Blue Beauty: The Sustainable Trend You Should Know About


The latest clean beauty trend, blue beauty, has a clear agenda: save the oceans from plastic waste. Every year, 98 million tons of plastic are dumped into our ocean, impacting our sea life, the WWF reports. Brands are using blue beauty to ensure their products are ocean-safe, and sustainably sourced from formula to packaging.

The blue beauty movement was started by founder of Beauty Heroes, Jeanine Jarnot, who has developed the ultimate blue beauty online store focused on selling sustainable, clean and committed beauty brands. The new wave of beauty is pushing for marine protection.

There is no denying that the beauty industry contributes to this waste: just look at all of the jars and bottles in your beauty arsenal. In response, blue beauty hopes to change this by educating consumers, and providing them with access to brands and products created to make a difference through their practices and missions.

Here’s the best way to shop for blue beauty products, and what you can do to make a difference.

The Right Ingredients

When shopping for blue beauty products, look at the ingredients that you’re purchasing. Are they reef-safe, or made with ingredients derived from the ocean without disturbing those ecosystems? Some brands have even committed to using ocean-waste plastic to create packaging for their lines.

Pay attention to the formulas you are using, and how they affect the environment. Ensure they don’t include microplastics, and other ocean-threatening ingredients, not just on beach days, but for your entire beauty routine.

Sustainable Production

You will need to do a little digging, but blue beauty-friendly brands like Biossance make it easy to follow its sustainability practices while also educating consumers on the eco-friendly possibilities through programs like The Clean Academy. They also host an impressive clean ingredient list, breaking down hundreds of clean ingredients, their origin, benefits and more.

Think about the product production process: are they using zero-waste methods, working with supportive suppliers and participating in recycling programs? Get into the nitty-gritty of a brand and its mission to ensure it’s aligned with the blue beauty mission.

Minimal Packaging

Packaging is a huge issue in the beauty industry. Luckily, there have been a lot of advances in the realm. Some brands have even formulated their products into forms that require little-to-no packaging whenever possible. In the meantime, shop brands that use recycled and reused packaging.

Smart Disposal

It’s easy to forget about the disposal of your products. Blue beauty requires you to think about the entire lifestyle of your product and its packaging. Brands like Mara take disposal into their own hands and help their customers recycle their used Mara products by partnering with TerraCycle to provide customers with everything they need to properly dispose and recycle their used products.


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