March 2022 Favorites + Happenings – Styled by McKenz

Does each passing month go by faster the older you get?! Because it sure seems like it! Ironically, I always say that March is my least favorite month and yet God always seems to provide for me in more ways than one. Even as I sift through favorites posts from years prior I’m reminded of all of the wonderful seasons of life I’ve gone through this time of year. 

I’ve got all kinds of things to talk about today: new clothes, recent reads, and a big ole life update as the year chugs on! As always, buckle up—it’s going to be a long one. 


I swear we’ve experienced every season in one this month—some days were sunny and seventy others were snowy and thirty. I can’t catch a break, lol. I’ve been loving straight leg jeans + sneakers for a “going to class” outfit. We’ve also been going out a ton which means my bodysuit drawer is being put to good use. This nude one pictured above was my favorite of the month, from Oh Polly.

I’ve also been needing some “Sunday Best” outfits for church so these linen pants made their appearance. We’ve had several date parties so of course I’ve been stocking up on mini dresses and lace up heels too. I’ve been all over the place with my outfits (and literally) so it’s been a month os ~everything~.


I’ve been hitting the gym five days a week not only for my mental sanity but to feel good in a swimmie this spring break. I either go to the gym and do 12-3-30 on the treadmill or I’ll walk along a nearby trail. It’s about four miles and I love the scenery when it’s nice out. I then have alternated between Chloe Ting 2 Week Abs and butt to tone up a bit. 

I’ve been wearing all kinds of cute workout wear. I’m still loving the Feather Fit collection from SheIn but I’ve also been loving a few different sets from IVLCollective and Monob. Oh, and Spanx tennis skort season is right around the corner, which I’m thrilled about. These were my favorite all last year and I have no doubt they’ll be on repeat again this one. 


I’ve finally gotten back on my shooting grind. I’ll admit, the sunshine certainly makes things easier on me. My friends have been busier than ever before so it’s just been me, my tripod, and the LensBuddy app and yet I’m still getting sh!t done… I’m so excited to hop back into spring dresses, bright hues, and fun accessories.

My favorite campaign of the month was by far this one with Altard State. I adored these roller skates and thought this denim romper was just the cutest.


Oh, how I wish I had a Dyson Airwarap. I can’t bring myself to spend the $600+ dollars on it but I have been using Sam’s every chance I can get this past vacation. I have heard really mixed things about it but with medium-length, fine hair it works magic on my strands. I can get the curls to hold all day and it gives me that 90s blowout looks that I love so much while using the curl attachment. Might have to treat myself to one of these. 

I will say that hair oil makes all the difference. I’ve been using the Olaplex Bonding Oil #3 before using heat on my hair + to freshen up my day two hair and it makes a world of a difference. I highly recommend it. 


It took me a little longer to get back into the reading groove after my February content trip. I read Elin Hildebrand’s Here’s To Us which I hate to say, was hard for me to get through. It was a hard storyline to follow with five different perspectives being shared and all kinds of characters. 

I just finished up November 9 by Colleen Hoover and absolutely loved it. It had an incredible storyline with an unpredictable ending— unlike the other books I’ve read from her. It was the kind of book that really made me stop and think once I finished. I just started Seven Husbands Of Evelyn Hugo per so many of your recommendations; I’m flying through it because it’s just that good so far! 

As for music, I’ve been really loving Toby Keith. We’ve finally been getting those random arm spring days so I’ve been having lots of windows down, country on kind of moments. It’s felt so good! Follow me on Spotify @mckenzmorgan for more.


March was so good to me not only in my personal life but also in Styled by regards. For starters, I hit 70,000 YouTube subscribers! We didn’t end up celebrating this milestone as I was out of town when I hit it, but I’m still so grateful for all of the love and support from afar. I reached 35K on Instagram and had another killer month on Tik Tok. I finally feel like I’m getting the hang of that gosh darn app, lol! I’m hoping to keep that same momentum in April… fingers crossed. 


April is going to be my last full month in Kent so while I would love to say I’m gonna go ~full force~ with the content, I’m actually hoping to take a step back. I will be keeping my usual uploading schedules across my website and YouTube however, I’m hoping to keep the work a bay.

My biggest goal for this month is to line up a few brand deals for my move in May…. I know, crazy to think that in less than two months I’ll be lugging all of my belongings across the country for the summer. I’m so excited to put together a pretty space and always love the apartment/moving vlogs. Get excited! 


With classes only on Tuesdays and a week-long spring break, I managed to get away from Kent for thirteen days this month. Admittedly, I wasn’t trying to “get away” but I was looking forward to my three-part spring break extravaganza. I flew to California first where we staycationed in Laguna Beach. I absolutely loved everything this area had to offer. The views, the people, the food, it was all amazing!

From there the girls and I flew to Cabo, Mexico for my first trip out of the country. I worked with a gorgeous resort right on the water called El Tesoro. I was taken aback by how Americanized this area was and how hospitable the people were. We drank all kinds of fruity drinks, stuffed our faces full of seafood, and soaked up the sun. I still feel like we weren’t able to pack in nearly as much as I had hoped—if only we had a few extra days. I’m off to San Fransisco next and can hardly wait! 

I feel so fortunate to be seeing the world with my best friends, capturing it all for you. Much of my April blog posts will be travel-related so stay tuned!


I think it’s finally hitting everyone how soon we will be packing up our stuff and moving out of Kent. The weeks are dwindling and my friends and I are hanging onto every one of these moments together. This month we had more date parties and sorority fundraisers than I can even count. We’ve made dozens of ice cream runs, gone out too much, and spent countless nights in the living room just being together. 

I went to our campus’s church for their Ash Wednesday service and enjoyed the priest so much that I’ve been going every Sunday since. Of course, not without skipping brunch afterward. There have been karaoke nights, sleepovers, and evenings spent grilling on the porch of our fraternity friends’ houses. I’ve said yes time and time again. 

Week after week I seem to have a ten-page paper or a twenty-page project. I’m being slammed with schoolwork like never before and yet I find myself balancing it with grace (most days). I’ve worked on some awesome projects the last few months and am working closely with one of my professors to map out the future of Styledby post-grad. 

It’s a beautiful thing to mourn the loss of something before it’s gone. I hope more than ever I can treat April the same way—to feel that same lightness and gratitude for the people around me. I’ll miss this season of life so much. Thanks for getting through it with me—love you guys more than you know! 

With love, McKenz


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