Las Vegas Travel Guide Summer 2022 .

The roomies and I road tripped to Vegas for one last weekend getaway of the summer. We took a short and sweet trip—just three days and two nights. I have to admit, that was long enough time in sin city for me! At least in the dead of July when it’s one hundred and twenty degrees outside…

As per usual I’m back today sharing our full itinerary. I’m breaking down where we stayed, what we ate, what we did, and a few packing must-haves. I know many of you have a Vegas trip on the horizon so I hope you find this post helpful. Enjoy! 

Where We Stayed  

I had the pleasure of working with my first Virgin hotel this trip and it was so much fun! I didn’t realize that almost all hotels here in Vegas are essentially resorts with beach clubs, several restaurants, casinos, theaters, and more inside. It hardly felt like we needed to leave the property because there was so much to do there! 

We stayed in an incredible King suite on the tenth floor. Our room was gigantic with a full kitchen space, dining room table, a seating area, and more. A sliding barn door gave way to the bedroom.

Our room had the cutest wall decor and the comfiest bed. The bedroom also had a couch and two separate closets equipped with luggage racks, an iron, and a safe. They treated me to the sweetest welcome platter of macaroons and champagne too! I’m so grateful for opportunities like this one and truly would not be here without you so a big, big thank you! 

Our bathroom was honestly the biggest hotel bathroom I’ve ever seen. The lighting was amazing and we had enough counter space for all three of us to get ready at once. It was so convenient! 

We also had floor-to-ceiling windows in both rooms so the natural light was incredible. Plus, our view looked out over the three different pools. It was so fun—plus we were just a mile from the strip. I also want to note that self-parking was free here. They’ve got hundreds of rooms here starting at $77 a night—book your stay here. 

Where We Ate 

You know how much I love to eat out—there’s just nothing better than good food with good company. We didn’t eat a ton of meals but when we did, boy did we ball out. Sharing our favorites down below. 

Casa Calavera

On Friday night we got take out from a Mexican restaurant within our hotel and it ended up being our favorite meal of the trip. I got their chicken quesadilla but it wasn’t just any chicken quesadilla. It was stuffed with peppers, onion, and this incredible seasoning. Dipped in avocado crema and sour cream it was packed full of flavor + the perfect size. We got chips and guac too and were shocked at how large the portion was. This food was bomb and the restaurant was the cutest! Definitely, a spot I’d go back to. 

Menu // Directions


We wanted a restaurant within the Bellagio so that we could watch the water show and Jules somehow got us the best seat in the house without a reservation. I got their chicken sandwich and while my chicken was a little dry, the sun-dried pesto was amazing and packed full of flavor. Our waiter was incredible and brought us two free desserts—the donuts which were so fresh and the most amazing lemon custard, champagne, and express martini shots. The service was incredible and although it was a million degrees outside, the view was hard to beat. Definitely a 10 for atmosphere. 

Menu // Directions

Kassi Beachhouse 

This Italian restaurant had the best atmosphere ever. With beach elements, dim lighting, and a poolside view this reminded me of some of our favorite spots in Cabo! We started off with their calamari which was some of the freshest and lightest octopus I’ve ever had. We then moved on to their pita platter which was the bomb. The ricotta with honey was so different for me and yet I loved it! 

For our main courses, we split the Cacio E Pepe pasta and the margarita pizza. Both were so good. Not to mention my frozen drink was the perfect mix of sweet and sour. I sucked her down so quickly lol.

Menu // Directions

Things To Do

I’ll be honest, before coming to Vegas I did no prior research. I didn’t realize “the strip” was really just a strip of hotels. Inside these hotels are where the shopping, restaurants, and casinos are. We went into some really cool spots but Vegas really is the same thing in every building, one after another. 

Admittedly, we were really lame and didn’t go out to any nightclubs while we were in Vegas. After dinner and drinks, we just didn’t really feel the need to. Kudos to you if after a full day of walking and heat, you have the stamina to do so, haha. 

