Cabo San Lucas Travel Guide Spring Break 2022

The fun of my spring break content extravaganza didn’t stop in Laguna Beach. Next up I headed to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to soak up a few days of sunshine and good eats. This was my first time out of the country and it’s safe to say it won’t be my last. This trip far exceeded my expectations and while I was a bit out of my comfort zone, I think Cabo was the perfect ease into international travel.

This area of Mexico is rather Americanized with plenty of bilingual people, the friendliest employees, and so much to do. I wanted to do something fun for my last college spring break and Cabo did not disappoint. Today I’m breaking down my five-day itinerary sharing all the details on our amazing all-inclusive resort, food, activities, and more!

For reference, I visited in late March, also known as peek spring breaker season!

Where To Stay 

While I had never been to Cabo, the two friends I traveled with (Sam and Jules) both had. They’ve stayed at various different high-end boutique hotels within the area, however, for my spring break we were looking for somewhere all-inclusive with a pool where we could spend the afternoons laying out. And of course, something that was ideally central so that we could walk to and from dinners, activities, etc to avoid Uber costs.

I had the pleasure of staying with Hotel Tesoro for all four nights of my trip and I have nothing but good things to say.

Hotel Tesoro (book here)

The three of us arrived on a Monday and were put in a room with two queen beds. We were greeted by the sweetest “welcome” sign as well as champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries. It was such a treat!

I was pleasantly surprised by the size of our room. We had a closet, storage area, and a kitchenette + table to enjoy room service at. I’ve been in and out of so many hotels recently, that I really appreciated the extra space + full-length mirror. (It definitely made three girls getting ready all at once much, much easier).

Our bathroom was on the larger side and was fully equipped with everything we needed (blow dryer included). Cleaning services the rooms every day so you always have fresh towels.

Cabo San Lucas Travel Guide Spring Break 2022

This Junior Marina suite left us with the most amazing view of the marina and bar/pool area of our hotel. We also had a large balcony with a table and chairs which was ideal for photos and morning coffee.

While you are able to book a regular stay starting at just $110, you are also able to upgrade your stay to all-inclusive for just an additional $65 per day. With an all-inclusive wrist band, you are able to enjoy as much food + beverage (excluding top sheld) as your heart desires. This was so worth it as drinks were $13 each at the pool so, after a few, you’ve already gotten your money’s worth.

As for the food, I was a little skeptical as to how it would be compared to the other “authentic” restaurants around us. However, it did not disappoint. We ate so many good things throughout our stay—shrimp quesadillas (my personal favorite), shrimp tacos (so fresh), chicken tenders and fries, nachos, fajitas, and more.

We spent a lot of time by the pool + enjoying the hot tubs at our hotel. We met so many friendly families + other spring breakers. It was very relaxing and we had few kids around us which was so nice. They also had buffet-style complimentary breakfast each day (the omelets were amazing) as well as a 24/7 gym available.

I cannot recommend Hotel Tesoro enough; they had the kindest employees and were truly so accomodating. I hope to be back soon!

Covid In Cabo 

While nowhere in Cabo asked for a negative Covid test or vaccination status, the United States does require you have a negative Covid test (regardless of vaccination status) 24 hours within your returning flight. There is a St John’s “hospital” within the resort where you can walk in and get a test. It’s roughly $30 and your results are emailed to you within an hour. We had no issues and were all negative.

Transportation To/Within Cabo 

To get to Cabo the girls and I flew from LAX to SJD. The airport is roughly 45 minutes from all of the resorts + action so prepare for a long car ride. I highly recommend booking a car to pick you up prior to landing in Mexico as Uber does not come to the Cabo airport. Because we did not prepare for this, we had to get a taxi for roughly $30 (about 600 pesos) to the resort.

Within Cabo and to the airport there are plenty of Ubers available and they are relatively cheap. However, we were less than a mile from most restaurants/clubs so we walked everywhere together. While I would never recommend walking alone, it is relatively safe within this perimeter. Our experience I would compare to walking through NYC Times Square.

Currency In Cabo 

As I said Cabo is very Americanized therefore most menus and shops that you will stop in will have the prices written in both pesos and dollars. Most places will accept both pesos and dollars—the choice is yours. While the dollar is worth more to them, I recommend exchanging some dollars into pesos to make sure you are tipping accurately.

dollars to pesos exchange 

Of course, be sure to check with your credit card company before traveling internationally. It’s a good idea to give them a heads-up that you will be leaving the country + see if there are any additional fees charged for international purchases. Discover Student cards have no fees which is a major plus if you are a frequent traveler and/or are planning on studying abroad.

Where To Eat 

Los Claros

The first meal we had in Mexico Sam and I were so eager to eat something that we stopped at the very first place we saw, right outside of our hotel. I got battered shrimp tacos and was blown away at how fresh the seafood was! Little did I know, it tastes like this everywhere here… so good. I also enjoyed my first margarita as the drinking age in Mexico is 18. I loved the casual atmosphere this place had—perfect for a quick bite to eat mid-day.

