Pros and Cons of a Traveling Job

Are you looking for a new job in the new year? If so, you may be considering a position that requires a lot of travel.

While this type of job can have some great benefits, it also has its drawbacks. By understanding what to expect, you can make an informed decision about whether or not this type of position is right for you.

Here are some of the pros and cons of having a traveling job.

Pro: Networking Opportunities

Making connections with influential people in the industry often requires face-to-face contact and it’s much easier to facilitate that when you travel for work. There’s something about meeting in person that allows you to make a deeper connection and build stronger relationships.

This networking can provide long-term benefits that could contribute to your professional development, whether through career advancement or skills growth. Ultimately, traveling for work has the potential to set you up for success.

Con: Renting Vehicles

For those who have jobs that require traveling, car rental can be a real hassle. Sure, you can fly to your destination, but that still leaves the question of getting around once you’re there.

If your company doesn’t pay for your rental, you may have to use your own car insurance, pay for the coverage from the rental car company or see if the credit card you used to pay for the rental will protect you.

If you are spending more time in a rental than in your own vehicle, you may be eligible for an insurance discount for using your car under a certain number of miles, typically 7,500. Check with your insurer to see what discounts you can get and if you need to shop around, consider that Freeway Car Insurance can help you find the affordable car insurance that can help, even if you don’t have a perfect driving record.

Pro: A Variety of Experiences

Working a traveling job isn’t just about seeing new places; it’s also an opportunity to experience and learn things that you can’t get anywhere else. Imagine sampling the most popular dishes of the local cuisine or having the chance to attend a traditional festival or special event.

You can also have dinner at restaurants you wouldn’t normally go to and try different types of food. Traveling gives you a chance to broaden your horizons.

Con: Less Time with Family and Friends

Navigating the complicated balance of a job that requires a lot of travel as well as relationships with family and friends back home can be difficult and taxing. Missing birthdays, special events, and simply the day-to-day interactions that strengthen our connections to those close to us can cause stress in these relationships.

Finding ways to stay connected can often help mitigate some of these challenges, but it’s something you need to plan for.

Should You Take a Job with Travel?

Now that you’ve seen the pros and cons, should you take a job with travel?

Ultimately, the decision is yours to make based on your desired career trajectory and lifestyle. If you feel called to explore, perhaps a traveling job is the perfect fit for you! Or, if you’re nervous about missing out on key family events, it might be better to choose a role closer to home.

Either way, stay curious and open-minded and know what suits you best. Good luck in your professional adventures!