How to Keep Your Club Engaged this Semester

Back to school season has officially commenced, and with that comes a whole new semester’s worth of ~school spirit~. Whether you’re a club president, officer, or just a loyal member, make sure your favorite club(s) have the right digital space to stay connected this semester when you can’t be IRL. We recommend  Airtime to give your club a place where connection and participation are made easy – and fun! Clubs can create “rooms” for their groups to chat, audio/video call, host meetings, and experience events  all from one place – whenever and wherever.

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Club Meetings Made Fun

Keep your club meetings lively (while staying productive) this semester by running things from your Airtime room. Club leaders and members can operate from any device (mobile or desktop), and curate an experience that’s fun for the whole group, even if not everyone can be IRL. Airtime has features like emoji & GIF reactions, built-in games, and more exciting features to keep your group connected in a way that feels natural, not forced. From club meetings to fun icebreakers, you can do it on Airtime.

Share Alllll the Content

A picture’s worth a thousand words! Use screen share during meetings to go through agendas together – you can even save important docs to your room’s Favorites so you never lose them. Spare your club the awkward intros and break the ice with in-room games, music videos, or photos that your club can experience together. Basically, you’ll be the coolest club on the block.

Customize Your Digital Space

Your club needs a digital space that’s unique to your values. On Airtime, your  room settings, notifications, and permissions are 100% customizable to your club. You can adjust notification settings to ensure you never miss a spontaneous club hang. Or, hit snooze on your room when it’s blowing up your phone over Winter break – it’s up to you! You can use room roles to assign admin rights to club officers (just like IRL).  Customize your control room settings & activity to make sure your room stays fun and safe for your whole club.

With Airtime, you’ll be able to text, meet, and socialize with your club all without leaving your room, or even getting off your phone. Click here to learn more about how college students are using Airtime to connect on campus. Happy club rush season!