Affordable Organic Clothing – 15 Brands To Check Out

As we begin to enter into a new season you may find that you need to update your wardrobe. New clothes can be fun to shop for, especially if you have an aesthetic in mind. It’s even better when you find some cute organic pieces made of sustainable materials instead of buying fast fashion.

In this post we are going over all things affordable organic clothing. I’m going to give you some great tips for shopping organic and saving money, then I’ll list my top picks for great brands that are stylish, and eco-friendly. Whether you are making a capsule wardrobe or just trying to wear more sustainable fabrics, this list has something for everyone!

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Conventional vs. Organic Clothing

There are a couple of differences between traditional and organic clothing. Here are some that you should know about before you start shopping. 

How it’s made:

Traditional clothes are usually made from cotton that has been exposed to dangerous chemicals and in factories that are not safe, or fair to the workers.

Organic cotton farmers don’t use pesticides and other harmful chemicals to grow their corn, which is the best way to make safe, great quality clothes. Businesses that make organic clothes are more likely to also care about the people making the clothes. They’ll make sure the factories are in great shape and pay the workers fairly.

How long the clothes last:

Depending on the strength of material, traditional clothes normally don’t last as long. That is because organic clothing is made to last long. The materials used in organic clothing are more durable and can withstand a lot more than your typical fast fashion merchandise.


Organic clothing is a little more pricier than traditional clothes. However, when you think of how long organic clothes last, you are really saving money in the long run.

Why Is Organic Clothing The Best Choice?

Now that you know what organic clothing is, it’s clear that organic is the way to go, right? In case you need some more convincing check out these benefits you’ll find when choosing organic.

It’s Better For The Environment:

Organic cotton, and other materials, aren’t sprayed with dangerous chemicals that end up seeping into the ground. The production of organic cotton also uses a lot less water. When you add up how much water regular cotton uses, it’s eye-opening.

Buying from an organic clothing brand can help reduce your carbon footprint. Ethical clothing brands that use natural materials, sustainable materials, and organic materials are often carbon neutral as well.

It’s Hypoallergenic:

If you have sensitive skin and get allergic reactions easily, you’ll want to buy clothes made from organic cotton. It is hypoallergenic, so no need to brace for an allergy attack when wearing your favorite organic outfit.

It’s Made With Better Quality Materials:

As I mentioned above, organic clothing looks more expensive at a glance. However, when you think of how long an organic jacket, or any clothing item, lasts compared to a regular cardigan, you’ll see that the price actually isn’t that bad. This is because the materials used to make organic clothing are better quality.

It’s Safer For Farmers:

Since there are no chemicals being used on the crop, farmers don’t have to worry about getting chemical stains in their clothes, and even worse, get any toxic spray on your skin. This helps farmers ankle to do their job more efficiently. 

The Workers Are Treated Better:

Factories where traditional, fast-fashion clothes are made often have workers that are treated unfairly. Companies that make organic clothing usually make it part of their mission to vet out suppliers and factories to make sure that the workers are treated fairly and paid the amount they are supposed to get paid.

Ethical brands focus on not only the sustainability of their products but the ethics of their supply chain as well. They want their factories to have safe working conditions (and also avoid toxic chemicals) while paying fair wages. A living wage is key in all parts of the supply chain.

How To Make Organic Clothes Affordable

What turns some people away from buying organic is the price of organic items like clothing. While it can get costly, organic clothes are higher quality and last longer, so when it comes down to it, the high price tag is worth it.

There are some ways around it being costly, though. Here are some tips to keep in mind when searching for deals on organic clothing.

Invest In Versatile Pieces:

There are many clothing items, like cardigans, scarfs, and more, that can help make up several different outfits.

Buying these items from organic clothing brands will save you from buying multiple of the same type of clothing in a traditional brand. Saving you money, and avoiding fast fashion.


Are there ways that you can take clothes that you already have and give it a new life? There are many ideas around the internet to help you get started.

Some ideas you may want to consider are turning a t-shirt into a crop top and dying your jeans a new color. The money you save by doing these projects gives you more money to invest in a few organic pieces to add to your wardrobe.

Buy Second-Hand:

Buying organic second-hand clothing is great because these clothes last a while. Even if the items are years old, they are new to you, and still in great condition. This is a great way to save big on organic outfits.

Shop Sales:

If you don’t have to pay full price for organic clothing then why would you? The best way to do this is to shop the sales. Think of holidays and the end of seasons. That is where you’ll find the deals and score even more organic options for your closet.

Have A Swap Party:

If you have some organic clothing items that you’d rather not have anymore, consider swapping them for someone else’s organic clothes.

You both get rid of clothes you no longer want, while putting together a new outfit for yourself at the same time.This is called a swap party. You’ll have more options by inviting over a few people instead of one.

Rent Clothes:

If you know you’ll only wear an outfit once, or twice, renting organic clothes may be a great option for you. Companies are different, but essentially you are borrowing the clothes, then you send it back and can get your next outfit.

