11 Books To Add To Your September Reading List

September is my birthday month! I’m finally turning 30 and still trying to figure out exactly what that means. It leads me to want to read stories on renewal and taking charge. I read because I enjoy it, but to also get inspired. We’ve gathered some interesting finds debuting this month. There really is something for everyone.

  1. Apples Never Fall by Liane Moriarty: Moriarty is consistently mesmerizing us with her twisted stories that read out loud as well as well as they translate to the screen. This time, a missing family member leaves everyone feeling suspicious and paranoid. Family ties aren’t always what they seem.
  2. Beautiful World, Where Are You: A Novel by Sally Rooney: Rooney always delivers the perfect fill of young angst stories that stroke familiar emotional feelings in readers. We’re drawn into the world of Alice, Felix, Eileen and Simon, a new group of youths that are bent on shattering our hearts, yet also helping us pick up the pieces, even if there isn’t a traditional happy ending involved.
  3. Feeding the Soul (Because It’s My Business): Finding Our Way to Joy, Love, and Freedom by Tabitha Brown: You may recognize Tabitha Brown from her cult-favorite vegan recipes and soothing pearls of wisdom. Going beyond the kitchen, getting to know Brown’s struggle through emotional lessons is truly a pleasure.
  4. The Santa Suit: A Novel by Mary Kay Andrews: It’s never too early to indulge in light holiday content. Ivy Perkins navigated her way through a recent divorce, hoping that a ‘new start’ will do the trick. Of course, it’s more than she’s bargained for. Forget Hallmark, this Christmas miracle is just as entertaining.
  5. Rock Paper Scissors: A Novel by Alice Feeney: In the mood for a thrilling ride? You won’t be let down by Alice Feeney, who turns a vacation in Scotland into an emotional roller coaster for a marriage already on the brink of shattering.
  6. My Darling From The Lions by Rachel Long: Long takes us swiftly through the trials and tribulations of themes we’d all recognize like love, sex, politics, and more. She is a voice that is hard to forget.
  7. The Rules Upheld by No One by Amie McNee: During a more conservative time in history, sexual curiosity was forbidden, and most likely punished due to religious laws. But where is one to turn when the church that is supposed to help you is the one abusing you?
  8. Take Back Your Time: The Guilt-Free Guide to Life Balance by Christy Wright: Ready to finally find some sort of balance with life and work? Wright redefines balance, and how you can go about finally achieving it for yourself.
  9. Own Your Morning: Reset Your A.M. Routine To Unlock Your Potential by Liz Baker Plosser: You may recognize Liz Baker Plosser from her days as editor in chief of Women’s Health magazine. If you’re ready to focus on creating a resilient routine, then you’ll want to pay close attention.
  10. Bare Minimum Dinners: Recipes and Strategies for Doing Less in the Kitchen by Jenna Helwig: I am all about doing less in the kitchen. Cooking isn’t exactly something I enjoy doing, but it’s something that I have to do every day. Get ready to strategize in the kitchen.
  11. Please Don’t Sit on My Bed in Your Outside Clothes by Phoebe Robinson: First of all, I’m pretty sure I’ve repeated the title to my boyfriend about a hundred times now. 🤣 Robinson always introduces the most brutal topics with helpful humor. She wants us to laugh again and also introduces us to her new imprint, Tiny Reparations Books.


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