10 Ways To Wake Up Without Coffee

With warmer days upon us, you may notice yourself relying on coffee more than ever to fend off the morning grogginess. In fact, more than 62 percent of American adults drink at least one cup of joe a day. While we can’t deny our love for coffee, it can also make us feel pretty sluggish throughout the day. Too much caffeine can cause irritability, anxiety and exhaustion, which got us thinking: What if we didn’t reach for that cup of coffee every morning?

If you’re on the hunt for something else to perk you up (or looking to cut that costly Starbucks habit), we’re sharing 10 tricks to help you do just that without relying on that daily cup of coffee.

1. Take a morning walk

I know it sounds much more enjoyable to spend an extra 15 minutes in bed, but choose to walk instead! I sound like a broken record when I say this, but exercise really is a great all-natural energy booster, and walking has rejuvenating effects on the body and mind. Seriously, just 15 minutes is all you need!

2. Drink water

Replace that cup of java with a tall glass of lemon water. Make sure you’re loading up on water to keep your body energized and hydrated. Even a little dehydration will cause fatigue and moodiness and coffee will only make that worse.

3. Sunlight

Expose yourself to natural sunlight. This allows your internal clock to wake you up! Artificial light doesn’t count, so turning on your bedroom light won’t instantly perk you up. Try going outside first thing each morning for a bit of fresh air and sunlight. Read more about the benefits of “daylighting” here.

4. Wake up at the same time

If you don’t keep your body on a schedule, you’ll have a tough time adjusting day to day. Train your body to wake up at the same time every day, and you’ll start noticing a jolt in energy. Stop hitting snooze on that alarm! You’re only hurting yourself in the long run.

5. Essential oils

Oils like peppermint, jasmine and citrus all awaken your senses. If you’re feeling groggy, simply rub some on your temples, or under your upper lip. Disclosure: Stay away from lavender, as it’s known to make you sleepy! It’s a great one to use before bed, though, for that reason!

6. Take your vitamins

Vitamins such as B and D play an integral role in the body’s metabolism. The right balance of vitamins will help your body function properly, and allow you to maintain energy throughout the day.

7. Pay attention to posture

Proper posture actually allows for proper blood flow through the body. This article is a great place to learn more! Stop slouching and you’ll notice an increase in energy.

8. Listen to upbeat music

Music is always a great way to liven things up. We recommend upbeat music to get your day started on the right foot. Double bonus if you add some sweet dance moves along with it! Check out our favorite dance party playlist here.

9. Eat an apple

Apples contain natural sugars to wake you up, and they won’t cause you to crash later in the day. They’re also easy to toss in your bag while on the go.

10. Cool down

Sometimes, having too many layers of clothes on can make us warm—and tired. Try stripping down first thing in the morning (or sleeping naked) to ensure that your body is cool as a cucumber.


This post was updated and adapted from this article originally written by Arin Kleinman and published on Glitter Guide in 2016. 


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