Options to look into if you want to try renting your clothes are Rent The Runway and Nuuly.

15 Affordable Organic Clothing Brands

All the said, let’s jump into a list of sustainable brands in the fashion industry that offer organic cotton clothing at affordable prices.

Pact Apparel

Pact Apparel  is affordable ethical clothing brand offers organic basics for the whole family. They are on a mission to build Earth’s Favorite Clothing Company. They are moving forward with their mission by creating products that are Certified Organic by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) in factories that are Fair Trade Certified™. 

On their website you’ll find clothes for women. men, kids, and babies. One of my favorite items is their Airplane Cardigan ($88). It comes in six different colors and would pair well with many different outfits.

The company cares about the Earth, the farmers and workers involved in creating their clothes, and their customers. Another way they show that they care is through their donation program, The Give Back Box. When you receive your new clothes you can then pack clothes you’d like to get rid of in that same box and send it back. Pact takes those clothes and donates them to nonprofits. Your clothes will get a second life!


ABLE all started by the founders selling scarves that were made from women in Ethiopia. The profits from these scarves were able to help these women get out of sex trafficking and ultimately change their lives. The ladies that were selling the scarves recognized the opportunity to help change lives, then ABLE was born. Now they sell different items like dresses, pants, denim, and blouses like this cute Emma Blouse.

One of the services they provide for their customers is a size swap. If your favorite shirt is either too big or too small, you can swap it for a new size, if the item is part of the program. This service is free, and it doesn’t matter how long you’ve had the item. Small actions like this help ABLE stand out as one of the best, affordable organic clothing brands.


TenTree is another company that values the earth and its people. Through their Earth-first approach they ensure that the products are made in fair, safe working conditions. In addition to that, the clothes are  created from sustainably sourced and recycled materials. TenTree goes beyond their planting and manufacturing processes to make a change in the world. They also plant ten trees with every purchase. 

The clothes that TenTree creates can be described as casual, everyday wear. They sell women, men, and children’s clothes, in addition to accessories. This top would make a great addition to your wardrobe – it comes in 2 colors! Their affordable price point makes natural fibers and eco-friendly fabrics accessible in clothing for men adn women.


Also at the top of our list of affordable eco-friendly clothing brands, PrAna proves that you don’t have to give up style and adventure for organic clothing. They were founded by Beaver and Pam in 1992. Since their beginnings PrAna’s goal has been to “make sustainable and stylish fashion for those who live active lifestyles.” They have continued to do this by staying educated and making their clothes stylish while also being as kind as possible to the Earth. 

One of the items you’ll find on their site is this Desert Road Sweater ($95). It’s perfect for your fall outings. Check out their website for more great styles for women and men.

Haas Apparel by Avocado

Haas Apparel was founded in 2016 on a search to find a green mattress and reduce the environmental impact of low quality bedding. Flash forward to today and the brand has become more than just bedding. The company has expanded to even more bedding options as well and more clothing options. That is what we are talking about today.

These Fleece Sweatpants are perfect to wear on a lazy afternoon and need some downtime. It comes in four different colors, so you could buy a few and get a collection started. One way this company helps the community, and even the world, is by partnering with 1% For The Planet. This allows them to give back to the community through causes that are close to their heart.

On their website, you can browse by fabric type making it easy to find what you are looking for.


If you have never heard of Satva it’s time to introduce you to your new favorite comfy wear. Whether you are having a night in or just want a more leisurely and casual look while out, this clothing company has some great options for you. There are also a few activewear items, like this Aura High Rise Leggings

Satva is all about building an ethical ecosystem that benefits both the consumers and the farming communities that grow the materials. They do this by providing great quality clothing to their customers, prioritizing sustainable farming, and helping the people in their farming communities stay educated and get paid fairly.

For Days

For Days was co-founded by Kristy Caylor and Mary Saunders. Their vision for For Days was to create clothes that are fun, expressive, guilt-free and waste-free. Their products are 100% recyclable and made from organic fabrics.

This benefits both the Earth and the customers looking for their next great organic clothing purchase. For Days even has a recycling program where their customers can send in their old clothes to be repurposed in other designs.

Everyone from babies to adults, both men and women, can find great options to add to their wardrobe in the For Days shop. I love the Recycled Cotton Long Sleeved Tee ($46). It can be styled with many other wardrobe pieces to create a cozy, but cute, fall look.

Threads 4 Thought 

If you are ready to get in shape this fall, and look stylish while doing so, Threads 4 Thought is a brand you need to check out. They have activewear for both women and men. One of the items that I love is the Women’s Invincible Fleece Pullover Hoodie ($88). It comes in several different colors and is made of 60% organic cotton and 40% Recycled Polyester.

