June 2022 Favorites + Happenings .

I had a good feeling about June- after all, what could be better than spending peek summer in California?! It turns out there is simply nothing, and I mean nothing, better. After a month full of beach days, laughs, new roommates, internship hours, and a whole lot of sunshine I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever been happier.

My circle here is small but my heart is full. 

Sitting down today to share some of my June favorites, a mini-life update, and a few goals I’m currently working towards. As always, it’ll be a long one. Buckle up!


The beauty of living in California is that you never have to check the weather. It’s sunny and seventy-five seven days a week which means gone are the days of wondering whether or not my outfit is suitable for the conditions. 

I’m able to wear whatever I want to work, as long as it’s cute. Since I’m by the water, I’m able to keep things pretty casual. I’ve been reaching for lots of dresses, Princess Polly shorts, and lots of Body Contour basics. For my work-from-home days, this lilac workout onesie is a must. I sold a gazillion of these in June and can’t wait to get my hands on another color. 

I always dreamed of a life where I could wear a different bathing suit each day and I’m finally living it! I’ve been wearing lots of SheIn, Cupshe, and Kotomi Swim! Toss on this white linen button-up (I literally wear this every day), jean shorts, and my rainbow flip flops and I’m good to go. You can’t beat these beach day essentials! 


I’ve used the same rotation of products for as long as I can remember. I haven’t switched anything up, just brought them back into my daily routine now that it’s summertime! Listing my go-to’s that I reach for day in and day out.

Post shower (evening)

  • Banana Boat Aloe– I sit out in the sun almost every day and while I’m not someone who burns, I do still put aloe on every single night after the shower to keep my skin hydrated. I put it in the fridge beforehand so it’s nice and cool upon application. I’ve done this for years and swear it’s the reason my tan lasts as long as it does.
  • Banana Boat After Sun Lotion- After I apply the aloe, I slap on a layer of this lotion. It has aloe and Vitamin E in it so it helps keep my severely dehydrated skin in check! If you’re sunburnt this will also help.
  • Cerave Healing Ointment- I’ve talked about this stuff one million times. I use it all year round; ironically, I find my skin is dry from the cold and just as dry from the sun. I cake on a thick layer of this 2-3 times a week to keep my face from peeling + clear up my skin.
  • Babe Lash Serum– I’ve been using this for almost two full months now and can def see a bit of a difference. It hasn’t thickened my lashes much but they are definitely longer. Will continue to use the rest of this bottle!

In the morning 

  • Brazilian Bum Bun Cream- I have been dying to try this lotion for years now and finally got a sample of it to try— I’m obsessed. This is one of the only scented lotions I’ve ever tried that actually keeps my skin hydrated. Big fan. 
  • Blistex DCT- I wear Blistex year round but in the summer their deep conditioning treatment with SPF is like, the only thing I’ll use. This is nongreasy and unlike every other sunscreen chapstick, doesn’t taste like shit, lol.
  • SPF- In general, I’ve been wearing more sunscreen than ever before.  I have a bottle in practically every purse and smell of it at almost any given time. I love the sun but I also like to sit in it safely. To be honest, I just use whatever’s available. This month I used Neutrogena Hydro Boost, Sun Bum, BTan, and my personal favorite Bask. Whatever works!

I also wanted to mention that I got my next round of laser hair removal done. I’ve been going every six weeks for a year now and didn’t want to lose the progress I’ve made so I ended up finding a medspa here in California to keep it going! I’ve been going to Sev Laser in Hermosa Beach and they are so friendly. Definitely recommend! 


This month I read just two books- The Proposal which I hated, way too corny for my liking, and Malibu Rising which I loved. This has the same author as 7 Husbands of Evelyn Hugo which I also loved. It was so cool reading a book set in the same location I’m living in + her writing literally feels like watching a movie in your head. Highly recommend. I’m reading Beach Read by Emily Henry now! 

