The ABC of the 777 Law of Attraction

Are you curious about numerology and the law of attraction? This guide about the 777 law of attraction has everything you need to know.

I am consistent in the healthy habits I’ve created that will bring me success in my wellness journey.
I am consistent in the healthy habits I’ve created that will bring me success in my wellness journey.
I am consistent in the healthy habits I’ve created that will bring me success in my wellness journey.
I am consistent in the healthy habits I’ve created that will bring me success in my wellness journey.
I am consistent in the healthy habits I’ve created that will bring me success in my wellness journey.
I am consistent in the healthy habits I’ve created that will bring me success in my wellness journey.
I am consistent in the healthy habits I’ve created that will bring me success in my wellness journey.

To some that is a simple sentence repeated a few times. However, if you look at it the way I do, it can also be a statement that has the power to change lives.

You see this sentence is actually meant to be an affirmation. It’s repeated that many times for a specific purpose. That purpose is a manifestation challenge called the 777 manifestation technique.  

While 777 is an angel number, this post isn’t about the angel number meaning.

In today’s post, I’ll be introducing you to the 777 Law of Attraction technique and giving you some tips for completing it yourself.

By the time you read this post and try this technique, I bet the number seven will become your new lucky number.

The ABCs Of The 777 Law of Attraction

When it comes to Law of Attraction techniques, this is a simple one. This technique revolves around picking one positive affirmation you want to manifest within seven consecutive days.

This miracle technique brings positive things to fruition and introduces good fortune in your wake.

Now that you’ve got that first step accomplished, here are more details you’ll want to know.


Once you have your affirmation the fun begins.

The 777 Law of Attraction technique revolves around writing down the affirmation seven times, twice a day, for seven days.

The best way to do this is to write your manifestation affirmation first thing in the morning, and then again at night before bed.

Be In The Present

An important thing to remember when picking and writing your affirmation is to make it in the present tense.

By doing this you are speaking what you want into existence as if it’s already happening. This is called the Law of Assumption, it’s a great visualization tool to use when saying affirmations.

Control Your Mindset

It’s not enough to just write down your affirmation, you’ve got to believe it too. Your subconscious mind can deter any progress you make with this technique by filling your mind with negative thoughts. Don’t let it!

I know this is easier said than done, but it is possible, so take some deep breaths. Those negative thoughts are not your reality, change them into positive thoughts to make the most of the 777 Law of Attraction technique. 

7 Ways To Make The Most Of The 777 Law of Attraction Technique

Here are a few tips that will set you up for success when trying this manifestation technique. You’ll find everything from creating a clear vision by using your creative abilities to inviting those you have a strong connection with to join in. 

Make It Simple

While you can buy a specific manifestation journal for this, it’s not a necessity. Just using a piece of paper each day works just fine. Use what you have so that you can focus more positive energy on your affirmation.

Surround Yourself With The Affirmation

Writing your affirmation is the main goal of this technique. If you want to take the inspiration to the next level, surround yourself with the affirmation you choose.

Write it on a sticky note to put on your mirror, make it your phone wallpaper, etc… There are so many different ways to fully embrace the positive vibes.

Create The Vision

Continuing on with the last point, make your affirmation visual. By creating a vision board you are spending more focused time visualizing the life you have when your affirmation becomes a reality.

It’s a great way to pair creative expression with a specific goal. Making vision boards can also be a good time, so that’s another benefit you’ll like.

Keep The Positive Vibes Flowing

A great way to bring the positive thoughts out to the forefront of your mind is through music. The right songs playing at the right time can be the key to feeling inspired.

I created a playlist filled with songs with great messages and positive emotions. Feel free to listen to it as you write down your affirmation or throughout your day. 

Keep A Look Out For All Possibilities 

The best way to get the most from this challenge is to not set strict expectations.

Your affirmation may not unfold the exact way you picture it, but that doesn’t mean that the technique didn’t work. Look for a positive sign or good news that could showcase your goal.

For example, let’s say your affirmation has to do with getting a good grade on an exam. It may be played out by a friend inviting you to their study group.

That extra study time and help from others is sure to help you do better on your exam; than if you had not studied and just expected to get a good grade.

Invite People Along

Turn this manifestation technique into a challenge by inviting a family member or friend to join.

Having the right person join you can keep you on the right track as you both hold each other accountable.

Do you have a specific person in mind that you would challenge to join you?

Keep On Manifesting: 777 Law of Attraction Technique

Now that you know this manifestation process from the 777 Law of Attraction technique, you can keep at it. Since it’s a quick way to achieve your desires, it’s easy to repeat. 

By continuing your manifestation journey, you are on your way to living your best life.

The next step is all up to you. Will you be trying the 777 Law of Attraction Method? Let me know if you’re going to try it by commenting your positive affirmation below.

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