benefit you. Multiple perspectives from multiple teachers is a wonderful thing. Learning on an ongoing basis with the understanding that you can take what works for you from each course and leave the rest behind is the best way to navigate yourself into your own organic intuitive flow. It’s like trying on a bunch of different hats until you find the one or two hats that fit you perfectly. 

In summary

Replace doubt with belief, declutter your energy body, and have fun exploring your intuition. Give yourself a month or two with this new pattern of the No Doubt Notebook, GCP™, and some fun classes and you will find, just a little while from now, that your confidence around your intuitive abilities is much, much stronger.

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