As for music I’ve been listening to Luke Combs’s new album 24/7. The Kind of Love We Make has been blasting from our Alexa’s on repeat for hours at a time. Big, big fan. Hopefully, I don’t run that song into the ground, lol. 

Sharing some of this month’s most played via my Spotify down below.


My big Instagram goal this month was to hit 40K by posting twice a day to reels. I didn’t end up sticking with that daily habit and therefore did not hit 40K however I’m sitting just under at 39.3K so I’d say it was still a good month! Instagram has been making all kinds of changes that it’s hard to keep up. It’s been a little discouraging but I’m absolutely loving the content I’m posting, especially on my stories so I’m just going to stay in my lane with that one. 

I’ve been uploading regularly to my website and YouTube too so if you’re interested in seeing what life has been like here in California and/or need some travel advice, check a girl out!

I also signed with management this month, meaning I officially have someone helping me book partnerships + land new sponsorships. It’s so relieving having some help after 6.5 years of being a one-man-band. This was a really special moment for me and I’m excited to see all we accomplish together!  


I’m gonna give July another go with the daily reel uploads; we’ll see how it goes! I’m on track to (hopefully) hit 75K on YouTube by the end of summer which is super exciting. This was my goal for all of 2022 so fingers crossed that momentum keeps up! With the back-to-school season on the horizon, I’ll definitely be focusing more energy on this platform to give you college girls the advice you’re wanting! 


My monthly travels continued this June with short weekend trips to San Diego and Laguna Beach. I love being so close to so much. It’s been a blast getting to explore new areas of California but to be honest, now that I’m here I understand why people from California aren’t dying to get away. My travel bug has been cured now that I’m just miles from the beach, lol. 

I do have two trips on the calendar for July though- off to Vegas with the roomies for a fun hotel partnership and then Phoenix to visit my college roommate at her summer internship spot. I can’t wait! 


Now for the part everyone’s waiting for… how are you doing, McKenzie? How are you liking it? How is California treating you? Could you see yourself moving back to California after you graduate in December?

Your San Diego Weekend Travel Guide

I think I’ve been asked this circle of questions one million times over the last few weeks, and to tell you the truth I’ve never been better. As you know, I moved to Beverly Hills, California to complete my summer internship in order to graduate in December from Kent State. I moved in with two of my best content friends— Jules and Sam who moved back to the east coast mid-month. Another sweet creator Ashlee filled her room and we clicked instantly. 

For so long I thought I wanted to live alone and yet I find myself thanking God every day for roommates that feel like family. There’s nothing better than making dinner, walking around the neighborhood, and adventuring on the weekends together. We’re always doing something while also creating some of the best content I’ve ever produced. It’s been a blast. 

I’ve been completing my internship hours, working a super flexible schedule. The nice thing about California is that things move slower here so although I wake up at 6 each day, I don’t have to start working until about 11, giving me plenty of time to complete styledby things. I keep a swimsuit and my beach chair in my car at all times so most days after work you can find me walking down to the sand. I like to sit for a few hours to soak up the sun + kill some time to avoid driving home in rush hour traffic. 

I’m adjusting differently than I expected. Small tasks feel so hard here- parallel parking, getting through stop lights, going to the post office. I can’t stand the traffic. But I also feel more myself than I ever have—thriving off the vitamin D, the creative energy that constantly surrounds me. I’ve felt more motivated and yet more relaxed than ever before. And you know what, it feels really really good. 

My cup is full. 

I’m still not sure what the plan for post-grad is. I can say with certainty that I would move back to California in a heartbeat. Probably the Laguna or Newport area where I was able to spend a few days with my high school best friend Ethan just last week. It was so good to have a piece of home here with me.

As much as I love it here, I do hate being so far from my family, from familiarity. The time difference is the hardest part but it also feels like a small price to pay for a heart this full. 

Who knows, I’m sure time will tell! Thinking of you guys always + sending love from the golden state. You guys are my everything- don’t ever forget it!

All my love, McKenz


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