Treacherous Taxis: How To Protect Yourself When Taking A Taxi

Taxis are, by and large, a safe mode of transport. However, there are some taxi drivers out there who aren’t trustworthy. college students can be an easy target – especially if you’re alone or have been drinking. Scammers and dangerous drivers could be particularly prevalent in some other countries where they are less closely monitored. All in all, it’s best to keep your wits about you before you jump in a cab. Below are just a few red flags to look out for.

Make sure it’s an official taxi

Anyone can pretend to be a taxi driver without being licensed. The best way to make sure that a driver is an official taxi driver is to arrange the taxi beforehand by calling a trusted taxi firm. Jumping in a random car that claims to be a taxi is much more dangerous – especially if there is no signage, meter or equipment to suggest that it’s a real taxi.

Look at ratings when ride-sharing

Ride-sharing is typically quite safe when organized through an app – every pick-up has a digital trace and therefore drivers are less likely to scam you. There are still some dodgy drivers that use ride-share platforms like Uber, but you can usually spot them by checking ratings. An average rating below a 3.5 could be a red flag. Avoid such drivers.

Check the meter

Most official taxis will have a meter installed. It’s important that this meter is working properly and that it’s set to 0 before you set off. If there is already a price displayed on the meter, you should challenge them about this before letting them drive you anywhere. If the price on the meter is going up dramatically during your ride or not moving at all, you should also confront the driver to make sure you’re not getting scammed.

Get a price (and pay) in advance

Agreeing on a price in advance and paying it there and then is recommended in situations where a driver doesn’t have a meter or their meter isn’t working. It is particularly useful when booking long distance taxi rides.

Don’t accept dangerous driving

If a taxi driver is driving erratically and you feel in danger, don’t be afraid to tell them to pull over and drop you off somewhere. Many passengers are injured in taxi accidents every year – you can avoid being part of this statistic by keeping an eye on how the taxi is driving so that you can abandon the ride if necessary. If you are involved in an accident and are injured, consider hiring taxicab accident lawyers to gain compensation so that the driver faces consequences for their actions. You may even be able to get them taken off the road.

Know when to ride with someone else

There could be times when it’s safer to share a cab with a friend. Rogue taxi drivers are much more likely to take advantage of a solo passenger – especially women riding home at night. Even if you end up having to crash at a friend’s house, it could be safer than having to take a journey alone – particularly if you don’t know the driver.