FabFitFun Fall 2022 Spoilers and Reveal

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It’s mid-summer and you know what that means, spoilers are here for the next season of FabFitFun! This post will be updated with spoiler information as it becomes available. Fall 2022 Add-ons and customization will be opening up very, very soon. And as all FabFitFun members know, you have to be ready with your picks!

We are huge FabFitFun fans and love seeing what they curate for subscribers each season. They have opened up so many customization options, you’ll definitely find something you’ll not only want, but use in the boxes.

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Important Fall 2022 FabFitFun dates to know:

  • Add-Ons open for Annual Members on July 28th (closes August 2nd)
  • Customization for Annual Members opens on July 29th (closes August 2nd)
  • Add-Ons opens for Seasonal Members on August 11th (closes August 16th)
  • Customization for Seasonal Members opens on August 12th (closes August 16th)

To eliminate confusion, all windows open at 9am Pacific time and all windows close at 11:59pm Pacific time.

What We Know So Far:

They’ve released one spoiler so far but no details one which customization it will be in!

The Vio Air Purifier has a HEPA Filter to significantly improve the air quality of your home! It is quiet, removes up to 99% of airborne particles, and has a sleek design! Love this!

Seasonal Members Swap for Credit:

A newer feature of FabFitFun is the ability to swap your fee for credit if you’d prefer to skip this season before a specified date each season.

The good news is that he credit applies to anything on FabFitFun except membership fees and gift cards! You can swap your credit by going to My Account –> Manage Membership –> Swap For Credit.

FabFitFun Summer 2022 Spoilers and Reveal

The spoilers for the fall box are slowly coming out! I will continue to update this post with more information as it becomes available.

As always, I’ve bolded below what I think are the best values after getting FabFitFun for several years now.

Customization 1: Open To All Members

Here are the items in the first customization option that are open to everyone. You can add on additional choices for $15.

Customization 2: Open To All Members

Here are the items in the second customization option that are open to everyone. You can add on additional choices for $15.

Customization 3: Open To All Members

This customization has a wide variety of options but includes a lot of skincare! You can add on additional choices for $10.

Customization 4: Open To All Members

Here are the choices for customization 4. These are open to all members. Add on additional choices for $7.

Customization 5: Open To Annual  Members (Join Here)

Here are the choices for customization 5. This is open to annual members only.

Customization 6: Open To Annual Members

Like with customization 6, customization 6 is only open to annual members. You can upgrade here or FabFitFun will make a choice for you.

Boost My Box

Annual members can “boost” their box by adding on these premium items for a reduced cost:


reFILLS come to you each season:

FabFitFun Fall 2021 FULL Spoilers and Reveal

What do you think about  the Fall 2022 FabFitFun box? Are you excited? What will you be picking?

Past FabFitFun Spoilers:

Photos via FabFitFun.

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