Why It’s Important to Quit Smoking and Vaping in Your Twenties

Your twenties are a critical life stage, providing greater opportunities to explore and gain life skills. But young adults can struggle to make the most out of this transition when habits like smoking and vaping endanger their health and well-being (not to mention their wallet).

Research published in the JAMA Network Open has found that although there has been a decline in adolescent smoking rates, smoking initiation has now shifted to young adults.

Within 16 years, the number of smokers who either started or transitioned to regular smoking in their early adulthood has more than doubled. Moreover, e-cigarette use among young adults has exceeded the pre-pandemic rate of 5.2%.

Quitting smoking and vaping is the healthiest option for smokers of all ages, but it can be particularly beneficial for young adults to kick the habit while they’re still in their twenties — here’s why.

Benefits of quitting in your twenties:

By now, it’s well-known that smoking has serious health consequences, from chronic diseases to early death.

However, a Live Science article notes that the earlier you quit, the greater the health benefits you can gain. It cited a study where it was found that smokers who quit by age 45 reduced their risk of smoking-related deaths by up to 90%. Meanwhile, those who quit before age 35 showed mortality rates similar to those who never smoked at all.

That’s not to say you should continue smoking as long as you quit before age 35. Instead, these findings emphasize the benefits of quitting as early as possible, especially if you started smoking in adolescence or young adulthood.

You can expect larger reductions in the risk of developing cancer, heart disease, and lung disease compared to smokers who quit at older ages. Many young adults have resorted to vaping while trying to quit cigarettes, but even these products can be of no help. V

apes have been linked to impaired blood vessel function, thereby sabotaging your efforts to make early improvements for your health.

Another factor is to think about the financial cost. Smoking reportedly costs between $1,380 and $2,540 annually, depending on the severity of the habit, while vaping just one pod can reach $1,400 each year.

Whether health-related or financial, the best route is to quit smoking and vaping altogether and to consider the advice listed in the next section.

A Guide To Quitting Early

Talk To a Quit Coach

Despite the high prevalence of smoking among young adults, adult-focused cessation initiatives often overlook this age group. As such, young adult smokers can talk to a quit coach who can provide personalized and age-specific advice and strategies on quitting.

The CDC recommends using phone-based quitlines, as you can connect with trained quit coaches who can help you create a quit plan, link you to local support groups, and refer you to other cessation services, whether clinical or behavioral.

Use Smoking Cessation Aids

Young adult smokers are also reported to underutilize smoking cessation aids, even though their effects on long-term quitting are widely documented. For one, it is worth looking into prescription medication like Chantix (varenicline) to aid with quitting, as the linked study has shown that it blocks certain nicotinic receptors in the brain.

This in turn curbs the reward system associated with smoking, helping you wean off the intense urge to take a drag.

For young adults who can neither afford nor access prescription drugs, over-the-counter products like oral nicotine pouches are a viable option, too.

They supply nicotine into the bloodstream to help you keep tobacco cravings and withdrawal symptoms at bay.

Leading online retailer Prilla showcases brands like Rogue, On!, ZYN, and VELO, which come in various flavors and strengths to suit the user’s preferences and nicotine needs. Since Prilla ships to anywhere in the US, offering 24hr dispatch and express delivery, you don’t have to worry about your local convenience store not having these pouches in stock.

In Summary:

To reiterate, all is not lost even if you start smoking early, as you can quit in your twenties and live a longer life. As you go through the steps of changing your smoking habits, make an effort to pair this lifestyle change with these 25 Habits that Nourish Your Body’, as listed previously. These include exercising regularly and eating whole foods to better maximize the health benefits of quitting.

If you are looking for more guidance as part of Gen-Twenty, we have plenty more health and wellness articles across the site.