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The day has come where you’re preparing your outfit for the stage, and your clothes for the after-party. You know that you have been waiting for this moment after all those countless all-nighters, long essays, and lectures. You’re graduating, completing the first step of your life-long student journey, and waiting for what the professional world brings you. 

Other than graduation parties or night outs, you may be wondering how you can celebrate completing a program. If you are the adventurous type, one of these ideas can be a photoshoot, staged between you and your friends, or even better, you and your classmates.

If you’re looking for any ideas, GenTwenty has you covered. Here are some photoshoot ideas that you can try: 

Six Graduation Photoshoot Ideas

Friendship Polaroid Book Photoshoot

If you want to hold onto those cherished friendships, one way to do this is by creating a friendship picture book. You can reach out to any of your classmates who may have lended you a helping hand through assignments and exams, or even arrange a photoshoot with your closest friends’ group. 

For this photoshoot, you will need some materials which will include an instant film camera, a box of film to put inside the camera, a scrapbook or a photo album, sharpies, and colored paper. You may want to also purchase a few props such as those graduation balloons or stickers. 

After you purchase your materials, you can select a location for your photoshoot. The location does not have to be a professional studio or a tourist attraction; It can be your own home, or more preferably, in the school. 

Once you find an ideal location, you can begin by decorating the location and arranging the props. You can pose with your friends or acquaintances anywhere and take group or individual photos. 

Once when the photoshoot is complete, you can select your favorite photos of the set and put them in the photo album. The sequence doesn’t matter at all.

Hint: you can even write some words on the photos as you see on those polaroids. When you’re done arranging your album, you can decorate the cover in any manner you wish. Be sure to tell your friends to also bring materials to make their own copies. 

Goodbye School Photoshoot

Have you ever seen those pictures or videos of students throwing their books up in the air? Well, this is another idea for a graduation photoshoot.  

Although we are not necessarily done with learning, graduation signals that we have completed the requirements of our program from the academic institution. As a result, why not celebrate your completion with some happiness?

Gather a group of your closest friends or classmates, and pick a place on campus. Make sure that all of your friends have a booklet or a stack of papers to throw in the air. Once you pick your place, make sure that you have the correct lighting, and examine your camera settings to ensure that you can take the shot. 

If you do have the option to use manual mode on your camera, adjust your shutter speed to 1/500 of a second, and keep the aperture and ISO bright enough for the setting. 

If you’re a beginner in photography, this photoshoot may take a few shots, but once you get the hang of it, you can share this awesome picture with your friends. 

Friend’s Club Photoshoot

Have you seen those sorority or fraternity photoshoots where everyone is dressed in the same type of clothing with a scarf around their necks? 

You can also apply this idea for a graduation photoshoot. Have your friends color-code their outfit for the picture, and choose a location filled with nature and grass. To prepare for the photoshoot, you and your friends can make an artistic banner with the words “Congratulations, Class of 2022,” to use in the photoshoot. 

Once you arrive at the location, have your friends all stand together and hold the banner up. You’ll surely look at the photo with fond memories. 

And what’s even better – this photoshoot can be done with any camera or phone. 

Pet Graduation Photoshoot

If you or your friends have any pets, you can arrange a pet photography photoshoot to celebrate your graduation. 

Before the photoshoot, make sure that you have graduation props, which can be a graduation hat, or a necklace for the pet. Once you have arranged and styled the props, you can then either do a photoshoot with the different pets individually, or group them together. To make matters even better, you can allow your friends to be in the picture with their pet for more of a special memory. 

High School Musical Photoshoot

Although high school days are over, that does not mean that you and your friends are not “in this ceremony together.” If you were a fan of High School Musical, now is the time to use some ideas for another fun group photoshoot with friends. 

Remember the scene when everyone gathered together and danced to the song ‘All in this Together?’ You can create that scene in your school’s gymnasium, and best of all, not everyone needs to be a dancer. 

To prepare for the photoshoot, tell your friends to style a red-and-white outfit and bring their own props. Book a time for the gymnasium and let the facility staff know.

Once when everyone arrives, go into the facility and have everyone lined up in different rows and columns replicating some parts of the dance. You can then begin your photoshoot. 

A photoshoot of your friends wearing the graduation outfit and tossing their tassels

The main event that most people remember from graduation ceremonies is when students move their tassels from the left side of the hat to the right side. This action can also be incorporated in a photoshoot; just get your friends to rent out a graduation gown and a hat. 

After, you can pick any location on campus, preferably outdoors, and tell your friends to line up. Have all of them begin to hold their tassel synchronously, and capture the action of them doing that. In order to do this, ensure that your shutter speed is faster than 1/500 and that you are shooting in burst mode. 

Once the photoshoot is done, you can choose any of the pictures you like. 

In Summary: Six Graduation Photoshoot Ideas

Congratulations on completing your courses and your program once again! If you are adventurous and are looking for different ways to portray a graduation on camera, feel free to use any of the above options.

However, do not be afraid to take pictures of your friends individually or use some of your own ideas throughout the photoshoots. After all, it is a special event that you shall always remember whenever you see those pictures.

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