I Struggle with Styling my Braids, Here are my 11 Favorite Ways

I’ve had my braids in for a minute now. So many picture perfect moments, lost because I decided to use my hand as an accessory rather than a headband or a scrunchie. In order to prevent you from falling into my unfortunate dilemma, I’ve come up with some hairstyles you can recreate in the time it takes to heat up a burrito bowl. 

There are endless benefits with wearing protective styles. Braids, in particular, are low maintenance styles that help retain growth, if regular moisture and oil is applied, and offer lots of versatility. As we prepare for the fall semester, here are 11 fun and stylish looks to bring into your routine for a *potentially* in-person semester.

1. The Half-Up Half-Down

Among one of my go to styles is the half-up half-down — a style where I simply gather some of the braids from the front with a small scrunchie in the back.

2. The Classy Color-POP

With this simple style, take any color headband and wrap it around your head. Then take the braids closest to the front and tuck them behind. I always love a pair of bold earrings to match.

3. The Color-POP Braids

This style is very similar, simply part your hair in two and make two larger braids.

4. The Bohemian Babe

One of my favorite looks! For this style, take a headscarf, scarf, or fabric belt and wrap it around your head, covering your head like a helmet. Finally, tie the ends and let the two tips hang from your head.

5. Bandana Baddie

In this style, shift the head scarf to the front of your head and tie in the back. This style meshes well with sundresses and platforms.

6. The Waterfall

I call this one the waterfall because the high ponytail replicates the cascading waves descending off the cliff of a mountain. Scrunchie not included.

7. The “Class Starts In 5” Look

This style takes a spin on the classic ponytail, but implements a colorful scrunchie and pushes the hair to one side.

8. The Side Hustle

This style, as seen above, can also be braided on each side for more definition.

9. The Rapunzel Braid

For a second side ponytail style, I decided to braid the ponytail rather than have it hang loose.

10. The Honeybun

The classic bun can be worn a number of ways. In this style, begin with a high ponytail and part the style in two. Then coil each side until it begins to bend naturally into shape. Secure with pins.

11. The Cinnamon Rolls

What I like to call my cinnamon rolls, this style uses a similar technique as No. 7, coiling four to six braids between your fingers into the shape of a sweet treat.

If you’re like me, these simple styles will not only save you time but look stylish as you rush across the ends of campus to class. Always remember to pack a headband or a headscarf if your classroom or bus ride to class becomes your get-ready room. I hope this helped you reinvent some styles or provide inspiration for others!

Coastal Carolina University Life