The Best Non-Toxic Coffee Mugs

I did a lot of research finding the best non-toxic coffee makers and now I want to share the best non-toxic coffee mugs to pair with it. Coffee mugs are a necessity when it comes to your morning brew, mostly because you have to be able to pour your hot drinks into something! They’re also a great way to express yourself and share a moment of joy.

I love mugs. I was collecting them for a while, buying one every new place I went to, until I realized I had 35+ mugs and very little storage space.

So, I try to be a little bit more discerning with the mugs I acquire, and that includes finding non-toxic coffee mugs. The best products in our life help make our lives better and do no harm to us.

Non-Toxic Materials To Look For

What makes a mug non-toxic? Well, the material! The best material for non-toxic mugs are glass and stainless steel. 

A stainless steel mug is a great option, but because metal conducts heat, you’ll want one with a sturdy handle or one that’s double-layered or insulated, otherwise it’s best to use it for cold drinks. 

Clear glass mugs are a good material because there are very few toxins in a glass cup, and as long as the glass is lead-free, you’re in the clear for a non-toxic mug. It should be noted that not all glass is created equally, so if you’re looking at colored glass, make sure it is high-quality, lead-free glass.

If you want a ceramic coffee mug, you can still have non-toxic ones! You should know that not all ceramic mugs are created equally, as it depends on the material of the glaze over the pottery, too. Porcelain mugs and other mugs made of china also can be glazed with toxic materials, like cadmium or lead, that can leach over time when in contact with acidic food like coffee.

High levels of lead are harmful to our health, but even a small amount of lead isn’t good. If you’re looking at a ceramic mug made by an artisan who uses custom glazes, just make sure to speak with them about the makeup of the glaze. The good news is that there are many companies that care about their consumers and the environment and make safe ceramic and porcelain mugs!

The Best Non Toxic Coffee Mugs

I know the important factors of a good coffee mug and a friendly travel mug: portable, containable, durable, washable, and non-toxic. These non-toxic coffee cups can withstand a higher temperature beverage without leaching toxins or chemicals, and there is a different type of mug for each occasion and design preference

Double Wall Glass 16 oz Cups by Yuncang

These reusable coffee cups are a great addition to your pantry. The double-layer borosilicate glass is great for hot liquid or cold! This set of 4 glasses are a good choice as they hold 16oz, perfect for an iced coffee or frothy cappuccino.

These are dishwasher safe, microwave safe, and even safe to put in the freezer. They’re an elegant design that could be seen as café glass coffee mugs from your favorite coffee spot.

Iridescent Striped Glass 12.5. Oz mug by Lysenn

What a friendly coffee cup! With an accompanying bamboo lid, this iridescent striped glass is luminous and lead-free for a delicious non-toxic cup of coffee. It is available in a few different colors that are all non-toxic. 

Stainless Steel Insulated Tumbler by Hydroflask

If you’re an on-the-go person who wants their coffee to stay hot or the iced drink to stay iced, the Hydroflask is the one for you. This stainless steel travel mug is available in four different sizes, from 12oz all the way up to 28 oz, and it’s great for travel.

I have one and I love it so much. I once made hot tea, drove for two hours, sat in on a three-hour meeting, and then took a sip and still burnt my mouth. It’s great for everyday use, but recommended to hand wash only to help it last a long time.

Sip by Swell 16 oz Travel Tumbler by Swell

If you’re like me and want to take your beverage on the go, and have a wonky-sized cupholder in your car, worry no more. This tumbler has a narrow design made for all car cup holders, and like the above recommendation it is also stainless steel and insulated so your hot drinks stay hot and your cold drinks stay cold. 

Stainless Steel Double Walled Mugs by Real Deal Steel

If you’re looking for stainless steel mugs but don’t want to have a plastic lid, try this set of two 15-oz stainless steel mugs. They’re great for use anywhere, even camping, though they do not have a lid. The double walled design keeps your hot drinks hot, cold drinks cold, without any discomfort to your hand!

17 oz Ceramic Coffee Mugs by Dowan

This set of 6 mugs is a great deal! Dishwasher and microwave safe, these mugs by Dowan are non-toxic, lead-free and cadmium-free. They’re a popular product because the white design is classic and universal.

16 oz Porcelain Coffee Mugs by Selamica

The best coffee mugs are the ones that you will use. If you want a little color and texture in your life, these porcelain mugs are it!

The set of six  beautiful dark blue-and-white patterns are made from high quality porcelain that is lead-free and non-toxic. These mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe, too.

In Summary: Best Non-Toxic Coffee Mugs

It can be overwhelming to switch over to a non-toxic lifestyle, so I hope these articles help. Just remember, you only need to take small actions to make a big change. Simple swaps like the mug you use, the coffee you buy, or the coffee maker that brews your coffee can have a bigger, positive impact long-term.

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