90 Exciting Hobbies For Couples In Their 20s To Do Together

Looking to strengthen your relationship? Develop a mutual hobby to spend time together. These hobbies for couples in their 20s will inspire you!

Everyone should have hobbies they love! Sometimes, when we get into a relationship, we throw our hobbies to the backburner and focus on the relationship. Hey, it happens! But remember you still need to do things for you, too.

One of the beauties of being in a relationship is having someone to do things with. This can include hobbies! See if your significant other is interested in the hobby you love. If so, enjoy it together! If not, keep that as a solo hobby and try and find a couple hobby that you both enjoy.

Having a hobby as a couple is a great way to strengthen your relationship, spend more time together, problem-solve, and have fun together! If you need some help figuring out a couples hobby, don’t worry, we’re here to help. There are tons of things you can do together, like these things.

hobbies for couples in their 20s

90 Exciting Hobbies For Couples In Their 20s To Try

You can get away without spending lots of money on going away. You never know what you’ll see when you’re camping! Just you, your significant other, and nature – what’s more romantic than that? It will help you both limit any other distractions and get you focusing on just the two of you.

Wine tasting
If you and your boo are both big wine-drinkers, turn that into a hobby! Go to a virtual or in-person wine tasting. You will both be winding down together all while learning about what you’re drinking. If you usually have wine at dinner, taking a class like this will make your evening dinner routine even more special. Plus, the next time you’re hosting people, you can both show off your new knowledge with them.

You can easily cook together at home or take things up a notch and take a cooking class! Cooking with your partner is so intimate and brings you a lot of good conversation and physical closeness. This hobby will get you both even more excited about dinner and what you’re eating than even before.

Hiking and trekking
If it seems like everyone is hiking and trekking nowadays it’s because they’re one of the most popular outdoor activities, including for couples! They’re also both low-cost activities, making it extra appealing. You will get to explore new paths and see breathtaking scenery, all with your BF or GF with you.

Nature walks
If hiking and trekking aren’t for you, why not stick to walking? You can still enjoy nature, spend some screen-free time with your partner, and get some fresh air. This is a super easy evening activity that you can do almost daily together. A great time to catch-up on your day and plan for the next day!

hobbies for couples in their 20shobbies for couples in their 20s

If you’re both runners, why don’t you start running together? Go for a morning run before work. Sign up for a 5K or half-marathon together. Running with someone else, especially with partner, can be even more motivation and a nice little push to keep going.

Not only can you just go out for a bike ride together, but you can bike to something else like a museum or a local park. This will give you two hobbies in one!

The gym
If you both already go to the gym, why not go together? Having your partner with you at the gym can push you towards your fitness goals. It also gives you both quality time together while moving your body. Sweating together can help you later not sweat the small stuff!

Obstacle courses
Nowadays, obstacle courses are so popular – there’s likely one in your area or coming to your area. From things like Tough Mudder to the Spartan race, these races are meant to get you nice and dirty.. and what’s more fun that doing that – and getting through the course – than with your significant other? Lots of them take place at sports stadiums, too, so you may even be completing it at your our your partner’s favorite place!

Start a collection
It really doesn’t matter of what – just pick something and start collecting it! This means that whenever one of you sees something that will “fit” the collection, you can grab it. You’ll immediately think of your partner, even if you’re not together. Some easy, and inexpensive, things to collect are seashells and magnets.

Painting and drawing
These are two classic hobbies for good reason. They allow you to imagine and to express your creativity! This is something you can do at home or go out for – we all know how popular “paint night” classes have gotten. They’re great date night activities, too!

couple campingcouple camping

Rock climbing
If you don’t think you’re ready for outdoor rock climbing yet, don’t worry, there’s plenty of places you can do it indoors. It’s challenging and exhilarating, but scaling a wall with your partner will really bring you two together. Because it requires focus, balance, and strength, it’s a great way for couples to build trust and communication while having fun.

