Signs Your Relationship Is On the Rocks

When you get into a relationship, there is usually a period of time where everything is sheer bliss. That euphoric feeling of floating on cloud nine is wonderful and it often leads to permanency in a relationship or what most people hope will be, happily ever after.

However, not all relationships go according to plan and somewhere along the line things might start to get a bit shaky. If you’re wondering if your relationship is on the rocks here are some signs.

Communication Has Decreased

If you’re hardly speaking with your partner then it is a sign that your relationship is definitely not going as smoothly as it should.

There are so many ways to communicate these days that it becomes pretty obvious that something is wrong when you don’t hear from your partner for a long time.

Communication is such an important part of any relationship it’s something that you will need to rectify as quickly as possible. Get help from a therapist if you can, to set things right.

Rarely Seeing Each Other

If you find that you and your partner no longer have a desire to see each other regularly, it’s often an indicator that things are shaky between you. Everybody’s busy but nobody’s too busy to find time to have long drawn-out conversations and even short walks with someone they love.

The bottom line is that when someone wants to see you, they will make the time no matter how busy they are. If you find that the effort is lacking it’s usually a sign that things are getting earthquake shaky.

There are Many Arguments

When you are in a relationship and there are too many arguments it is also a sign that things are getting shaky for you and your partner. You must find means and ways in which you can amicably resolve any dispute that will arise between you.

If you’re not careful this can fester like a sore. Before it starts oozing hatred and bitterness you must confront it. Depending on the severity of the arguments and how long they have been going on it’s a good idea to seek out a therapist.

You Like Someone Else

Another sign that your relationship is not going well is when you start developing an attraction and feelings for someone else. This is a very serious sign and it could often mean that you’re not getting what you need from your present relationship.

If you’re in a marriage and this is happening you may be in need of affordable divorce lawyers very soon. Of course, if you want to try and save the marriage, you should definitely go ahead and seek professional help to do so.

Now that you know exactly what a relationship looks like when it’s on the rocks, it’s important to evaluate your own. Look carefully at what is happening and how you are feeling. These will give you big clues as to whether or not you should head to splitsville or you should stay with someone.

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