The Venetian 

This was one hotel that Ashley instead we go into. It was so cool getting to see the Italian-inspired architecture throughout. I would have loved to ride one of the gondolas! We took some photos throughout and walked around the property appreciating all of its architecture. 

Comedy Show 

We went to my first comedy show on Friday night, seeing two openers and Sal Vulcano. We had our own little suite so we were able to enjoy some space to ourselves, sipping drinks and laughing together. It was definitely a new form of entrainment for me but I’d definitely go again sometime. 

Fabulous Las Vegas Sign 

The fabulous Las Vegas sign was bought by the city of Vegas for $4,000 in the late 50s and has since been named one of the most historical landmarks in the US. Although it’s just something to look at, you know I dragged the girls out for an iconic photo op. There is a terribly long line no matter what time you go so be prepared to stand in the blazing hot sun.

Fountains of Bellagio

Ashley was dying to see the water show at the fountains of Bellagio so after stopping by “Paris” we crossed the street to watch. This show happens every thirty minutes and lasts about ten minutes. It’s free to watch and super cool to see the way the water moves. Fun fact, Jules told us it’s haunted!

Once you’ve watched the water you have to explore the inside of Bellagio. They have a new art installation every year and right now it’s the coolest jungle theme. So many cool photo ops and really beautiful art. There are a series of high-end stores, restaurants, and casinos here too. Jules says it’s one of the nicest resorts in Vegas! 


I can’t say I know how to gamble but the girls and I did play a couple of slots each night. I was up a whopping eighty cents at one point—woohoo! Needless to say, I didn’t win anything but it was still fun to try. There are casinos in almost every hotel, including the one we stayed at so we didn’t have to go very far. The Virgin hotel also provided free drinks to anyone who was gambling which was fun! 

Red Rock Canyon 

Ashley wanted to take us to Red Rock Canyon which is about twenty minutes from the strip so that we could see all of the mountains. I’ve really never driven anywhere out west besides in California so this was like another world to me. It was so cool getting to see these views. We didn’t pay money to get into this national park, just pulled off at one of the lookouts to take a few photos and videos!

Things To Pack

There are some trips I go on where I’m severely unprepared in the wardrobe area and there are others where I feel like I’m spot on. This was one of those trips where I actually felt like I packed appropriately—minus the shoes. 

Sparkles, feathers, metallics, and pink are all the perfect things to pack for this trip. There are so many different bachelorettes, birthdays, and anniversaries happening around you that this tourist town is full of festive outfits. We definitely looked over the top but we weren’t alone in that by any means. 

I will say, I was not prepared at all for the heat here. Less clothing is more here, trust me. Although we were only here for a few days, I was able to wear more than a few outfits. Per usual, I’m sharing an outfit guide full of links, photo locations, and more here. 

A few must-haves to bring with you: 

  • Heels for night but walking shoes for the day—There’s a lot of walking during the day in and out of different malls, restaurants, etc. You’re going to want shoes that your feet can last in. Platform heels were iconic for photo opportunities, but nothing else lol.
  • Things that do not require a sticky bra— It is legit so hot here that any form of sticky bra will fall right off of you. Wear something that either requires a regular bra or no bra. Trust me.
  • A crossbody purse— This is one of those cities you’re going to want a crossbody bag as opposed to a large tote. It’s so much easier to access the necessities and is safer too, being around so many tourists. 

Watch The Weekend 

Want to see my trip to Vegas + get the inside scoop on all these photos? Check out this vlog and hit the subscribe button so you don’t miss out on more travel content coming your way soon.

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We had a blast on our first trip together and while I don’t think I’ll be back to Vegas anytime soon, it was definitely a bucket list trip that I got to check off! Originally I was off to Phoenix next weekend but I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with it being my last week in California so I’ve decided to just stay put instead. Soaking up these last days in my Beverly Hills home! 

With love, McKenz

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