This is an especially good idea if you’ve already turned your BF or GF into an Insta BF or GF! Learn the basics of photography together through a class, workshop, or online course. Learn how to capture the best picture and next time you’re traveling or out and about, take lots of pictures of each other!

If you both want to stay active, but you don’t want to strain your bodies too much – or if one of you is more active than the other – yoga can be a good compromise. It can be done almost anywhere and is a low-impact activity. You can go to a yoga class or stay home and find a yoga class online to do together.

Puzzles are definitely not just for kids – have you seen the ones with over a thousand pieces?! You two will have to work together to put together a complex puzzle. It’s challenging, but is a great way to bond and get your brains working too.

Legos also are not just for kids! There are so many different Lego sets out there too, like ones from Disney, Game of Thrones, or Star Wars. You’ll need to work together to build them as they’re pretty intense, but it’s well worth it. You and your partner will definitely find lots of excuses to touch each other all while problem-solving and thinking critically at what goes where.

Play cards
Another classic. There are so many adult card games that you can play with just two people. Play black jack or try a round of rummy. You and your significant other are spending some screen-free time together and having some friendly competition!

DIY projects
DIY projects are always a good idea… because there’s always something that needs to be done! Whether it’s something around the house or for a party (like a wedding, cough cough) work on it together. Make it a habit of doing X amount of DIY projects each year.

Learn a new language
This one can be intense, but it’ll be well worth it! If you are planning to travel internationally, trying learning the language, or at least a few phrases, of where you’re going. Or if there’s a language you two have always been interested in learning, go for it! It’ll be cool when you can both speak it and no one else around you knows what you’re saying – like your own secret language!

Visit museums
There’s likely some museums near you – have you been to them? If not, make it a hobby and go with your partner! You can make a list of all the museums you both want to go to and start crossing them off your list, together. If you both like traveling and have the means, plan some travel around visiting these museums, too.

No, we’re not saying to read out loud to each other (but if that’s your thing, you do you!!). But read the same book and then talk about it with each other. Or simply set aside “reading time” each week where you’re both reading. If you’re reading different things, talk about what you’re reading, if you liked it or not, and if you’ve learned anything from it.

A classic game for two! You can take lessons, or if you both already know how to play, hit the courts! You can compete just against each other or you can play doubles against other couples. Not only will you be competing (or working together), but you’ll be improving your cardiovascular health, strategic thinking, and hand-eye coordination too.

Golf is believed by many because it’s both relaxing, social, and great exercise. It may not be the cheapest activity you and your significant other can enjoy together, but it is pretty readily available as long as it’s not snowing. It’s also something the two of you can do together, at your own pace.

If you have the means to travel together, go! Getting to experience new cultures and seeing new things is something you and your significant other will cherish forever. Sit down and make a list of all the places you’d like to go. Look online for deals or special pricing to those places, to help you save some extra cash. Set an alert for google flights, too!

Dance classes
Dancing together is so romantic! See if there’s a Salsa, Latin, or ballroom dancing class near you. If there is, sign up! You’ll be able to show off your moves at your next big event, especially if that’s your wedding!

Doing something good for someone else makes you feel good. Doing it together with your partner will then feel double good!

It’s an easy and fun DIY project that you can do together. Whether you’re making a picture, poster, or have some old t-shirts you want to give a fresh spin to, there are so many options when it comes to tie-dying. Plus, every time you look at your new colorful creation, you’ll think back to you and your BF or GF doing it together!

Crossword puzzles
It’s a leisurely and entertaining hobby that will keep your minds sharp. Try solving the crossword puzzles together, as a team. Both of your brains will be working and we all know that two brains are better than one! You’ll be so happy when you finish the puzzle together.

If you are living together, redecorate your space! By doing this routinely, you are keeping boredom far away from your relationship. You can even do this without spending a lot of money, like by upcycling some old furniture or painting some rooms.

Follow a podcast
You can have at-home date nights by listening to a podcast together. Or if you both commute, both of you can listen to the podcast on your commute and talk about it when you get home from work. Most podcasts are often free or at least cheap. There are also so many options for you to choose from. You can choose a podcast and then once you get through all those episodes, your partner can choose one too. It’ll give you a lot of opportunity for discussion!

