Speed Masking is Here to Stay

Of the many emerging trends that came about during the pandemic, it seems that speed masking (concentrated beauty formulas that take 5 to 10 minutes to kick in) is here to stay! While we may have the extra time in our hands to dedicate to our routines, there’s nothing like a quick and easy regimen to make you feel refreshed and accomplished in little time.

Have you tried speed masking yet? These 10-minutes-or-less wonders will completely revamp your routines.

L’Oréal Elvive 8 Second Wonder Water

Got just 8 seconds in the shower for a wondrously swift and silky formula that will last a couple of washes? We all do!✋

Versed Doctor’s Visit Instant Resurfacing Mask

An affordable and quick formula that will never let you down. Work this into your exfoliation routine just once a week to really see a difference in your skin texture.

Amika Flash Instant Shine Mask

We’re all aiming for that healthy, shiny hair look for our more casual days, which is turning into every day in my case. Despite having fine hair, I was surprised at how lightweight this formula was.

Pantene Miracle Rescue Intense Rescue Shots

This one-minute mask instantly transforms highly damaged hair. Your stressed tresses deserve some highly focused TLC.

Playa Healing Hair Masque

Playa hones in on performance formulas focused on your scalp. Use this mask for 5 to 8 minutes to soak up kaolin clay and amla oil for gentle exfoliation and moisture.

Pacifica Vegan Silk Instant Gloss Mask

The perfect 60-second liquid formula for shine, hydration and silky protection. The mask is created using vegan silk proteins and amino acids to plump up and bring back to life the dullest of strands.

Kinship Mint Mud Deep Pore Detox Mask

Get a deep clean in just 5 minutes. Key ingredients include lactic acid, bentonite and kaolin clays, moringa and kinbiome to unleash all that gunk in your pores.

Caudalie Instant Detox Mask

The Vinergetic C+ Instant Detox Mask cleanses the skin of all its impurities, visibly eliminates excess sebum and visibly tightens pores in as little as 5 minutes. They also use fully recyclable packaging.

Kopari Pink Soufflé Body Mask

This body mask feels like a luxurious spa day. The clean formula combines niacinamide, dragon fruit extract and kaolin and bentonite clays to purify and smooth skin.

Redken Extreme Hair Mask

In just 3 to 5 minutes, this mask will completely transform and restore desperately distressed strands.

Good Molecules Instant Cleansing Balm

Formulated with sea buckthorn oil, camellia oil and shea butter, this cleansing balm melts on contact with skin to dissolve makeup, dirt, pollutants and impurities. I like to leave it on for a few seconds and melt in before washing it off. It leaves your skin feeling clean yet gently moisturized.

Three Ships Detox Green Tea Antioxidant Clay Mask

I love a dry powder that transforms into an instant skincare hero. Formulated for oily/combination skin types, the mask helps to brighten and balance.

Origins Drink Up 10 Minute Hydrating Mask with Apricot & Glacier Water

Restore hydration with a 10-minute, ultra-moisturizing mask that delivers 24-hour hydration. Keep your skin and hands conditioned with glacier water, hyaluronic acid and apricot, which quenches thirsty skin and dry spots.

Sephora Collection 1 Minute Face Masks

Got a minute? Duh! If you want to mask quickly, then you’ll love these one-minute sheet masks which infuse the power of hydrating avocado and brightening lotus.

Sanctuary Spa 1 Minute Daily Glow Mask

A super quick mask powered by a trio of vitamin C super fruits to give your skin instant luminosity and improve skin’s texture. You’ll also notice rosemary extract, which acts as an anti-oxidant in the skin, and sunflower oil to improve the skin’s appearance.

Dior Capture Totale Dreamskin 1-Minute Mask

All skin types can benefit from this moisturizing, skin-perfecting, AHA peel mask. Using the best exfoliating agents (glycolic, citric and floral acids), skin is transformed and radiant.

Beauty Pie Fruitizyme Five Minute Facial

Finally, clear your t-zone in just 5 minutes with this peel formula. With dead-cell sloughing glycolic acids, powerful pomegranate enzymes, gentle quartz and bamboo scrub grains, your texture and complexion will quickly even out. Salicylic acid helps purify your skin and keep acne in check.

Joanna Vargas Exfoliating Mask

Gently exfoliate and cleanse for a brighter complexion while using all-natural ingredients.

Ursa Major Bright & Easy 3-Minute Flash Mask

You’ve got 3 minutes to unleash vibrant and radiant skin. Pomegranate enzymes work to gently soften and remove dead skin cells while the hibiscus exfoliates and firms. Alfalfa gives a retinol-like effect to improve skin’s firmness and elasticity, and depleting fine lines.

Happy Girl The Vadge Mask

It’s always good to keep your v-zone feeling exciting. Plus, you can actually use this mask all over, even on your face. Kaolin and bentonite clays detoxify your skin while drawing out impurities from ingrown hair bumps, scarring, whiteheads, blackheads and boils, leaving skin soft and smooth.


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