San Francisco Travel Guide Spring 2022 .

The last of my spring break travels were spent in San Francisco, California. I’ve been wanting to go for years now and this seemed like the perfect time to venture up. Although just a three-day visit, our trip was packed full of amazing food, beautiful sights, and lots of walking.

If I’m being honest, San Francisco as a city was quite different than I expected. In fact, it’s probably the most unique place I’ve ever visited—the mix of cityscapes, original architecture, and nature. There’s also an explosion of diversity both in people and cultures; it was so cool to see! And as Sam put it, practically everyone around you could be an extra in a Full House episode, lol. There’s just a vibe about the place that was so distinct!

Today I’m breaking down our three-day itinerary sharing where we stayed, what we ate, things we did, and more. For reference, we visited in early April!

Where To Stay 

We stayed three nights in San Fran and actually split our time up between two different hotels. We wanted to experience both the true “city” but also the bayside. I was so glad we got to do both!

Hotel 32One (book here)

During our first two evenings, we stayed in a quaint hotel, Hotel 32One, just South of Chinatown also known as right in the midst of the action. It was a very safe, clean area, reminding me a lot of DC.

We checked into a King room and although quite tiny, we made do. It was hands down the most comfortable bed of our entire 14-day spring break trip, with the softest linens and plush pillows. The lighting in the room was also amazing thanks to a large window letting in all of the natural sunlight.

The bathroom was fairly big for the size of our room with an amazing shower and lots of counter space to get ready. Plus, it actually had good lighting which is always a treat.

Hotel Caza (book here)

The last night we moved to another boutique hotel, Hotel Caza which was just a block away from Pier 39. This hotel was much bigger than 32One with a huge lobby, a bar, and all kinds of games + and activities for guests to partake in.

The room was at least twice the size of 32One, although we still had a standard King room. It was very spacious and incredibly clean throughout.

Our bathroom was fully equipped with a hairdryer, bathtub, and fresh linens. I personally liked this hotel better as it felt a bit more relaxing than the last. However, both had friendly accomodating staff and were just fine as we truly only slept in the room since we were so go go go.

Transportation In San Fran

Oh boy, you better bring your walking shoes for San Francisco! I had no idea the city was as big as it was but man did it show me, lol. We walked on average eight miles a day. There was so much to do and see and a lot of the recommendations we were given from people were very spread out.

San Francisco Travel Guide Spring 2022

While Uber’s are available, we only took them when we had our luggage with us as the public transportation system in San Fran is a very good one. They have all kinds of trolleys and buses that can get you from one place to the next. It took us a little bit of asking around to get the hang of it but we managed to take a few rides to save our feet the extra miles. Admittedly, nobody ever charged us for our rides, so I have no idea what the pricing is for it (oops!).

Where To Eat 

Chez Maman

Our first day we stopped at the cutest french restaurant, Chez Maman for brunch. We weren’t told to come here, we just happened to stroll by and decided then that we were hungry enough for a meal. They had all kinds of outdoor seating and amazing omelets. I got the bacon, tomato, and cheddar cheese and it did not disappoint.

It also came with tons of potatoes and a garden salad. It was quite the array! Prices were typical for a city restaurant.

Menu // Directions


We wandered to China Town for dinner and ate at Z&Y, a restaurant Sam found on Tik Tok! Apparently, several famous people have eaten here and it’s one of Obama’s favorites—who knew. I’m not a big Chinese eater so I was a little nervous but my gosh did this exceed my expectations. It was without a doubt the best Chinese food I’ve ever had.

We split the orange chicken and shrimp fried rice and both were amazing. There was a bit of a wait for this place, but after eating I can understand why. I do want to note that we had a shared table. We met the most amazing people who shared their life stories with us. We ended up sitting and talking for nearly three hours—it was an experience I’ll never forget!

Menu // Directions

Equator Coffee and Tea

Right around the Golden Gate Bridge, there are a few different souvenir shops to pop in and out of and one small cafe. Sam and I hadn’t eaten anything so we stopped in to grab a quick sandwich. I got their prosciutto panini and was shocked at how good it was. Definitely one of the best I’ve had and so incredibly flavorful. Plus nothing beats a lunch view of the bridge + water.

Menu // Directions

Pier Market Seafood 

We had time to meet up with our sweet friend Rita for dinner which was such a treat! We picked a spot right along the Pier so we had an amazing view of the sun going down. The seafood here was so fresh. I ended up trying their sampler platter of fish and chips, calamari, and fried shrimp. I wanted to try everything, lol.

If I were to go again, I’d have gone just for the shrimp. I’m glad I got to try everything, but they were definitely my favorite. The atmosphere of this place was fun and we stopped for crepes at a local spot afterward. They weren’t anything special but it was a fun way to end the night!

Menu // Directions

I also want to note that you must stop and get a hotdog. There are tons of different food trucks and local stands within this area. I grabbed a corndog as I’m a sucker for fair food and it was so fun!

Things To Pack

I had the hardest time packing for San Francisco I’m not going to lie. It was true spring weather here—chilly in the morning and then beautiful mid-day. Layers are a must no matter what time of year you’re going and it’s rather windy in certain areas so you’re going to want a bit of diversity in your wardrobe choices lol.