Video games
If your partner loves video games and you’re not the biggest fan, well, if you can’t beat ’em, why not join ’em? Try it! Your partner will love that you’re taking an interest in them (or vice versa) and it will give you some friendly banter.

You could even start a YouTube channel together or a social media account!

You probably both will be stepping out of your comfort zones with this one, but that makes it even more fun! Sing fun couples songs together, or each choose a “fun” song for the other one to have to sing solo. You’ll be making tons of memories, that’s for sure! If you need some karaoke inspo, these ’90s songs should get everyone singing.

Yes, we’re talking Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore in “Ghost” when we’re saying pottery. Not only is watching someone manipulate clay in their hands pretty swoon-worthy, but you’ll both be making something beautiful that you are going to keep. Every time you look at it or use it, you’ll think back to making it together.

Cooking Classes:
Learn to cook new cuisines together. It can be as simple as taking a class online, going in person, or even just ordering Hello Fresh.

couple cookingcouple cooking

Explore nature and enjoy some fresh air. There’s likely many local hiking trails near you so you won’t have to go far!

Capture memories together. Use your phones or invest in a nice camera.

Dancing Lessons:
Learn salsa, ballroom, or any dance style you both enjoy.

Painting or Drawing:
Get creative with art. You can easily do this at your own dining room table!

Rock Climbing:
Challenge yourselves physically and mentally. Find a climbing gym nearby and get to it!

Wine Tasting:
Discover new wines and vineyards. You could even join the wine club at a local winery and support a small business in the process.

Explore your city or countryside on bicycles.

Scuba Diving:
Explore the underwater world. Many of my friends have their scuba license and love it!

Grow your own plants or herbs.

Practice mindfulness and flexibility together. Try it at least once a week to get started!

Get your hands dirty and create something beautiful. It’s one of those creative hobbies a lot of people tend to really enjoy!

Give back to the community together. You’ll probably end up having a great time too.

Learn to sail or take a sailing course. This is a great option if you live in a coastal town.

Play board games:
This is a great hobby if you are both homebodies!

Home Brewing:
Make your own beer or wine. This definitely will be fun if either of you has a strong interest in alcoholic beverages.

Disconnect and enjoy nature.

Go on treasure hunts with GPS.

Go ice skating.
When was the last time you went ice skating? For many of us, it’s probably when we were little. This is a fun way to remind yourself of childhood too!

Experience an adrenaline rush. You might even make a bucket list of skydiving locations!

DIY Projects:
Work on home improvement or craft projects. It’s every homeowner’s true hobby.

Learn about constellations and planets. There are even apps you can download to learn more about the night sky!

Spend quiet time by a lake or river.

Gourmet Picnics:
Plan and prepare elaborate picnics together.

Martial Arts:
Take up a self-defense class.

Travel Planning:
Plan your dream vacations together.

Skiing or Snowboarding:
Embrace winter sports.

Ghost Tours:
Explore the paranormal together. Take ghost tours nearby or travel to places like Gettysburg, PA just for the iconic ghost tours.

Sculpture Making:
Create 3D art together. You can do this with pottery or even try you hand at 3D printing.

Wine and Paint Nights:
Get artistic with wine in hand. Try every place around town!

couples massagecouples massage

Couples’ Massage:
Learn to give each other massages.

Sushi Making:
Master the art of sushi rolling. Take a class or do it at home!

Explore horoscopes and birth charts.

Candle Making:
Create personalized candles.

Fossil Hunting:
Search for ancient treasures.

Escape Rooms:
Work together to solve puzzles and escape.

Experience an adrenaline-pumping adventure.

Practice precision and focus.

Antique Hunting:
Explore flea markets and thrift stores.

Ballroom Dancing:
Learn classic dances like waltz and tango. This is the perfect hobby too if you have a wedding coming up!

