The Best Planners for College to Keep You Organized


Even though I rely on my cell phone and laptop for almost everything in life, there’s something technology just cannot replace, and that is my trusty planner.

Every year, I look forward to choosing a new version. I use it to schedule my time, keep track of deadlines, events, and appointments, and in general, organize my life. Not only does writing things down helps me remember my obligations, but there’s something about putting a pen to paper that just makes me feel more productive compared to using an app.

Plus, there are so many cute planner designs to pick from which makes the planning process more personalized and fun. In the words of Parks and Recreation‘s Leslie Knope, I love “jammin’ on my planner!” (IYKYK).

The start of a new semester is the perfect time to pick out a new planner, so I’ve rounded up the most stylish, functional, and best planners for college. Read on for my top picks!

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