As always, I shared all of the outfits I wore + links to shop in my San Francisco Outfit Guide. In the meantime, here are a few must-pack items. 

  • Good Walking Shoes:  You must, and I mean must bring a good pair of walking shoes for this trip. I wore my Steve Madden Winston sneakers and my Dolce Vita Zina sneakers throughout my entire trip. I was shocked at how well my feet held up in both but cannot say enough good things! I’m a heels/sandals girl at heart and even I’ll admit that sneakers are a must in the city.
  • Jeans: Regardless of when you’re visiting bring a pair of jeans. I only brought one pair on the trip (all my suitcase would allow) and I regret not having another pair. Straight legs are definitely the vibe here.
  • A Hoodie: The first day we were in town I walked to the local Aritzia and bought a white hoodie since I didn’t come prepared. San Fran is brisk all year round so whether you think you’ll need one or not, bring a hoodie. In fact, bring multiple layers: a hoodie, button-up, and cardigan. I wore them all.
  • A Fanny Pack: This is a fanny pack kind of city. No need for a super fancy bag, just something that can keep all your must-haves in one spot.

Things To Do

Typically when I go on these content trips, a huge chunk of my day is spent shooting photos and changing outfits. However, San Francisco was truly more about doing. We were constantly hopping from one place to the next, exploring new avenues. Don’t get me wrong, there were still things I would have loved to do, but I feel like we covered a lot of ground in our three days!

Here’s what was worth it.

San Francisco Travel Guide Spring 2022San Francisco Travel Guide Spring 2022

Visit Full House

The popular 80s show Full House was filmed right in San Francisco and Sam was dying to go see it. We walked over to Broderick Street and got our photos, of course. The house has been renovated since filming and is actually owned and lived in by a real family, therefore “seeing” the house is truly just standing outside and seeing it. It was still cool to see where it all happened though!

USF Baseball Game

One of my long-time friends plays baseball at the University of San Francisco so we headed over to the field to watch them play an afternoon game against San Diego. They had an awesome win and it felt really good to be in a college baseball setting again. We ate hotdogs, soaked up the sun, and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon after so many busy days in a row.

Go To China Town

Everyone told us that China Town was a must-see and since we were staying so close to it, we figured we had no reason not to go. I’ve never been so immersed in someone’s culture—it was so cool to see all of the different stores, live performances, and restaurants. There are truly dozens of places to eat in this area and since they are all authentic, I’m sure you can’t go wrong wherever you choose.

We met the coolest people in this area and it was such a reminder of just how many friendly people this world still has!

Morning Mass

I am Catholic and for Lent this year, I made it a point to go to church every Sunday. There was the most beautiful church just around the corner from our hotel and I went to the 9 am mass Sunday morning. I was shocked to see so few people there but the priest was lovely. Not to mention, it was truly one of the prettiest churches I’ve ever been in. I was amazed at the architecture and stained glass throughout the place.

If you’re looking for a Sunday service, stop by Notre Dame Des Victories.

Chrissy Field for the Bay Bridge View 

We wanted to see the Bay Bridge more than anything but we weren’t quite sure where to go to get the best view of it. We asked dozens of locals and several suggested going over to Chrissy Field. There are several paths within this area so you get a good view of the bridge. We snapped some photos of it at a distance first.

We then wandered up some stairs and down another path until we were met with the bridge itself. Of course, we walked the entire thing there and back. Sam and I looked at each other after, saying we’d never do it again but that it was good for the memories, lol. It’s so windy up there but the views really are amazing! In case you’re wondering (which we were), it’s about two miles round trip to walk it and there are tons of bikers so you have to keep an eye out!

Pier 39

Pier 39 is definitely a must-see. It reminded me a lot of Venice and Santa Monica mixed together! There is a lot of character in this area and so much to do. They had the cutest shops, souvenir stores, restaurants, and more. Of course, there’s quite a bit of history to this area as well with different posts to learn about Alquatrez and more. Sam even stopped to see the seals!

In the midst of the Pier, there are a few different fair rides and tons of hotdog + cotton candy stands. This was definitely the most touristy area we visited but I really liked it!

Haight and Ashbury 

On the last day, we walked over to Haight and Ashbury which is where the hippie era began. This whole area has kept the same culture from the 70s with all kinds of smoke shops, crystal stores, and vintage pop-ups. Although this isn’t usually my vibe, it was really cool to experience. It was literally like being taken back in time!

This is definitely a fun way to spend an entire afternoon. If you’re someone who likes to thrift then you would love this area. So many hidden gems waiting to be found!

Watch The Week

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This was the last of my spring break travels which means this is officially the end of the travel + outfit guides. I can’t describe how much fun I’ve had creating this content for you all over the last few weeks. My creative energy is running wild and I’m more than grateful to be experiencing the world like this at such a young age.

I’m so happy to say that I will be in California full time for the summer which means in just one month you’ll be seeing all kinds of local staycation spots + recommendations. I can hardly wait. I’ve already got Carmel, San Diego, and Napa on my list. If there are any other areas within driving distance that you think I should see, let me know and I will add them to my evergrowing list. Until then…

With love, McKenz

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