✈ Menu // Directions

Rooftop 360

Rooftop 360 had to be the chicest restaurant I’ve ever been to. This restaurant is on top of a hotel and has the most incredible 360 view of Cabo.; Even if all you do is grab drinks at sunset here, you must stop here! However, the food was a must as well. The shrimp tacos were my favorite of the trip (and let me tell you, I had a lot of them) as well as the shrimp nachos. They had incredible guacamole a top of them.

I’m not a sushi fan however the girls enjoyed two rolls, stating that it was the best of their trip. Of course, we had to finish off the meal with little churro boats which were the perfect sweet treat. Don’t pass on the frozen strawberry margarita either!

Menu // Directions

Sur Cabo

Sur is a top-notch dining experience regardless of what city you’re in. We stopped in for a beach day lunch and for dinner. For the lunch, we tried three different types of tacos. Admittedly, I wasn’t a fan of their fish or octopus however the fried shrimp were amazing. They had a delicious avocado crema + very fresh slaw. We also had their mix of guac and hummus’s. I loved the bright purple beet one for something different!

At dinner, we were given several different courses where I tried all kinds of new foods. The crab cakes were my personal favorite however we also tried their caviar, oysters, and tuna. For dinner, we all had their seafood pasts. I’m definitely not a clam/mussels girl but I’m happy I tried it, lol! Next time I’d just ask for all shrimp.

Menu // Directions

Flora Farms

There is a super cute restaurant within Flora Farms that is known for its wood-fired pizzas. We got the lemon ricotta and the arugula margarita. If I were to go again I’d try the pesto; there were so many options I couldn’t choose, lol. They had amazing crust and everything tasted so fresh. We also enjoyed their burrata and bread which was housemade and so good. I loved the atmosphere of this place and being surrounded by such beautiful scenery, it’s hard not to love!

Menu // Directions

Bar Esquina 

On the last evening of Cabo, we ventured to Bar Esquina, another restaurant within a hotel. We actually had the pleasure of meeting the owner of this restaurant and he was so kind! He explained that he hoped to bring a restaurant to Cabo that had a Mexican feel with an American familiarity. It was just that! This place had an amazing atmosphere with a live guitarist playing all of my favorites.

I snacked on their charcuterie board before eating the filet as my main course. I asked for this medium and it was incredible—so tender and even more flavorful. With the sweet, creamy mashed potatoes this was a must if you’re looking to splurge. They also had super yummy truffle french fries if you can’t say no to them like me!

Menu // Directions

Things To Pack

Having never been to Cabo, I felt as though I did a pretty good job of packing for this trip. I wore tons of different outfits and swimsuits throughout my trip and made sure to share them all in my Cabo Outfit Guide. Be sure to check this post out for seventeen outfit ideas with links to shop! In the meantime, here are a few must-pack items. 

  • A Sweat Suit: I was shocked that I’d want/need a comfy sweatshirt and sweatpants set for roaming around the hotel + city. Something casual that has a little bit of weight to it is a must as it got chilly in the evenings.
  • A Light Layer: If you are headed to any rooftops for causal drinks/dinner I recommend bringing a lightweight layer (either a button-up or cardigan) with you. It gets rather windy up there so you’ll be grateful to have an extra layer!
  • A Tote Bag: Definitely bring a canvas tote with you. I bring one on every trip for the sake of lugging a second outfit around with me, however, I found myself grateful to have one for all of my beach-day essentials.
  • Flip Flops: You’re by the beach so don’t forget a good ole pair of flops! I always reach for my Rainbows.
  • Sunscreen: Don’t forget a bottle of sunscreen. The sun is intense in Mexico, with UVs creeping into the 11s. Also known as this sun is not for the weak, lol.
  • A book: I did a lot more relaxing in Cabo than I expected. Don’t get me wrong, some people come here to day drink all day but I spent myself relaxing by the water for a good chunk of the trip. I went through two different books and was so grateful I brought them! It was the perfect way to unwind.

Things To Do

I’m not going to lie, there were so many things I wanted to do that we just didn’t have time for—camel riding, water taxing, etc. It’s a good thing Mexico isn’t going anywhere… I’ll be back again soon to check off the things I didn’t get to.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed my time creating content, relaxing by the pool, and meeting new people. Sharing some favorites from the trip below.

Visit Flora Farms 

Flora Farms is the cutest property nestled in the mountains of Mexico. It’s about a forty-minute drive from the Marina but it’s worth spending the day there, especially if you’re going to be in Mexico for a longer period of time. This beautiful venue is known to host special occasions but there are all kinds of shops and classes available to the public.

There is also a restaurant within this area which I discussed earlier. Not to mention, the landscaping is incredible so there are amazing photo ops everywhere. A must-see!

Beach Day at Sur 

Sur Beach House is right next to popular college hotspots Mango Deck and The Sand Bar. While this is a public beach, Sur has a private access with all kinds of beach chairs + couchers where you’re able to sprawl out. You are also fully serviced so you’re able to enjoy food + drinks throughout your beach day. I was shocked at how calm the water was and am so sad we didn’t have time to go for a boat tour; I would have loved to see more of the water. Next time!