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If you are looking for your new favorite at-home workout, I have you covered. You may have seen previous reviews of Les Mills on GenTwenty, but did you know that they also sell workout equipment? Now you can create your own mini home gym, how awesome is that?!

Keep reading to learn more about the equipment you can purchase from this company.

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The Les Mills Workout Equipment Story

It started with one gym in 1968, then four-time Olympian Les Mills expanded it to what is now a global force. This fitness business has stayed in the family going on three generations now.

Not only do they have in-person classes, but they also have an online catalog full of great workouts like cardio, strength, core training and more. 

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Why Les Mills Is Different

What makes Les Mills different is their mission.

They aren’t in business to guilt trip you into working out everyday, they are in business to help you find passion for fitness.

You can clearly see that in the programs they offer, resources on their site, and now equipment they sell.

Why Choose Les Mills Workout Equipment

When you are ready to level up your workout, a great way to do that is to add equipment. Since Les Mills is partly home-based workouts, buying equipment is essential.

You could buy any type of equipment to start your little home gym. However, having the same equipment used in the programs you are doing makes it easier and feels more consistent.

Les Mills Smart Tech has a variety of equipment options to choose from.

If you are doing a specific program I’d recommend checking to see the types of equipment needed and buy those first. Here are some of the options you’ll find in the shop. 

There is a piece of equipment used for each kind of workout available on Les Mills programs. From upleveling your cardio workouts with the SMART Stepper and Stages C2 bike, to increasing your strength with the SMARTBar. There are even pieces of workout equipment for post-workout needs. 

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Les Mills Workout Equipment Review

Smart Step

Uplevel your cardio sessions with the SMARTSTEP. What’s great about this piece of workout equipment is that you can use it for both your cardio workouts and your strength workouts.

You don’t have to worry about any of the 4 risers slipping because there is a locking system that helps it stay in place. With the Smart Step you can truly customize your workout by adjusting the risers.

The initial purchase contains four risers (two for each side), but you can purchase additional risers if you feel you need more of a challenge.

If you’re wondering how this equipment is used during the workout, check out the Les Mills programs in BODYPUMP™,  BODYSTEP™, and GRIT™.


The SMARTBAR is another piece of equipment that can be customized to you. You are able to adjust the weights in the set to create a powerful arm workout.

It includes three different sizes, and you can even purchase additional weights on the website.The Smartbar was recently re-created and is now called SMARTBAR Gen 2.

This new and improved design features a smaller bar and easier ease of use.You are able to quickly adjust your weights, and even take them off and use them without the bar.

BODYPUMP™, CORE™, LES MILLS GRIT™ Strength, LES MILLS GRIT™ Athletic are great Les Mills programs to do with the SMARTBAR.

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This is definitely the biggest piece of workout equipment on the site. The Stages SC2 is the Les Mills studio bike, now brought to your home.

Since it is big, when your bike is delivered it gets delivered to the room of your choice.

Fast is the name of the game with this bike. From setup to transitioning between intensity levels, you’ll love how convenient it is to do both in less time.

With this piece of workout equipment you are also able to track metrics like speed, heart rate, and calories, to name a few. This means you can see how you progress the more you workout.

You can use the Stages bike in the RPM™, SPRINT™, and THE TRIP™ Les Mills+ programs.

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Les Mills Sculpt Bands

The Les Mills Sculpt Bands include three different resistance level bands, light, medium, and heavy. Having different levels of bands help you keep track of your toning progress and ensures you get the best workout possible.

These bands are made up of 70% polyester, 20% cotton, 10% latex.

There are also non-slip silicone/rubber strips on the inside of the bands to keep them in place during your workouts. Since they are portable and come in a travel pouch you can take your workout anywhere.

They are really comfortable to use and I find the resistance between each band to be the perfect amount. They are extremely high quality compared to other bands I have used in the past.

You can see these bands in action in the following Les Mills+ programs: CORE™, BODYFLOW™, TONE™, and BARRE™.

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Les Mills Massage Ball Set

After a tough workout your muscles are bound to be feeling sore, that is where these massage balls come into play.

They are ideal for muscle recovery as they help create deep muscle penetration, break up soft tissue adhesions, and relieve tension. They also help promote blood circulation and healing.

This set comes with two different densities so that you can choose which one your muscles need the most to recover well. 

These are one piece of equipment I never knew that I needed. They are handy for tight muscles after a workout.

Foam Roller

Sometimes your body needs a little more than what a massage ball can do. When it comes to full body stretching and recovery, a foam roller is what you will want.

There are many benefits that you can get from this piece of post-workout equipment. Not only is it used for stretching and recovery exercises, it can also be beneficial in rehab exercises. 

Foam rollers can also improve balance and core strength as well.

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In Summary: Les Mills Equipment Review – Final Thoughts

These Les Mills products will transform your workout, and recovery. Whether you are using them in a live Les Mills class, or in a Les Mills+ stream, you’ll see these in action via your instructors.

Now you know what each of them are for. Which pieces of equipment do you have your eye on?


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