Bird Watching:
Connect with nature and observe wildlife. Maybe the best part of this is all of the bird watching meme you’ll get to laugh at together.

Themed Costume Parties:
Dress up and have themed parties. Become part-throwing masters.

Explore caves together. If you are inexperienced, make sure to go on guided tours and follow safety precautions.l

Stand-Up Paddleboarding:
Enjoy water sports in a serene setting. If you live somewhere warm, try it every weekend!

Book Club:
Read and discuss books together. You can join an existing book club as well and maybe make some new friends.

Karate or Judo:
Learn martial arts together. Get out of your comfort zone and learn some new skills by trying martial arts. Plus, you’ll get in some physical activity too.

Start your own beehive and harvest honey. This is one of those fun hobbies that will help you learn new skills and can be part of your family for years to come.

Comic Conventions:
Embrace your inner geek together. It’s a great way to meet new people!

Motorcycle Riding:
Explore scenic routes on a motorcycle. This is a great thing to do if you already have a motorcycle license.

Tap Dancing:
Learn rhythmic footwork together.

Combine hiking and treasure hunting.

Trampoline Parks:
Have fun bouncing around. This is one of the best hobbies if you have kids too.

Candlelit Dinners at Home:
Cook a special meal together.

couple doing yogacouple doing yoga

Silent Discos:
Dance to your own beat with wireless headphones. This is weirdly one of the best hobbies to try together. Listen to the same songs and really get into your feels!

Astronomy Nights:
Attend local astronomy events.

Ping Pong or Table Tennis:
Engage in some friendly competition.

Gourmet Chocolate Making:
Create your own sweet treats. Try recipes online or take a class!

Try Pickleball:
Pickbleball as really picked up in recent years. There’s a lot of great leagues you can join. Plus, you can prioritize your physical health together while also enjoying the great outdoors!

Doing things together as a couple is important for several reasons:

  1. Building and Maintaining Connection: Spending quality time together helps strengthen the emotional bond between partners. It fosters a sense of intimacy and closeness, which is crucial for a healthy and happy relationship. It’s good for your mental health too.
  2. Shared Experiences: Engaging in activities together creates shared memories and experiences. These moments become a part of your relationship’s narrative and contribute to its overall depth and richness.
  3. Communication and Understanding: When you do things together, you have the opportunity to communicate, share thoughts, and work together towards a common goal. This can lead to better understanding and appreciation of each other’s perspectives and preferences.
  4. Strengthening Trust: Engaging in activities together can help build trust. It allows you to rely on each other, rely on each other’s strengths, and navigate challenges as a team.
  5. Balancing Independence and Togetherness: While maintaining individual interests and hobbies is important, doing things together helps strike a balance between independence and togetherness. It ensures that you’re still actively participating in each other’s lives.
  6. Enhancing Intimacy and Romance: Doing activities together can create opportunities for intimacy and romance. Whether it’s a romantic dinner, a shared hobby, or a cozy movie night, these moments can reignite passion and connection.
  7. Problem-Solving and Conflict Resolution: Working together on tasks or activities can provide opportunities to practice problem-solving and conflict resolution skills. It allows you to see how you function as a team when faced with challenges.
  8. Support and Encouragement: Doing things together allows you to support and encourage each other. Whether it’s a personal goal, a project, or simply trying something new, having your partner by your side can provide a boost of confidence and motivation.
  9. Stimulating Growth and Learning: Engaging in new activities or exploring new interests together can be a source of personal and mutual growth. It encourages learning and can lead to the discovery of new passions.
  10. Happiness and Well-Being: Studies have shown that spending quality time with loved ones contributes to increased levels of happiness and overall well-being. It can reduce stress, boost mood, and provide a sense of fulfillment.

Remember, the key is finding activities that both partners enjoy and find meaningful. It’s not about doing everything together, but rather about nurturing the connection through shared experiences.

We hope this list of hobbies inspires you to do something together as a couple! Which hobbies sound most appealing to you? Let us know in the comments!

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