This company is truly committed to bettering the planet through their clothes. They have built an impressive company in a sustainable way. Some impressive accomplishments Threads 4 Thought has had since their launch in 2006 are:

  • The main factory has one of the highest water reuse rates in the world, 80% to be exact.
  • All of their products use the most eco-friendly raw materials & fabrics available to them.
  • As of 2022, Threads for Thought is now a CO2 neutral company. They are now aiming to be a CO2 positive company.


What do you get when you combine bold colors, hand-drawn designs, and ethical clothing? You get DazeyLA.

Behind this slow fashion brand is artist and designer, Dani. Dani hand draws and creates her apparel in small-batches. In addition to wanting their customers to be inspired to be bold and express themselves, DazeyLA also seeks to create a positive impact on the environment. 

One of my favorite designs from DazeyLA is the Be(YOU)tiful Boxy Tee. Everything from the design to the message conveyed through the shirt is inspiring. This shop offers jumpsuits, swimwear, and everything in between. If you love bold fashion, or are interested in getting out of your comfort zone, DazeyLA is for you.

Groceries Apparel 

Groceries Apparel takes recycling and non-toxic clothing to a whole different level by using food waste to create their clothing. You read that right, they take ingredients like avocado pits, pomegranate peels, and used coffee grounds to create unique, eco-friendly clothing items. It’s called the Upcycled Food Waste Collection.

You’ll find clothes for women, men, children, and babies on the Groceries site. You can even search clothing options by the ingredient used to make that item. One of my favorite clothing items is the Patchouli Skirt ($88). It comes in three different colors and it would be great to complete a casual but cute and classy look.


WVN was founded by Kate Fisher. She drew inspiration from her East Coast hometown and her current California lifestyle.

What she came up with can be described as timeless with a twist of current trendy clothing. Kate places a big value on connection and coming together, which inspired the name of her brand WVN (it’s pronounced like woven). It doesn’t just stop there.

They do their part by using Fair-Trade factories, making sure the workers are getting paid fairly, and using GOTS Certified ingredients throughout the manufacturing process.

As I mentioned towards the beginning of this post, getting versatile organic clothing items are key to saving the most money when shopping organic. That is why I love this Embrace Cardigan. It comes in six different colors and would pair great with a tank top or short sleeve basic tee and a pair of jeans. 


Thought was founded by married couple John and Rachel. They, along with their team, that feels like a family, have been creating clothing that is both contemporary and kind to the Earth. They believe that the Earth should be celebrated, not destroyed. Thought keeps this at the center of everything they create.

If you aren’t quite ready to give up summer, you’ll like this Elara Lenzing™ Ecovero™ Sleeveless top. It only comes in one color, but it has a beautiful design on it. Pair it with a cardigan for those unpredictable chilly nights and then you’ve got the start of a great outfit created.

Happy Earth Apparel 

Happy Earth Apparel is a giving back focused company. It’s not enough that their products are vegan, cruelty-free, and organic, among other great characteristics. They help the Earth even more with every purchase made. The cool aspect of it is that the customer gets to choose the cause. When you purchase a piece of clothing, or maybe even a whole outfit, from Happy Earth you can choose to have your support go to cleaning up trash, fighting climate change, or planting trees.

Happy Earth is more than just organic clothes. You can also purchase blankets, games and more. We are talking about clothes in this post though, so I have to show you this cute T-Shirt Dress that is on their site. It’s a great option on days where you want to dress up a little, but still want to be comfortable.

Known Supply

Known Supply wants to change the way you experience shopping for your clothes. They are shining the spotlight on the makers of the products you buy. You’ll get to learn a little about the person that made each of your clothing pieces. Known Supply’s reason for doing this is to “humanize the apparel industry.” 

On their website you’ll find both women’s and men’s clothes. Jeans are basically the only type of clothing that isn’t offered, but the variety of other clothing options more than makeup for that. I personally love these Echo Pants. They would make a great addition to your business casual clothes. 


KOTN is here to fill your closet with organic, business casual outfits. This Fine Knit Turtleneck is one of their best sellers. What’s great about this item is that you can keep it casual, or dress it up. Getting multiple uses out of one piece of clothing is the way to go when you are trying to make organic clothing more affordable.

Our last brand in this list of affordable clothing brands was founded by three friends – Ben, Mackenzie, and Rami. They take pride in their approach to starting from the ground, or dirt, up to create products that they could be proud of and know who was involved in creating them. They don’t stop there though. With each purchase KOTN donates a portion of the sales to help fund building schools. Their goal is to build 50 schools by 2025. On top of that, they are a Certified B Corporation, meeting the highest standard of excellence and ethics not many companies achieve.

In Summary: Affordable Organic Clothing Brands To Shop

That was the last of our list! While shipping for organic fabrics may be more expensive that the fast fashion counterparts, you have to remember the impact every ethical fashion brand has. Each purcahse you make is a vote for an ethical business model in a world that praises profits at the expense of people. Hopefully you found something you love in this list of affordable brands!

It’s time to fill your closet with some new fall staples! Let me know what you end up getting in the comments.

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