April 2022 Favorites + Happenings .

Nothing, and I mean nothing, could have mentally prepared me for the emotional rollercoaster of your last month of college. I know, I know I still have a fall semester in Italy, but I will be halfway around the world with just two of the many friend’s Kent State has blessed me with. There’s something to be said about spending your last few weeks in your home away from home, eating too much ice cream, taking long walks around campus, and strolling by your old stomping grounds.

I’ve never been good with change so to say I’m anxious about my month of May would be an understatement. However despite my nerves, I truly feel like I’ve made the most of my final time here in Kent. We’ve truly had the best time. And by the grace of God, I’ve managed to do so while staying true to my Styled by work. I took just the slightest step back and yet my content didn’t stammer. Honestly, I feel the closest to “balanced” than I have in a long, long time.

Today I’m sharing all the highs and lows of April and some favorites I couldn’t have lived without. Enjoy!


As for outfit of the days, they’ve been all over the place this month. This is mostly thanks to ever-changing weather and the fact that I brought half of my closet home for Easter, leaving me with just the basics + new arrivals to style. Continuing off last month, I’ve been loving my Express Body Contour pieces + straight leg jeans. I’ve been able to mix and match a ton creating a lot of different combos. I’ve also been layering with hoodies like crazy!

We’ve done a lot of going out so naturally, I have some favorite tops. However, this pearl one from Fashion Nova was by far my favorite. I’ve been on a big romper kick too now that temperatures are finally warming up. How cute is this seamless ribbed one from Spanx?! I’m in love. As for shoes, I’ve been rocking a pair of Converse practically every day.


April has been the month of hot girl walks wearing none other than my Lululemon belt bag. Let me tell you, every single one of my girlfriends has purchased one of these since. Not only is this fanny pack super trendy but it fits everything—keys, wallet, camera, and phone. I have the solid black one and am hoping to add the pink one to my collection come my birthday!

I also found the cutest dupe for the Free People running shorts you’ve been seeing all over your Tik Tok. I have them in blue but am def grabbing them in a few other colors this season. As always, I’ve been loving the SheIn Glowmode collection for Lulu workout wear dupes and cannot stop wearing these Aerie pullover crewnecks for a light layer.


Weekly Wrap Up #15 2022

While home for Easter I stopped by my OG hair salon and got my hair done. I went a bit brighter in blonde. I always ask for warm vanilla blonde babylights with face-framing layers. I love the way it turned out and have still been using Olaplex every other wash.

I also wanted to note that I just started using the Babe Lash serum on my lashline to help grow my natural eyelashes. I’ve only been using it for about a week so I’ll have to keep you updated on whether or not my eyelashes have grown by the end of next month!


Things have been so crazy busy around here that I haven’t had the chance to read nearly as much as I usually do. I did however finish The Seven Husbands Of Evelyn Hugo which so many of you recommended to me. I have to say, it was one of the best books I’ve ever read. It had such a unique storyline that was told in a way that made you feel as if it were real. I really cannot recommend it enough and am dying to read more from Taylor Jenkins Ried.

As for music, it’s been a country music on, windows down kind of month. Sharing some of this month’s most played via my Spotify down below.

April 2022 Favorites + Happenings


I didn’t have too many lofty goals for April as I knew I wanted to take a baby step back to enjoy the end of the semester chaos. I’m happy to say I did just that. While I had minimal growth across all of my platforms I took ten brand deals, posted tons of travel content I’m so proud of and locked in a few partnerships to help make my move to California that much easier.

For that, April was everything I needed it to be.


Personally, May is going to be one heck of a month. I’m splitting my time between Ohio, Maryland, and California so this is another month where I’m just hoping to get by. I’ve got a lot of big life changes + milestones ahead of me and I truly just want to continue capturing them for you (and myself).

I do hope to hit 38K on Instagram and 60K on Tik Tok. I’m beginning to plan some weekend travels for this summer and am also set to release my first batch of merch ever! I can’t wait and will be sharing more details on that release on Instagram next week.


I started the first few days of the month in San Francisco, California. This was the last leg of my 14-day spring break travel extravaganza and the only trip I did this month. It was everything and nothing like I expected— so city and so beautiful. Sam and I went to a USF baseball game, stopped by the Full House, ate along Chinatown, and explored Pier 39. If you want the full scoop click here for my travel guide.


Upon getting back from my travels I hit the ground running, locking myself in my room to grind for a full week. I knew if I girl bossed hardcore the first week, it’d make the rest of the semester a breeze for me. And that it did. For blog work, I plugged and chugged, for schoolwork, most of my grade-altering projects and presentations were submitted weeks in advance.

I’ve been saying yes to practically anything and everything thrown my way which means it’s been a month full of karaoke, nights out, baseball games, and Dairy Queen runs. I’ve been walking around campus every chance I can get, even getting into the dining hall to enjoy a few last french fries.

This past weekend I went to both Axid and Alpha Phi formals and was officially named Alpha Phi alumni. I’ve got just one last assignment to complete and submit this week and then I’m officially done for the semester. I’m soaking up these next ten days with my roomies, littles, and best friends ever. We’re laughing, we’re crying and we’re making memories. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Thank God there are such exciting things happening after I move out because I truly don’t think I’d be able to handle this heartbreak if not. Cheers to facing all of these new seasons of life together.

With love, McKenz


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