Weekly Wrap Up #24 2022 .

Eek how is it Monday?! These weekend trips are putting a damper on my usual Sunday Weekly Wrap Up schedule. We hit Laguna Beach again this weekend and it was truly the perfect visit. More on that later…. for now, let’s recap another week here in California complete with outfit details!

Before I go, I just wanted to extend a huge thank you for all of your love and support these last few weeks. I feel God working in my life more than ever and am just so gosh darn grateful to be sharing this season of life with you. Cheers to old friends and cheers to all of you new!

With love, McKenz


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Coming soon—I’m at the beach right now haha.


Sunday, June 12

Hit Palmys for breakfast this morning then wandered around La Jolla stopping in the cutest surf shops + local boutiques. We spent some time exploring the gorgeous lookouts and wrapped up our afternoon on the beach. I loved San Deigo so much and know I’ll be back so soon!

Outfit Details— swimsuit: SheIn, hat: Altard State

Monday, June 13

After a weekend away, I had all kinds of things to do today. Laundry to be done, contracts to sign, videos to edit, and emails to send. I stayed busy all day long. After running a few errands for my internship, I helped Sam pack up her bedroom. Today was her last day in California so naturally, we made dinner together, had a dance party, and went on one last walk. I’m gonna miss that chick!

Outfit Details— romper: SheIn, sneakers: Puma, bag: Lululemon, earrings: SheIn, necklaces: Gorjana, rings: Gorjana

Tuesday, June 14

Dropped Sam off at the airport and then headed right to Hermosa for the day. This is my favorite little beach town by far. My sweet aunt owns a shoe store here so I spent a few hours helping her with her social media—filming reels, shooting photos, you know the drill! I went down to the water and laid out for a bit, finally finishing my book. We had dinner together and I made it home after sunset. The perfect, full day!

Outfit Details— bikini: Forever 21, sarong: Bleusalt, flip flops: Rainbow

Wednesday, June 15

Uploading some of my Wednesday content then getting dressed and ready for an afternoon in Malibu. I headed into Bleusalt’s storefront and filmed a few different reels and Tik Toks featuring some new arrivals! I spent the evening on Instagram live chatting with my followers while making dinner.

Outfit Details— bodysuit: Express, pants: Petal and Pup, shoes: Franco Sarto, purse: Banana Republic, earrings: SheIn, necklaces: Gorjana, rings: Gorjana

Thursday, June 16

Off to Hollywood then Malibu today, running around doing intern things. By the time I got home, I was ready to upload another blog post, edit a YouTube video, and sit down for dinner. Jules and I went on a late-night walk to Rodeo Drive. I love that we live so close!

Outfit Details— set: Boohoo, bodysuit: Express, shoes: Franco Sarto, purse: Banana Republic, earrings: SheIn, necklaces: Gorjana, rings: Gorjana

Friday, June 17

No work for me today which meant right to the beach I went, lol. I practically live in the sand if you couldn’t tell. I spent some time soaking up the sun and then popped into Sev’s new Hermosa location to get my next round of laser hair removal. Jules and I walked in and out of all the local businesses and grabbed Paradise bowls for dinner! Yum!

Outfit Details— suit: Cupshe, top: SheIn, shorts: Princess Polly, shoes: Rainbow

Saturday, June 18

Jules and I are having ourselves a content day! I shot seven different outfits today, including a few coordinating ones with Jules so that we could get some pictures together. Can’t wait to post this one of our matching Steve Madden heels on Instagram! We went to Rodeo Drive, The Beverly Hills Hotel, and the Beverly Center. So much fun!

Outfit Details— tee: Peppermayo, shorts: Princess Polly, sneakers: Converse, earrings: SheIn, necklaces: Gorjana, rings: Gorjana, bracelets: Gorjana


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