Weekly Wrap Up #30 2022 .

I blinked and the California summer of my dreams flew by. I was hoping for a magical final few days here—soaking up my Beverly Hills apartment, enjoying a few final beach days, and saying goodbye to all of the locals I met during my internship but God had other plans. I was admitted to the hospital early Monday for my appendix and ended up needing emergency surgery. Believe me, it was less than ideal being bedridden my last few days in California, and even more stressful trying to get all of my ducks in a row before moving out Thursday.

However, a girl boss never rests and the show must go on… I did in fact fly cross country and then hop in a car for 6 hours the very next day to make my cousin’s wedding. It was so good to have some family time after months away from everyone. Now time to unpack, repack, and drive to the Outer Banks for a week of fun.

I can’t thank you enough for all of your thoughts and prayers this last week as I recover and close out this California chapter. It’s been one wild ride!

With love, McKenz


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Can you believe this is my last vlog in California of the year?! 😭 This one takes a dramatic turn with my appendix situation but you also get to see the last few moments in my Beverly Hills apartment + with my roommates. Time for a few vlogs at home and then let the Florence content begin….


Sunday, July 24

After a busy morning getting content live, I slipped into my swimsuit and drove over to Hermosa to soak up one last beach day. It was a little overcast but it still felt good to lay out and read for a bit. I got a little antsy sitting around evening so I started packing up some suitcases. Thursday will be here before I know it!

Outfit Details— swimsuit: Aurelle

Monday, July 25

My week took a very dramatic turn when I woke up in the middle of the night with excruciating abdominal pain. It turns out my appendicitis was back and this time I’d need emergency surgery to get it removed. Definitely didn’t want to spend my last few days cooped up in a hospital bed, but grateful that this happened now rather than during my time in Italy.

Outfit Details— hospital gown! Fun!

Tuesday, July 26

I had to spend the night in the hospital so that they could monitor me post-op. I got poked with more needles than ever before but was discharged by mid-afternoon. I spent the rest of the day curled up in bed dozing in and out of sleep as I watched Brooke Miccio’s vlogs.

Outfit Details— another hospital gown! Yay!

Wednesday, July 27

As much as I wanted to take it slow today, it was a little hard considering it was my last day in California. The girls were so gracious and helped me pack up the entirety of my room. I packed my suitcases and headed over to Tiff’s to drop off my car. We had one last feast at American Junkie and squeezed each other hard before saying goodbye. I never in a million years expected this goodbye to be so hard.

Outfit Details— top: Bolt Boutique, leggings: Aerie, sweatshirt: Hait Mait, shoes: Rainbow

Thursday, July 28

Zipping those suitcases and hugging my roomies extra tight before being dropped off at the airport. Definitely wouldn’t recommend flying cross-country days after surgery 😅 but I made it back to Maryland safe and sound!

Outfit Details— top: Bolt Boutique, leggings: Lululemon, shoes: Converse, luggage: Samsonite

Friday, July 29

No rest time in this household. Woke up bright and early to make the drive to New York. My sweet cousin Claire is getting married tomorrow so today was full of visiting with family I haven’t seen in months at the rehearsal dinner. It was a gorgeous night all together!

Outfit Details— dress: SheIn, shoes: Steve Madden, earrings: SheIn, necklaces: Kendra Scott, rings: Electric Picks

Saturday, July 30

Today was the big day and gosh was it gorgeous! Claire and Alec had a gorgeous ceremony followed by a rowdy reception. Although just a few days post-surgery, I was still able to dance it up with everyone. Definitely felt sore the morning after but so happy I was able to rally for this special weekend full of love!

Outfit Details— dress: Petal and Pup, shoes: Dolce Vita, earrings: SheIn, necklaces: Kendra Scot, rings: Electric Picks


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