The 20 Best Corset Tops for Women

Who doesn’t love a good period piece?

Everyone’s favorite steamy drama series, Bridgerton, is back for a second season, and that means more iconic fashion moments. Corset tops became as popular as ever when the series was released, with trendy corset brands topping many people’s search history. 

Despite the corset top we might find ourselves wearing today not being the historically accurate style of the Regency period the series is set in, it’s still fun to take inspiration from the show. Besides, the Lady Whistledown’s of the internet will surely share their opinions regardless. 

If you’re as excited as we are for season 2 of Bridgerton, you’re probably looking to shop for some new corsets. From Amazon to ASOS, here are 20 favorite corset tops, because we know you’ll want to rock one on premiere night.

Urban Outfitters Out From Under Lovestruck Corset

Since the popular Out From Under Modern Love Corset ($59) is always sold out, here’s an alternative. The Urban Outfitters Out From Under Lovestruck Corset $59) is the same price and has a more sleek and sophisticated look. 

Photo courtesy of Zara.

Zara Balloon Sleeve Corset Top

Balloon sleeves are similar to the puffed sleeve worn in the Regency Period. Zara’s Balloon Sleeve Corset Top ($36) gives me major Bridgerton vibes. 

PacSun LA Hearts Lace Corset Top 

We can totally see ourselves rocking this top in the spring. A lace corset top ($35) is always a yes. 

Pretty Little Thing  Baby Blue Satin Corset 

The Pretty Little Thing Satin Corset comes in many different sizes and prints. The baby blue top ($38) is our favorite for sure, not to mention it’s also Lady Daphne’s signature color!

Urban Outfitters Dyspnea Ta Da Tulle Corset 

You know we couldn’t just have one Urban corset on this list. Urban Outfitters’ Dyspnea Ta Da Tulle Corset ($120) is on the top of our wishlist. 

Miaou Agnes Corset 

Miaou has been everywhere lately. Their Agnes Corset ($225) is the sexy satin corset of our dreams. 

PacSun LA Hearts Butterfly Corset Tank Top 

This one is for all of the butterfly lovers. PacSun’s LA Hearts Butterfly Corset Tank Top ($30) puts a fun twist on the corset trend. 

I.AM.GIA Naomi Top 

A fun and flirty corset top from I.AM.GIA is a must. The Naomi Top ($60) is perfect for picnics and casual strolls through the park.

Photo courtesy of ASOS.

ASOS LUXE fan detail corset cami top in gold

If you’re looking to be the best dressed at the party, then this corset is for you. The ASOS LUXE fan detail corset cami top in gold ($80) is just as dramatic and fabulous as Bridgerton itself. 

Meshki Delaney Corset 

Here’s another classic black option, perfect for date night or your next big event, Meshki’s Delaney Corset ($65) is a must have.

Dyspnea Vanilla Ice Ivory Busted Bodice Top 

Dyspnea has been all over our FYP this past year. This Busted Bodice Top in Vanilla Ice Ivory ($190) is what Daphne Bridgerton would wear in 2022.


Amazon Herdignity Women’s Frill Smocked Crop Tank Top Bandage Bustier Corset Tie Shoulder Strap Lace-Up Corset Tops 

It’s true, you can find literally anything on Amazon, including this cute corset top ($18). The bows on the sleeves are our favorite part. 

Image 0 of SATIN EFFECT CORSET TOP from Zara
Photo courtesy of Zara.

Zara Satin Effect Corset Top

Here’s another Zara fav in our baskets right now. The Satin Effect Corset Top ($40) is what we’ll be wearing through spring and summer. 

PacSun Kendall & Kylie Lace-Up Corset Top

PacSun has upped their game recently, and as you can tell we’re fans. Their Kendall & Kylie Lace-Up Corset Top ($30) has ruffled detailing and a super cute lace up front. 

Pretty Little Thing Red Lace Trim Satin Corset 

Wow the crowd in this red corset ($38) from Pretty Little Thing. The lace trim detailing really adds to the beautiful satin top. 

I.AM.GIA Mandi Corset 

I.AM.GIA also has this black corset top ($70) option that’s super versatile. This is definitely a cool girl look for sure.

Photo courtesy of ASOS.

ASOS Femme Luxe corset style top in satin sage

If you couldn’t tell, we’re loving green right now. Wear two trends at once with this sage corset top from ASOS ($45).

Image 1 of FLORAL CORSET CROP TOP from Zara
Photo Courtesy of Zara

Zara Floral Corset Crop Top 

Okay, we had to throw in one more from Zara. The Floral Corset Crop Top ($40) is just too cute to pass up. 

Forever 21 Satin Lingerie Tube Top

Here’s another pink one just because we love pink so much. The Forever 21 Satin Lingerie Tube Top ($18) would be so cute to layer with.

Corset tops are timeless pieces you’ll keep in your closet forever. They can be dressed up or down for almost any occasion. Whether you’re having a watch party or a solo cry session on your couch bingeing the season, a corset will perfectly top off your look. 

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